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Tracking your OnTrac packages online is easier than ever before. Visit TrackingMore to start tracking your OnTrac parcels at the convenience of your home.

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    Tracking your OnTrac packages online is easier than ever before. Visit TrackingMore to start tracking your OnTrac parcels at the convenience of your home.


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    • How Can I Track My OnTrac Package?
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    OnTrac Tracking 

    OnTrac, formerly known as LaserShip, is a premier last-mile delivery company that specializes in e-commerce delivery solutions across 31 states in the US. Founded in 1986 as LaserShip and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, the company has established sorting centers in these states. 

    OnTrac provides exceptional package tracking services online. This allows you to effectively track your parcels and stay updated on their current status. You don’t need to contact the customer service team to be informed about the progress of your package. Instead, you only need your mobile phone or computer and the parcel’s tracking number to conveniently track your parcel in the comfort of your sofa. 

    How Can I Track My OnTrac Package?

    OnTrac parcel tracking is easier than you can ever imagine. There are two ways you can track your OnTrac parcel. The first approach is through OnTrac’s official website. Alternatively, you can use a reliable third-party tracking platform such as TrackingMore.

    Here is a more comprehensive guide to each approach to tracking your OnTrac parcel. 

    1. Through OnTrac’s Official Website

    • Open your browser and visit the official OnTrac website.

    OnTrac tracking page

    • Enter your parcel’s tracking number and click the red TRACK YOUR PACKAGE button.
    • You will be redirected to a page showing the current status of the package, as shown below.

    OnTrac tracking status

    To get a more comprehensive report on the parcel’s journey and details, follow the steps below.

    • Scroll down to "All OnTrac Events" and "Shipment Details" sections. 
    • Expand "All OnTrac Events" to view every status of the package since it was ordered. 

    OnTrac tracking events

    • Click Shipment Details to view more information about your package, including expected delivery date, origin ZIP, weight, and dimensions.

    OnTrac shipment details

    2. Through TrackingMore

    Here are the steps to follow to track your OnTrac package through TrackingMore. 

    • Open your web browser and search the TrackingMore website.

    TrackingMore OnTrac tracking page

    • Click the Carriers tab and scroll down to the Carrier List section. 
    • Search OnTrac on the search and click the carrier to proceed. 
    • Enter the tracking number of your package on the OnTrac tracking page. 
    • Click Track to initiate the tracking process. This will redirect you to a page containing details about the current status of your package. 

    TrackingMore OnTrac tracking status

    Note: You can go to the Lasership tracking page to track your OnTrac packages as well.

    TrackingMore is a powerful tracking platform that automatically updates shipment status to customers and sellers. It allows them to visualize the current status of their parcels in the comfort of their home. This enables them to know when to expect their package, granting them the ultimate peace of mind as they wait for their parcels. 

    What’s more, TrackingMore offers one of the best shipment tracking APIs in the industry. This API can be integrated into your system, helping you gain a comprehensive view of all your packages’ statuses. It can track packages from OnTrac and other 1,100+ logistics service providers (LSPs) globally,  ensuring comprehensive tracking capabilities.

    OnTrac Tracking Number

    A tracking number is a unique code assigned to every package being shipped. This number is used to identify the parcel on delivery. Also, it is used by the sender and recipient to track the progress of a package. 

    Each carrier uses a unique combination of numbers and letters as their tracking numbers. OnTrac’s tracking numbers have 15 characters. However, they can have two formats, one starting with a letter followed by 14 numeric numbers. The other format can start with a number or letter followed by a combination of numbers and letters. 

    Here are some examples of OnTrac tracking numbers.

    - D10014055137597

    - 1LSCZM300293DG8

    OnTrac gives the sender a tracking number once they collect the package and scan it to initiate the delivery. Customers can contact the sender if they need the tracking number. However, in most cases, customers receive a confirmation email with the tracking number, especially if they ordered the package online. 

    What Does My OnTrac Status Mean?

    Depending on the time you ordered the package, you will receive different statuses upon tracking it via OnTrac. 

    Here are the statuses you may receive and what they mean. 

    Order Information Created

    - This status means the ordered package details, including weight, dimensions, and origin zip, have been created. 

    Package Received at the Facility

    - This status means that your parcel has been received and scanned at the OnTrac facility. You may find several "package received at the facility" statuses, depending on the distance between the OnTrac facility that received the package originally and the delivery address. Some packages may cross several states – every time it is received in a new facility, you’ll get the same status, showing the location of the OnTrac facility that received it.

    Out for Delivery

    - Your package is on the way to your address. 


    - The package you ordered has been delivered to your address.

    About OnTrac

    Founded in 1991, OnTrac is a transcontinental and residential e-commerce package delivery service provider that serves over 65 million consumers across 31 states in the US. It only handles small packages, reducing shipping costs. 

    OnTrac is a merger of LaserShip and OnTrac. These two companies merged their complementary West and East delivery footprints, creating the first transcontinental partner of choice for last-mile delivery solutions. 

    The company has continuously adapted to the ever-evolving e-commerce delivery landscape. As part of its mission, OnTrac aims to achieve reliable and fast delivery for every package. With over 35 facilities and 633 drop boxes, OnTrac offers shorter transit times, improved flexibility, and reduced shipping costs. 

    How to Contact OnTrac Customer Service

    OnTrac has a supportive customer service team to address your inquiries. Here is how you can reach out to OnTrac customer support.

    Contact method


    Operation hours

    Phone number

    (302) 246-7136

    Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

    Saturday: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

    Sunday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Web support

    Online virtual assistant 

    Note: OnTrac’s customer service call centers are closed on New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day.


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