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After 5 days... now waiting for the 13th day since May

When this small item can reach me? It is not FCL

Nicht akzeptable lange Zustellung

Die Ware soll sich, laut Anzeige, seit 4 Tagen in Frankfurt befinden. Wenn ich mit dem Fahrrad nach Frankfurt gefahren wäre, hätte ich die Ware schon. In

Ridiculous Charges!

I bought a table and a chair for $235rmb and the shipping charges from the china warehouse to Hong Kong turned out to be $1066rmb!! The package was only 22kg....but they claimed it is by size not weight, whichever is bigger! I wanted to return to seller but the system requires me to pay almost same amount!!

Zero if I could

I placed an order and have been excited about receiving it however the carrier 4xp is terrible. My package has been at a stand still for days now. I order on may 27th and it's still at the carrier place. It says 8 to 15 days I'm on day 9 and not moving

Where is my package?

It has been 33 days, and package has status "Arrival at destionation" but nothing recieved.

Tracking number 302145232083

Never received my order. Tracking number is invalid. I have the order receipt and proof that it was shipped on April 22nd. Where is my order


Would not recommend ordering from this site. I ordered a product, it said delivery within 7 days. It’s now nearly 3 weeks, no delivery, taken the money and customer service is shocking. It takes days to get a basic response, I’ve been having a conversation with a member of their team for five days now, during this time I still have not received an answer to my question, where is my delivery???

Poor show.

Tracking messages are difficult to figure out.

Confusion on 4Px Tracking Website

Why does my parcel show two completely different locations in China? Current Status Update on May 22, 2019 via 4Px Tracking. Distance Between Hefei and Henan is 468.64 kilometers 291.2 miles LL260384952CN +8675523508000 http://en.4px.com/ IN TRANSIT May 22, 201909:12 AM Henan Luohe Company-South Ring 107 (18639992196,0395-5566361)-In the pie May 22, 201908:25 AM Arrived-Henan Luohe Co., Ltd. May 22, 201903:07 AM Henan Luohe Company-has been sent to-Henan Luohe Yuanhui District District May, 201902:11 AM Henan Luohe Transit Center-has been sent to-Henan Luohe Company May, 201902:10 AM Henan Luohe Transit Center-loading scans have been carried out May, 201901:56 AM Arrived-Henan Luohe Transit Center May, 201912:54 AM Sichuan Chengdu Transshipment Center-has been sent to-Henan Zhengzhou Transshipment Center May, 201912:54 AM Sichuan Chengdu Transit Center-loading scans have been carried out May, 201912:52 AM Arrived-Chengdu Transit Center, Sichuan May, 201910:09 PM Sichuan Chengdu Wenjiang Company-has been sent to-Sichuan Chengdu Transshipment Center May, 201905:36 PM Sichuan Chengdu Wenjiang Company-Liu Junwun No. 18980077580 (18980077580)-Received +8675523508000 http://en.4px.com/ IN TRANSIT May 22, 201909:12 AM 河南漯河公司-南环107(18639992196,0395-5566361)-派件中 May 22, 201908:25 AM 已到达-河南漯河公司 May 22, 201903:07 AM 河南漯河公司-已发往-河南漯河源汇区一区 May 22, 201902:11 AM 河南漯河转运中心-已发往-河南漯河公司 May 22, 201902:10 AM 河南漯河转运中心-已进行装车扫描 May 22, 201901:56 AM 已到达-河南漯河转运中心 May 21, 201912:54 AM 四川成都转运中心-已发往-河南郑州转运中心 May 21, 201912:54 AM 四川成都转运中心-已进行装车扫描 May 21, 201912:52 AM 已到达-四川成都转运中心 May 20, 201910:09 PM 四川成都温江公司-已发往-四川成都转运中心 May 20, 201905:36 PM 四川成都温江公司-廖君新号18980077580(18980077580)-已收件 Sent from my iPhone
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Reply annasblogonrubbishandwhatnots

Another tracking update location of parcel: eBay Magnet Date Of Purchase: Sat, May 04, 2019 @19:50 1pc Block 50x50x25mm SUPER STRONG N52 High Quality Rare Earth Magnet Neodymium Item ID: 223459995744 Item price: US $6.99 Seller: anymuse (142) LL260384952CN 8675523508000 http://en.4px.com/ IN TRANSIT May, 201910:05 AM [Hefei] Express in \"Hefei Shushan temporary Transit field\" has been loaded, ready to send to the \"Liu\'an Shucheng County Sanlihe Road Business Point\" Hefei city May, 201909:09 AM [Hefei] Express Arrival \"Hefei Shushan temporary Transit field\" Hefei city May, 201908:31 AM [Hefei] Express has been departing Hefei city May, 201908:05 AM [Hefei] Express in the \"Hefei General distribution Center\" has been loaded, ready to send to \"Hefei Shushan temporary Transit field\" Hefei city May, 201906:39 AM [Hefei] Express arrives at \"Hefei General distribution Center\" Hefei city May, 201912:47 AM [Shenzhen] Express in the \"Shenzhen General Distribution Center\" has been loaded, ready to send to the \"Hefei Baohe distribution Center\" Shenzhen May, 201911:53 PM [Shenzhen] Express arrives at \"Shenzhen General Distribution Center\" Shenzhen May, 201910:59 PM [Shenzhen] Express has been departing Shenzhen May, 201910:30 PM [Shenzhen] Express in \"Shenzhen Luohu HONGFA Commercial Plaza Sales Department\" has been loaded, ready to send to the \"Shenzhen Distribution Center\" Shenzhen May, 201910:26 PM [Shenzhen] Shun Fengyun has been charged express Shenzhen May, 201909:14 PM [Shenzhen] Shun Fengyun has been charged express 8675523508000 http://en.4px.com/ IN TRANSIT May 22, 201910:05 AM [合肥市]快件在【合肥蜀山临时中转场】已装车,准备发往 【六安舒城县三里河路营业点】 合肥市 May 22, 201909:09 AM [合肥市]快件到达 【合肥蜀山临时中转场】 合肥市 May 22, 201908:31 AM [合肥市]快件已发车 合肥市 May 22, 201908:05 AM [合肥市]快件在【合肥总集散中心】已装车,准备发往 【合肥蜀山临时中转场】 合肥市 May 22, 201906:39 AM [合肥市]快件到达 【合肥总集散中心】 合肥市 May 22, 201912:47 AM [深圳市]快件在【深圳总集散中心】已装车,准备发往 【合肥包河集散中心】 深圳市 May 21, 201911:53 PM [深圳市]快件到达 【深圳总集散中心】 深圳市 May 21, 201910:59 PM [深圳市]快件已发车 深圳市 May 21, 201910:30 PM [深圳市]快件在【深圳罗湖宏发商业广场营业部】已装车,准备发往 【深圳集散中心】 深圳市 May 21, 201910:26 PM [深圳市]顺丰速运 已收取快件 深圳市 May 21, 201909:14 PM [深圳市]顺丰速运 已收取快件 WTFffffff? Sent from my iPhone

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Here\'s what it says on 17Track: \"Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later.\"

Got 'em

Purchased 3 pair on 5/15 received 2 pair on 5/18 1 pair in transit

Package is in transit for more than a month and no info about it at all

My package is still in transit for more than a month. Even not sure it is going to be delivered.

Niet tevreden

Ben niet tevreden met deze allemaal bedrog


I’m going to my bank to file a claim if I don’t get mine! Then the BBB. This is illegal to steal money from innocent people!!

Tracking number

My order states that I have the wrong tracking number??? How do I get a refund??

I got what I paid for

I ordered two pair of contacts and six cases, the contacts came out to $30 and the contact cases free… The cases came in 18 days and the contacts came in 38 days… If that helps anyone, I mean it’s to be expected that they are taking long to be delivered after how I’m expensive they are… Just be patient. I got extacly what I ordered


Never updated on time


I don’t recommend this company ever , before you order from any company in China, be sure that they don’t send it with this bad company EVER.


Where is my package?! It’s been 22 days! What’s up?! and when I messaged you about it you say you’re on “Labour Day vacation”...you didn’t even spell LABOR right. Where’s my contacts?! It’s been in Orlando for 6-7 days now!

OK I'm trying to be fair

This company has zero quirms in taking your money, but should an issus arrise like I dunno they lose your package all you are told is that you should contact the sender. Also been told that it was my fault for not contacting them earlier that the package was lost.

Totally sucks

Won't even let me track package an oh yea I'll never buy anything that ships from China again. 4PX sucks!!
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