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Senior management need to get a grip as this company is worse than useless in several areas…, tracking, ease of communication, customer satisfaction, and more

2021-07-20 17:05:45

Late delivery

First and last time using it. Not helpful at all.

2021-07-16 00:42:21


Parcel absolute disgusted with their service. A rip off price, fail to deliver and returned parcel with no explanation why it was returned. Had to pay again for redelivery and claim back my original payment. Cant speak to a human being. Will never use them again

2021-05-11 10:27:21

Parcel Farce

Parcel farce have done it again (this… Parcel farce have done it again (this is the third time )-No card left no attempt at delivery and after messaging us that "they were going to deliver today"laughable waste of everyones time -- Bet they have lost the goods again we have certainly have lost all confidence in them .

2021-04-21 20:14:35


Reply Mike



2021-05-05 21:26:09

Next day service is a joke! DOnt use

Left on Thursday and didnt arrive til MOnday. DOnt use this company

2021-02-22 09:20:04


Absolute rubbish. I shipped two metal fining cabinets and they arrived looking like they had been kicked there. Honestly whoever handled these did so with zero care. They were not fragile in any way but they were literally bent and dented all over. It's a complete joke. Then, even though I paid extra to cover them, Parcelforce dug out some exclusions which meant they refused to then pay me back for the damage. Unless you plan to ship bricks, I suggest you go with another provider as these guys not only suck at what they do, they also suck at accepting responsibility for how they do it. I wish now I would have just trashed the cabinets, so much for trying to do my bit to up-cycle them.

2021-02-12 11:22:21

Click to review

I'm sick to death of this inept company. Teach your drivers how to ring a doorbell. It isn't difficult. I know if you've pressed it or not because my phone will tell me. Constantly leaving without even attempting to get my attention. Must have the limpest wrist door knocks in the world. Then they leave a half assed card, I don't know what it is, who it's for, where it is, no tracking number. I wish I could know in advance which companies use parcel force, then I wouldn't buy from them

2021-07-16 11:05:09


I was expexting two parcels yesterday (05.06.21) and I got message "no one was at home" but I was! I was even in front of my house when I got the information! Liers! Ebay should ban to use their service!

2021-06-06 06:39:39


Reply Jagoda


Companies should boycott Parcel force and put them out of business ,that’s the only language they understand.Those lazy and corrupt employees will be out of a job .If any company is listening to this please boycott them and find an alternative.

2021-07-10 12:26:14

Very very angry and frustrated.
Andrew Northrop

Do NOT use this company, as they have lost goods worth a considerable amount of money with no redress!! Being supposedly returned to their Plymouth depot on each occasion - and I only live 20 miles away. It is a travesty that you are unable to speak to anyone. Next day service - forget it!

2021-05-07 07:31:17

terrible service or should I say lack of service cant get in touch with anyone

terrible service or should I say lack of service cant get in touch with anyone cant get my parcel will not recommend this company useless service

2021-03-01 15:35:05

Terrible company

Your cornwall depot... i sent off a parcel to Denmark and it never got delivered it came back as return to sender but we have since moved house they kept saying we have to speak to the sender .. and we kept repeating it over and over again we weren't they were vile and rude and then shouted at us and hang up.. we have it all recorded

2021-02-12 12:25:48

M. Cruz

If I could give this company no stars, I would do it. I purchased an online International Priority service with a collection. They said they will collect between 9-5, never came. When I contact customers services, they told me the driver came but found nobody, which was a lie. I was waiting for them all day and never left the house. They provide no solution and the parcel was not collected on the day agreed. Customer services told me to call the depot, but I was on hold for hours and nobody replied. They also said the depot will call me back, that never happened either. Lie after lie after lie. The collection was pushed to the next day, although I paid over £70 for a priority service. I still do not know if they will come to collect the parcel, because I have to wait again between 10-5. Awful company!

2021-07-20 09:52:16


Try to avoid

2021-06-11 16:54:29

Rajesh Sanghani

Appealing Delivered to PO at 9am for a Parcel force next day 10 am, didn't get collected from PO toll 5.30 , then next day no sign of it on tracking, paid 40 pounds for this crap. Never use them !!!

2021-05-11 07:30:53

£24 for a package at 50€ . A Shame !!!!
Angry customer

It s shame to practice prices like this for such a small value. £24 for a 50€ value package from France (kid gift). I hope your business will shut down because there are many company more respectful of their clients on the market. I’m not just disappointed I’ll do my best to let everybody around me know it. Shame on you

2021-03-14 16:19:34

In a word terrible

Booked to have some metal filing cabinets picked up and delivered. Packed the cabinets with care, cardboard, bubble wrap and parcel film. There we tried small sets of drawers and when they left were new. When they arrived it looked as though someone had driven over them. The amount of force required to damage these isn’t small. Yet they were absolutely destroyed. When I wrote to Parcelforce said they wouldn’t reimburse me the cost neither would they refund the shipping cost. It was like I should have expected this. Honestly this company can’t be trusted and I cannot see how these units got so damaged without someone intentionally doing it. Don’t trust this company neither to deliver your things or to be responsible for their safe transit.

2021-02-13 21:39:10

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