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SpeedPAK is eBay's integrated shipping service. Stay updated on SpeedPAKs and TrackingMore's reliable tracking services.

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    SpeedPAK is eBay's integrated shipping service. Stay updated on SpeedPAKs and TrackingMore's reliable tracking services.


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    SpeedPAK Tracking

    SpeedPAK offers comprehensive tracking services that cover the entire delivery process. From the moment a customer places an order until it arrives at the designated destination, SpeedPAK's tracking system provides real-time updates allowing customers to monitor the progress of their shipments with ease and confidence.

    As soon as SpeedPAK picks up the package, the user is notified and receives a tracking number through which they can instantly view the shipment’s status. This includes details such as the package's origin, current location, estimated delivery date, and any significant transit checkpoints it has passed through.

    SpeedPAK ensures all customers have a smoother and more predictable delivery experience across all delivery services. With cross-border deliveries, SpeedPAK's tracking system keeps customers informed as the package navigates crucial customs inspections and other international transit challenges.

    About SpeedPAK

    SpeedPak is a cross-border logistics provider that was created by a partnership between eBay and Orange Connex. The company developed as a shipping option for international buyers on eBay aims to improve buyers’ purchase experience and enhance logistics delivery timelines. SpeedPAK also offers various services, including parcel collection, processing, transportation, customs clearance, and final delivery.

    Intended to serve the great China region SpeedPAK provides its services to a wide range of industries. These include pharmaceuticals, hardware items, electronics, food, and beverages, cosmetics, sports equipment, conference materials, etc. However, the company has other service destinations, including Germany, the USA, Canada, Spain, France, the UK, and other European countries.

    SpeedPAK Tracking Service

    SpeedPAK offers a wide range of comprehensive delivery services with reliable shipping options for cross-border e-commerce customers. With standard working days operations, the company incorporates a user-friendly tracking system. This helps ensure the customers’ peace of mind as they can easily monitor and receive real-time updates on their packages’ shipment process.

    • SpeedPAK Shipping Service

    SpeedPAK offers expedited, standard, and economical services with varying logistics timelines. The expedited service has an average timeline of 5-9 working days with full tracking capabilities. The standard service comes with an 8–12 working days average timeline with end-to-end tracking.

    Here are the shipping services provided by SpeedPAK.

    Direct Mail

    SpeedPAK offers efficient and cost-effective direct mail services with assured coverage of about 52 countries and other predestined regions around the world.

    Speed Freight 

    This service is designed for time-sensitive shipments ensuring quick and reliable delivery and meeting the specific needs of SpeedPAK customers.


    SpeedPAK’s multichannel service streamlines logistics operations in multiple ways. These include speed, stability, sustainability transparency, and cost optimization.

    SpeedPAK’s direct mail service offers customized tracking solutions for their customers sending parcels internationally. While this helps to maintain the company’s integrity, the customers are assured of reliable and timely updates on their cross-border packages.

    Speed Freight services prioritize efficiency while accommodating time-sensitive shipments. As a result, despite the urgent deliveries, customers are assured of specific tracking solutions guaranteeing dependable updates with swift deliveries.

    Multichannel services are designed to ensure businesses and individual customers can navigate the complexities of international e-commerce. So SpeedPAK offers various comprehensive solutions to enhance customers’ experience and provides seamless tracking capabilities.

    • SpeedPAK Direct Mail Tracking

    As of its March 2018 Launch, SpeedPak extended its services to Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, and 28 other European Countries.

    Standard delivery service to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, and a few European countries can be tracked full-way. Meanwhile, economic delivery service to New Zealand and most European nations can be tracked halfway.

    SpeedPAK’s full tracking services mean customers can enjoy real-time tracking updates with the company’s standard delivery services. This comes with slightly faster deliveries of about 8 to 12 days compared to economic services.

    The company’s half-tracking services mean the customers get limited tracing abilities, with reduced updates. This comes with the economic services, which are less priced but have extended delivery timelines. For instance, if you chose the economic services to New Zealand, you may have to wait for about 10-15 days; 2 or 3 more days compared to the standard delivery service.

    • Economy SpeedPAK Tracking

    SpeedPAK’s economy services are meant to offer cost-effective and budget-conscious shipping solutions. However, they take more time to deliver compared to the standard services.

    The economy services also have a weight limit of 0-2kg to about 46 European countries and 0-3 kg to any location in New Zealand.

    Additionally, although you can track your shipment with this service, your tracking capabilities are quite limited. But SpeedPAK ensures you still get the key status updates about the shipment progress.

    • SpeedPAK Tracking in the USA

    SpeedPAK offers standard delivery services to the US. This has full tracking benefits and an 8-12 working days delivery timeline.

    Similarly, in the United States, SpeedPAK packages are delivered by USPS. Although SpeedPAK doesn’t currently offer SpeedPAK tracking for USPS numbers, you can go to TrackingMore, which is a third-party parcel tracking platform integrated with over 1100 carriers, including both SpeedPAK and USPS. With it, you can track your SpeedPAK packages in one stop.

    • SpeedPAK Tracking in the UK

    SpeedPAK customers in the UK are guaranteed of standard delivery services with full tracking capabilities and  8-12 delivery days. With a focus on a seamless tracking experience, SpeedPAK also offers its UK customers tailored tracking solutions.

    This ensures the customer has peace of mind as they stay informed about their package's whereabouts. The full tracking capabilities also keep the customer fully informed throughout the shipment progress.

    Once your SpeedPak package gets to the United Kingdom, it’ll be in the hands of Royal Mail. This, however, doesn’t limit you from monitoring the parcel’s whereabouts. You can use TrackingMore, a powerful third-party tracking tool whose integration with multiple carriers enables you to track any package switched across different carriers effortlessly.

    How to Track SpeedPAK Packages

    1. Through the Orange Connex's Official Website

    Orange Connex offers a simple and easy-to-use tracking page to ensure you can effortlessly access shipment updates of your packages.

    SpeedPAK tracking page

    Follow the steps to track your SpeedPAK packages.

    • Open the Orange Connex's official website.
    • Click the Tracking option to go to the tracking page.
    • Input your SpeedPAK tracking number in the search field.
    • Then click on the Track button to access details about the shipment status.

    SpeedPAK tracking status

    Notably, Orange Connex allows you to track up to 20 SpeedPAK packages. Enter your tracking numbers in new lines to use this multiple-tracking feature.

    2. Through TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is an advanced third-party tracking tool that monitors not only SpeedPAK packages but also multiple parcels from up to 1,100+ carriers globally.

    To use TrackingMore:

    TrackingMore SpeedPAK tracking page

    • Visit TrackingMore's official webpage.
    • Click the Carriers option on the navigation bar.
    • Scroll down to the carrier list and enter SpeedPAK in the search field.
    • Enter the tracking number and click on the Track button.
    • Then you’ll get a detailed result as below.

    TrackingMore SpeedPAK tracking status

    Sometimes, you may input your tracking number and get a Not Found prompt. This means you should confirm if you entered the correct tracking number as issued by SpeedPAK. If you have the correct tracking number but still encounter the same issue, you may need to contact the carrier company for further assistance.

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over SpeedPAK?

    Although SpeedPAK has a simple, and user-friendly tracking system, TrackingMore offers advanced comprehensive features that provide a much better tracking alternative.

    Unlike SpeedPAK’s limitation to a single carrier, TrackingMore is integrated into multiple carriers. As a result, you can easily track multiple shipments across different carriers without switching websites. TrackingMore has an auto-detect feature which means you don’t necessarily have to navigate to a specific carrier page. The detection capability will automatically identify the carrier based on your tracking number and still give you the correct details. This saves much of your time and ensures a seamless tracking experience.

    SpeedPAK Tracking Number

    A SpeedPak tracking number is a unique alphanumeric code number that’s uniquely assigned to a shipping package. This number lets you easily monitor your parcel as it travels via various facilities or borders from the origin point to the delivery location.

    • SpeedPAK Tracking Number Format & Examples

    SpeedPAK tracking numbers typically start with "ES" or "EE", followed by 26 letters or digits.

    “EE” represents SpeedPAK economy service, meaning you can track your parcel only halfway.

    “ES” denotes SpeedPAK standard service, which means you can track your parcel fully from when it starts shipping until it hits your doorstep.

    Examples of SpeedPak tracking numbers like:

    - ES10024287564060001010001D0N

    - ES1000080169550NG01010001A0A

    Once a customer places their shipment order, SpeedPAK sends a shipping confirmation as soon as a carrier picks the consignment. The confirmation contains detailed shipping information, including the SpeedPAK tracking number.

    SpeedPak Tracking Status

    Here are sample SpeedPAK tracking status and their meanings.

    Shipment Data Received

    The basic information about the package has been registered in the system.

    Package Received

    SpeedPAK received the package and is in process and ready for transit.

    Arrived at Local Facility

    The package arrived at a local facility or sorting center for the organization, depending on its destination.

    Departed From Local Facility

    The package left the local facility and is en route to the next destination.

    Arrived at Regional Distribution Center

    The package arrived at a larger distribution center for a specific region.

    Lm Carrier: Au Post, Lm Tracking No: 33UXY053259701000935100

    The package is handed over to Australia Post, and with it is the tracking number

    Departed From Regional Distribution Center

    The package left a regional distribution center and is en route to the destination

    Export Customs Declaration Completed

    Customs documentation related to the package export from its original country has been cleared

    Departed From Origin Country

    The left its country of origin for the destination country

    Arrived at Destination Hub

    The package arrived at a distribution center in the destination country and is awaiting further sorting for local delivery

    Import Customs Clearance Completed

    Customs clearance procedure in the local country cleared allowing the package to proceed with local delivery

    Delivered to Local Facility

    The package has been received in a local facility in the destination area for further sorting

    Item Processed at Post Facility

    The package has been processed or sorted in preparation for delivery


    The package has been moved from one facility or carrier to another for a specific phase of the journey

    Delivered with Safe Drop

    The package has been successfully delivered in a secure location at the recipient’s address

    SpeedPAK Tracking API

    SpeedPAK API provides businesses and developers with tools to integrate SpeedPAK's logistics and shipping functionalities directly into their systems, offering tracking and shipping management for cross-border shipments. However, TrackingMore’s tracking API integrated with over 1100 carriers including SpeedPAK offers an all-on-one tracking service for users.

    Why should I use TrackingMore API instead?

    Incorporate the TrackingMore API into your system for a unified view of all package statuses, enhancing the customer tracking experience.

    Key Benefits of TrackingMore API:

    1. Versatile Integration: Compatible with multiple programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP, allowing for quick integration.
    2. Standardized Data Format: Consolidates data from various carriers into a unified format for user convenience.
    3. Reliable Support: Provides 24/7 global technical support with swift response times, ensuring smooth integration.
    4. Exceptional Uptime: Boasts an impressive 99.9% API uptime.
    5. Top-Notch Security: Adheres to ISO 27001 standards, ensuring robust data protection.

    Distinct Features Over SpeedPAK:

    • Proactive Notifications: Unlike SpeedPAK, which requires manual tracking initiation, TrackingMore offers automatic shipment updates.
    • Branded Tracking Pages: Customize pages to align with your brand, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.

    Opt for TrackingMore to not only track shipments but to also elevate the overall post-purchase journey for your customers.

    FAQs on SpeedPAK Tracking

    • How to get a USPS tracking number from SpeedPAK?

    To get a USPS tracking number, you can check the email you received from SpeedPAK or contact the seller, sender, or carrier company.

    • What time will my SpeedPAK package arrive?

    If you use their express service, your package should arrive in 5 to 9 business days. Standard service, meanwhile, will get your package delivered in 8 to 12 business days.

    • How can I find my SpeedPAK tracking number?

    You can find your SpeedPAK tracking number on your sales receipt.

    • Can I track a package without a SpeedPAK Tracking Number?

    Unfortunately, you can’t track a package without a SPeedPAK tracking number. You need the tracking number to be able to track your package successfully.

    How to Contact SpeedPAK Customer Support

    Here’s the contact info for SpeedPAK’s customer service.

    Contact method



    Units 5-8 Clonshaugh Business & Technology Park


    Dublin 17 Ireland

    Postal Code

    D17 Y336


    400 126 0008 / 86 21 60662670(China mainland)

    852 30183458 (HKSAR)


    [email protected]

    Note: SpeedPAK customer service is available from Monday to Saturday 9:00-18:00 (National Holidays not included).








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