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Bad service

Haven’t gotten any info on where my package is. Scam. I want my money back.

Unacceptable Delivery Time

Order the 7th of December and the items still haven't been delivered. Poor quality service.

Its OK

I have ordered multiple stuff from China and they have been always delivered to me. My problem is that I can't track my orders sometimes. It says that it's still in China but it has already been delivered. Sometimes I get my packages in just 7 days but sometimes it can take up to a month for them to be delivered in Germany!! But overall I am thankful that my packages have been always delivered, I have seen a lot of complaints from other customers who haven't received their packages.


Despatched 13 days ago still no package beginning to wonder if it really exists or have I been fleeced

Took awhile but I got it

I ordered 12/15 and received on 1/12....from China to Buffalo,NY That’s when they said it would be here and it was. I wanted for Xmas but that wasn’t happening. I see all the bad reviews and people that haven’t got their stuff yet or ever, and figured I was screwed but it came. I tracked it online and it took awhile to clear customs on both sides. I’m usually the one complaining....hope you all get your stuff....too many bogus sites out there on FB and in ads....good luck!

Not got my package

It’s been over a month. Terrible I haven’t got anything.

Too long

They take way too long to ship things

Bad China

Why haven't I gotten my stuff your just a major rip off just give my money back8

Time factor

If I'd have known it was going to take over 4 months, I would have ordered local

Scams with fake tracking numbers

We get sooooo many scam orders that are not real from sellers that use YT its really frustrating. Stay away from them.

The Wait...

It has taken so long, I have forgotten what I ordered, this is ridiculous... I will not be ordering anything from these people again...


I ordered a pair of items and still haven't gotten them and it's been 5 months now.

My order

First message on 1/6, received my package 1/16. No problems here.

Put the wrong zip code

It 4717 Buford highway Georgia 30341

Not delivered

Says parcel delivery was attempted but they did not ring or leave me a slip eventhough i was home all day

Piece of real delivery

Worst service ever. Piece of sh*t. Good thing I was pressed on my item. But the principal. Went out for delivery 12/2/20. It is now 1/15/21. Go figure

A joke

Its been 39 days and still nothing this place is a scam never getting anything again dont waste your time

Package Never Arrived

The worst! They said my package was delivered on 1/7/21. It’s now 1/14/21 and still no package. I’ve checked my ring camera and I’ve been home since the pandemic. No package was ever delivered. Also, the company I ordered from said they were in Brooklyn, NY. I wouldn’t have ordered if I knew my package was coming from China.

Delivered but not to me

My order is nowhere to be found. It says delivered but nothing outside. No idea where my order is. Never again will I order anything from China.

It’s been over 36 days

It’s been over 36 days And they stated in an email this mor!
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