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Tracking says my pkg was delivered this morning. It is now after 7pm & i have had NO DELIVERY. WHERE IS MY PKG? what is next step?


My package is bouncing all over the nation. It was almost here then took off in the opposite direction and hasn’t been seen in six days. WTF???

Good Service

Fast shipping to the US, thank you!


Veeeryyyyy slllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

Spedizione ferma in belgio!!!!!

Da più di 10 giorni la spedizione risulta essere ferma in Belgio. ASSURDO!!!!!


I am waiting 3 months my parcel and suddenly the told me that ur item has been in your local one month ago. They didn’t even left a kettle with a reference number. I don’t know how to collect it now!! The worst delivery ever.

2 months delivery time

Speed my ass. If I wanted to wait 2 months for delivery, I'd have asked for delivery by horse and cart. Or bought it from wish.com Dismal service, nearly the same price. I'd have paid $4 more for shipping to have it delivered within the week like it used to be. eBay, this is pathetic

Bad quality of shipping service

Why shippment has to stuck in Belgium( hopfuly Belgium is extinct!) ? I can't understand why from China to Europe whitin days and then from Belgium to Italy , it's impressive how slow is ( in my case there are 10 days , that is not moving forward).

I ordered a case once

I ordered a case from aliexpress 1 year ago and it never arrived I ended up going to eBay and buying another computer case that was $20 down the drain because of this stupid courier


I don't think I need to tell you whats wrong... Just read the comments! Why has my package sat somewhere for 2 weeks! Why did it come to napolis then leave?!?


Why has my parcel been sitting at the same location for so long now ? Would it be helpfull if i come to collect the damn thing myself?? Seeing as your drivers seem to be on strike!!


Have patience and your stuff will most likely come. I began to lose hope when my stuff sat in Grapevine for over a month, but it came through eventually. I actually have another order coming through them as well so I guess we'll see about consistency!

Fake Tracking

What their tracking says, has absolutely nothing to do with reality. I've had a total of 3 packages from china shipped to me via SpeedPak, NONE of them arrived, although according to SpeedPak's own tracking service they've all been handed over to their apparently imaginary partner in my country. One thing is for sure - local Post operators cannot track SpeedPak's packages, which seems to be deliberate. All in all, SpeedPak appears to be nothing more than an elaborate scam.


The fact that the company can be writing up good reviews for themselves ? Is just outrageous! They are a scamming company and will take all the expensive goods. They are a fraud and I don’t think I will but from China again. Trust me if I could give -5 stars I would just a stupid company.


Said they delivered my package never came and no were to locate it


Unbelievable, were is my package? Who's responsible? Do they even review these reviews becuase if they did wouldn't they think ok we need to rework this enterprise and make it work.Seem like no one cares. ! AYE!!!

I can't even believe how bad

Never arrives, no one should use this courier becuase it effects your business as well when your items are not delivered who gets the blame?

Worst Ever

I have been waiting since the 28th October it arrived in Australia on 15 November and still nothing its now the 24/11/2020.

Still waiting on THREE separate deliveries

I made 5 purchases on Ebay on Oct 16. Three were sent via speedpak, allegedly arriving in Australia and clearing Australian customs 16 Nov, 11 Nov and 11 Nov. The other 2 purchases I made on the same day arrived within a week. Purchases I have made since have all arrived within a week. Yet, not one of the "speedpak" packages have arrived, despite apparently being in Australia 2 weeks. It would make sense that there might be a delay getting from China to Australia, but once the package is in Australia, it shouldn't take longer than any other package. Previously, I have never had any issues with buying from China through ebay. Seems things are different now.

Never Received Package

SpeedPak claims they left my Ebay package with my local post ; however my post never received it. Plus SpeedPak says they delivered it on a Saturday and my post is closed on Saturdays. Ebay wouldn't help, said it was "delivered" and won't issue a refund. I am out $52 for a toy for my son's birthday. Ebay reviewed and closed my case in about 2 minutes. I have since closed my Ebay account. This Ebay and SpeedPak partnership is NOT the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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