TrackingMore API


Manage your trackings

URI Method Description
POST /trackings/post POST Create a tracking.
GET /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} GET Get tracking results of a single tracking.
PUT /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} PUT Modify order id, order title, shipment status and other additional fields of a single tracking.
DELETE /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} DELETE Delete a tracking.
POST /trackings/batch POST Create multiple trackings.
GET /trackings/get GET Get tracking results of multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/updatemore POST Modify order id, order title, shipment status and other additional fields of multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/delete POST Delete multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/realtime POST Get realtime tracking results of a single tracking.
POST /trackings/update POST Modify courier code
GET /trackings/getuserinfo GET Get account info
GET /trackings/getstatusnumber GET Get number of trackings in each package status.
POST /trackings/notupdate POST Stop updating trackings
POST /trackings/remote POST Check if a shipment is sent to remote area.
POST /trackings/costtime POST Get courier aging results
POST /trackings/aircargo POST Get tracking result of air waybill number

Get tracking results of a single tracking.{carrier_code}/{tracking_number}

Request E.g.



Return select language. (Only apply to couriers supporting multilingual API call.).Learn more



  • Content-Type: application/json
    Trackingmore-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY

Reponse Body

  • {
        "order_create_time":"2018-04-01 10:08",
          "[email protected]"
        "title":"cute pillow",
        "customer_name":"Karen Ng",
        "destination_country":"United States",
          "ItemReceived":"2018-04-02 19:17:08",
          "DepartfromAirport":"2018-04-04 11:18:00",
          "CustomsClearance":"2018-04-06 17:30:00",
          "DestinationArrived":"2018-04-14 07:47:00",
              "Date":"2018-04-14 15:12:00",
              "StatusDescription":"Shipment delivered.",
              "Details":"Paramount, CA, US",
              "Date":"2018-04-14 07:47:00",
              "StatusDescription":"OUT FOR DELIVERY",
              "Details":"Paramount, CA, US",
    		service_code": "",
        "lastEvent":"Shipment delivered.,Paramount, CA, US,2018-04-14 15:12:00",
        "lastUpdateTime":"2018-04-14 15:12:00"

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