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Moonlight GM
Erin LP

The worst company I have ever worked with, they would not show up for scheduled pickups, lose my packages, forge signatures. never ever use GLS unless you are looking for more ways to be frustrated. If I could give them 0 stars I would

2021-05-06 21:48:28

Anti American

Refuse to deliver to military bases because it's too difficult. DO NOT USE THEM

2021-04-28 04:10:34

Jeff Bland

Bad service, never received package. They took it to the wrong door

2021-04-21 19:38:07


Reply Jeff Bland

Jeff Bland

I dont know how you guys can stay in business, you couldn't even find my address. You took it to the wrong apt. and I had to call monoprice, the co. I purchased my order and have them file a claim with you. So now, I still do not have what I ordered because I have to wait for the claim to process and how do I know you'll bring it to the right apt? I have read nothing but awful reviews about your company. You have got to be the worst in the business. You should shut down immediately because you guys really are terrible.

2021-04-21 19:45:24


Absolutely horrific. The drivers wait .03 seconds for you to come to the door and then they drive away and say "recipient not home". You were home, just didn't dart like a cannon to the door. Totally ridiculous. This happened as well on the delivery re-attempt. Never using this company or doing business with any company that uses this delivery company again.

2021-02-19 22:42:22

Please tell me

What are they doing in this warehouse in Germany? Scratching their...? Absolutely unacceptable service, I have no idea how companies use them

2021-02-12 14:43:30

The worst company!!!
Alexandra V.

I don’t recommend them!!! They have the worst services around the globe!!! My package arrived in the other side of my country!!!

2021-02-10 21:43:52

Click to review
H Barton

Terribile compagnia di consegna. In due occasioni ora il primo giorno ci hanno indirizzato in modo sbagliato o incompleto. Non è vero, conosciamo il nostro indirizzo e tutte le altre società di consegna ci trovano. Ho inviato mappe e il nostro numero di telefono. Ora hanno detto due volte nessuno a casa quando hanno chiamato, anche se eravamo a casa ogni volta. Nemmeno telefonavano. Quando acquistiamo beni, se sappiamo che usano GLS non li compriamo lì. Inutili.

2021-04-28 13:33:52

Didn't bother to even come
GLS ew

They just left the package in the nearest stop and didn't even bother to deliver it to my place, despite being like 50m away.

2021-04-22 11:37:04

Delivering your parcel on time Top shipping quality means that customers can rely on their service provider. Therefore, reliability is one of the key values for GLS – and employees work hard to uphold it every single day. The entire GLS system is geared t

Discussed beyond belief

2021-02-24 21:01:30

Awful,slow and unreliable

so my parcel worth thousands of dollars was not only stuck in the same center for days on end but they also never informed me about it. days on end with me not knowing where my dam package is only for them to tell me that it has been sitting in the same center. awful

2021-02-15 10:27:20


They claim the receivers are absent and don’t deliver parcels . You have to devote much time to find which parcelshop it is ,and sometimes it isn’t there .In few words my experience is terrible especially for their service at Montpellier France.

2021-02-12 09:05:02

Multiple "not homes"

What terrible service. Left a message on the door that no one was home. I work from home and the garage was up with my car inside. Called Customer Service; they said it is possible the driver could stop by if they can reach him. Nothing that day but the status was updated customer not home at 6:55 PM, no missed sticker on the door and I was in the garage cleaning all afternoon/evening. They didn't even attempt! The deliver date was updated to have an attempt 4 DAYS later?!? Called again and change to the next day. Someone called and asked what time I would like delivery. Said 8-12 noon. Guess what? No delivery and still waiting on a package 7 days after the "initial missed". What a joke!

2021-05-03 19:12:59

Package stuck for weeks

After few days tracking number doesn't work anymore and package stuck in Radefeld, Germany for more than 2 weeks now

2021-04-22 18:50:52

Holding package, no delivery
No more GLS

Holding package first for 5 days in parcel center halfways, then not delivering at adress, but making up "No one home" and leaving package in store 4 km away to go catch myself.

2021-03-17 17:46:55

Worst ever
P O ed

My order is still not here ordered 3 weeks ago never delivered.Gls said no one home but driver has never even came to address.Tracking says out for delivery every day but no package nothing but lies.

2021-02-19 01:42:12

Reading the reviews says it all

I thought I was mad, reading some of the complaints on here I'm in shock. My parcel has been sitting on preadvice for 3 weeks now, wrote them 3 contact forms, absolutely no way I can get in touch or know what is happening, starting to think I may not get my package judging by all other reviews

2021-02-12 14:39:00

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