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where is my parcel it's been stuck at the logistics for 5 days

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Cc Lim

Thank you NinjaVan for providing excellent service

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Aisyah Amran

Terima kasih kerana memberikan saya service yang terbaik selama 2 tahun saya memilih Ninja Van ini. Layanan yang baik, pemberitahuan maklumat yang baik, cepat dan selamat. Semoga Ninja Van makin maju dan menjadi pilihan ramai. ❤️

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Beli barang dari klang selangor.. barang pos 29/3/21.. barang sampai johor 30/3/21.. cepat gila.. sehari dah sampai dah.. tapi bila baca komen bnyk yg negatif.. alhamdulillah syukur.. brg smpai cpt..

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Penghantaran terbaik

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I had a mix of okay and great deliveries. I live in a small town so there are not many different people. Postman and courier all same faces. Ordered from Zalora and received my items very fast, usually within few days of shipping. No major complains so far with the service, but I noticed they dont actually hage dedicated van like other couriers. Most will drive own personal car deliver to you. Few times that I encountered that there is undelivered item, the Ninjavan courier will informed me he will come back tomorrow by whatsapp.

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Jika saya diberi pilihan untuk pos barang ataupun beli barang, saya akan pilih syarikat ini sebagai pilihan terakhir. Apa-apa pun, terima kasih kerana bertanggungjawab untuk menghantar barang walaupun mengambil masa yang lama.

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I was worried at first after reading some of the reviews. I am glad the service was excellent. My parcel dropped off Monday evening in Kajang and out for delivery in Kota Kinabalu by Saturday morning of the same week. I made personal arrangements to meet the courier lady to collect parcel myself and the transaction is seamless. Thank you Ninjavan and Susan!

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This is my first time using ninja van. Thank you for the live update on my package. I love how they have estimate time package arrive. I think it would be so useful especially for people who are going out (normal day not during mco of course) and they can prepare themselves to be home around the estimate time to receive the packages. And my package is in good condition :) thank you ninja van malaysia.

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thanks to Ninja Arina do a job very well. last Tuesday (12/1/21) i request to change my address from Perlis to Perak, today (14/1/21) i received my parcel. thank you Ninja Van

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Far better than Gdex which deserves no stars. Every package is delivered within a few days only. Much prefer this and poslaju rather than slowpoke Gdex!

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Walaupun banyak negative komen sebab kebanyakan tak pandai sabar. So saya nak bagi komen baik sebab saya first time guna ninja van beli barang dari shopee. Seller Dari Penang dan post ke tempat saya di Kota Kinabalu sabah cuma 7 hari Saja sampai..Hari isnin seller post 7 December 2020 pagi, dan saya received pada 12 December 2020 petang. Memang terbaik daripada Pos Laju

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Hamba allah

Pada aku ninja van dekat paka terengganu super slow,bermacam macam alasan diberikan,aku dah 3 kali terkena,siap bg location last2 hantar esok jugak,kadang2 8 hingga 10 hari pun ada baru sampai.memang very2 bad lah ninja van paka ni.kurang komitmen pekerja ninja van.tulis out of delivery,tunggu punya tunggu tak sampai juga,kalau aku ada pilihan lain ninja van paling last aku guna.

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Tq so much NinjaVan, Very Fast Delivery..

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i like . masa penghantaran pantas

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Online Shopper

I purchased some items during the 11/11 Sale and selected a few different couriers to compare. On Sat, 14 Nov 2020, a public holiday. Both my Ninja Van parcels were delivered at around 11am. My J&T parcels have arrived at the Delivery Drop Point but is On Hold with the remark \"Out of droppoint\'s business hour\". I guess they will be delivered on Monday. My Pos Laju parcel was just dispatched out of Pusat Mel Nasional at 6am this morning and is probably on its way to the delivery facility. Well done, Ninja Van. I\'m very happy with your service and the delivery courier was also very friendly.

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Fast delivery. 10-Nov night ordered, today 12-Nov received the parcel.

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Kemar Roofe

I made online purchase around 11pm on a Tuesday, and received it lunchtime Saturday. Never thought this would be possible for Ninjavan but clearly they have markedly improved in their services. Well done, and thanks.

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jalan la cepat babi

asal barang aq kat selangor lagi tak jalan

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jangan pantat

aku mintak barang aq smpai cepat jgn pantat , kalau dah tau pantat tutup ja

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