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    Track Parcelforce packages online and get origin/destination tracking information in one place via TrackingMore.


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    About Parcelforce

    For those living in the United Kingdom, Parcelforce is a known name. Its history began in 1883 as a Parcel Post service of the parent company Royal Mail. In August of 1990, Royal Mail was rebranded as Parcelforce and finally began its worldwide operations in 1998. 

    Since the beginning of the 2000s, the company has continued to grow and expand its business, entering into the market of express parcels with massive investment in IT and infrastructure.

    Parcelforce Worldwide currently delivers across the UK with flexible delivery options through 54 local depots.

    The operations run through its three automated sorting and tracking centers.

    • The National Centre (capable of handling thousands of parcels every hour)

    • The International Centre (capable of holding 35,000 packages daily to more than 200 countries), and the North West and South East Processing Centers.

    Catering to many known international businesses, such as The Helping Hand Co. and Camping World, Parcelforce is trusted by its customers for its exceptional services.

    Parcelforce International Tracking

    Parcelforce package delivery is trackable through the "track a parcel tool" available on the official website. From the first stage of package shipment to its delivery, this tool can help keep a check on your package throughout its journey.

    Another beneficial service Parcelforce provides is the delivery of express mail service (EMS) throughout the UK.

    Catering to more than 65 million consumers across the UK, EMS can easily be accessed nationwide at Parcelforce’s post offices and retail outlets.

    For UK EMS tracking, there is a universal parcel tracker available for those looking to keep a check on their EMS packages. You must put in your tracking number and click Track Package to get the latest update.

    How Do I Track My Parcelforce Delivery?

    Tracking your Parcelforce delivery is very convenient. There are two main approaches that can be utilized.

    • Via Parcelforce’s Track and Trace

    Parcelforce tracking in the UK can be traced via its official website, where you will find a parcel tracking tool. You simply need to enter your parcel number there to get an update on the status of your package.

    Parcelforce tracking page

    Here are the steps to follow if you wish to get the latest progress on your Parcelforce delivery.

    1. Go to Parcelforce’s official website and click on Receiving a parcel.

    2. Click on the Track your parcel button given.

    3. Enter your reference/parcel number in the space provided and click on the Track item to get a real-time update. 

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a tracking service committed to helping businesses and individuals monitor their packages constantly so that they never lose track of them. As a tracking service working throughout the globe, TrackingMore can help you keep a check on your package being sent through more than 1100 shipping services worldwide.

    TrackingMore offers its customers a unique opportunity to view an auto-updated shipment status. On top of this, its innovative dashboard for shipment and tracking management makes it the number one choice of customers worldwide. No wonder many of the world’s leading brands trust TrackingMore, including Shein, DHL, Printify, Bamako, etc.  

    If you wish to track your Parcelforce delivery with TrackingMore, here is what you can do.

    TrackingMore Parcelforce tracking page

    1. Visit the TrackingMore official webiste.

    2. Add the Parcelforce tracking/order number in the space given and press Track.

    3. Receive detailed information about your shipments, including whether they are in transit, have been picked up, or delivered, and so on.

    TrackingMore exceeds its customers’ expectations by allowing them to have their branded tracking page. You can change the outlook and behavior of your tracking page at your discretion. You will also be provided with a unique URL for this tracking page so that your customers can receive the best post-shopping experience.

    What is the Difference Between Tracking on TrackingMore and Parcelforce’s Official Website?

    Parcelforce allows its clients to track packages being sent locally. International parcels may be tracked, but there are a few exceptions, like global value and global economy, which may not be trackable.

    TrackingMore, the world’s leading shipping tracking service, helps businesses stay on top of their package delivery. By availing of its services, companies can check their shipments sent through more than a thousand couriers working globally.

    Using TrackingMore is extremely convenient. You must only enter your Parcelforce package number on its official website. The website will display details of your Parcelforce packages right away.

    The TrackingMore service remains the top choice of many leading international companies due to its smart dashboard and auto-detection feature.

    Parcelforce Tracking Number

    Follow this section to learn everything about the Parcelforce tracking number.

    Parcelforce has a different tracking number format for its different delivery services. Parcelforce tracking number is a combination of letters and numbers and varies in length with either 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, or 21 characters.

    • For packages sent within the UK, the tracking numbers will have 2 letters and 7 numbers (e.g., BB1234567) or 4 letters and 10 (e.g., BBBB1234567890).

    • For packages sent internationally, the tracking numbers will contain 2 letters, 9 numbers, and the alphabet GB at the end (e.g., BB123456789GB) or only 12 digits (e.g., 123456789000).

    • Packages sent from abroad and received in the UK will be given a reference number containing 2 letters, 9 numbers, and ending again with two letters (e.g., CN058615379JP).

    FAQs on Parcelforce tracking number

    • How can I find my Parcelforce Tracking Number?

    Your online purchases being sent through Parcelforce will have a reference number, which will be provided to you by the retailer. This reference number can be used for tracking your package.

    If you are sending an item through Parcelforce, this parcel will be given a tracking number. If you drop off the packet at one of Parcelforce’s depots, this number will be given to you in the order confirmation email or on the receipt.

    Moreover, your Parcelforce tracking number can be found on the top left corner of your Parcelforce receipt or on the post office receipt. When receiving a parcel sent through Parcelforce, the retailer usually provides the tracking number in the order confirmation email.

    • Why isn't the tracking system recognizing my Parcelforce tracking number?

    There can be multiple reasons for your tracking number not being recognized:

    • The tracking number being entered is incorrect.

    • The sender has given the wrong reference number.

    • The reference number is not for an item sent through Parcelforce Worldwide.

    • The parcel has not been imported into the facility yet. It is best to check back later to see whether the item has been entered into the system.

    Parcelforce Tracking Statuses

    Did you book your parcel with Parcelforce and are confused about what the Parcelforce live tracking statuses mean? Here is a guide to understanding the most common tracking statuses displayed on Royal Mail Parcelforce’s tracking website.



    Address Problem

    The delivery address was not locatable because the delivery details were incomplete.

    Address to collect from PO

    In case of a missed delivery, the driver will leave a card with details of the local post office, where your parcel is safely kept until you collect it.

    Awaiting customs clearance

    Your parcel has been passed on to the local or another country’s customs authorities to be evaluated for applicable taxes.

    Awaiting payment of charges

    There are duties or taxes due on your parcel, and they must be paid before it can be delivered.

    Charges to be paid

    Charges such as customs duty or taxes are due to be paid on your parcel.

    Collect from Post Office

    In case of a missed delivery, the driver will leave a card with details of the local post office, where your parcel is safely kept until you collect it.

    Damage recorded

    There was damage to the package during its journey. If possible, it will be repackaged so that it can be delivered.

    Delivery Attempted

    The driver could not find anyone at the given address. They will leave a card detailing what to do next.

    Forwarded for export

    The parcel is at a local location before being sent to another country or between two destination countries.


    Your package could be held due to incomplete address details, damage recorded, incorrect paperwork, or restricted contents.

    The parcel cannot be located.

    The parcel status could not be updated as its location could not be found. The company will continue to look for it.

    Returned to Sender

    In case of a failed delivery, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

    Parcelforce Tracking API

    Parcelforce tracking API allows businesses to check their multiple packages simultaneously. It also makes integrating the tracking API function into your personal project easy. When something goes wrong with Parcelforce tracking API, TrackingMore API allows e-businesses to add package tracking functions to their ventures.

    In, you can track more than 1100+ couriers, such as

    Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    This also provides the following benefits:

    • Receiving real-time updates of shipment location from multiple carriers all in one integration

    • Provision of a seamless package such as that of Amazon

    • Timely delivery exception verification

    FAQs on Parcelforce Delivery

    • How long does it take Parcelforce to deliver?

    Parcelforce deliveries to be made within the UK are done every day, including Saturdays, with the following delivery time options.


    Delivery Time

    Express 9, 10, and AM

    Next business day, early morning

    Express 24

    Anytime within the next business day

    Express 48

    Within two working days

    Express 48 wide

    Within two working days (for bulky packages)

    Parcelforce’s international deliveries follow the schedule given below.


    Delivery Time

    Mondial Express

    Next business day (US, Canada, Europe), two working days (other countries)

    Ireland Express

    Next working day

    Global Priority

    Within three working days

    Global Value

    Estimated 5 to 8 business days

    Mondial Economy

    Within 28 to 46 working days

    • What is the delivery time for Parcelforce?

    Parcelforce boasts of having the best delivery times within the UK, sending its packages to their final destination on the same day.

    For the ease of its customers, Parcelforce has divided the UK into three zones. Depending on the selected service, recipients of packages in these zones typically receive their deliveries between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. 

    Customers can also book a special Saturday delivery service by paying a small additional fee per consignment.

    International deliveries, on the other hand (divided into zones 4 to 12), are made within the standard working hours, which tend to vary depending on the destination country.

    • Does Parcelforce deliver internationally?

    Parcelforce offers its customers an international shipment delivery option to many countries, including the United States. With its official parcel tracking tool, you can track your parcel until its delivery.

    • What to do in case of missed shipment delivery?

    Parcelforce will try delivering your package up to three times. In case of a missed delivery, you must collect your shipment from the local depot.

    • I ordered a parcel, but I don’t want it anymore. What can be done?

    Your parcel will be kept at a local Parcelforce depot for up to 20 days. After this time has passed, it will be sent back to the sender.

    Contact Parcelforce Customer Care

    Parcelforce has fairly active customer care and can be contacted through the following methods:

    • The company can be contacted here to inquire regarding any specific service or provision of feedback.

    • The customer service team can be contacted via phone at 0344 8004466 in the UK.

    • You can also post your queries by completing this online form.

    • For specific complaints, the company can be approached here.

    TrackingMore can be contacted by customers around the clock for any tracking-related issues.


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