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F u k u covid trash piece of shit country

2021-12-30 09:47:01


Reply Fucking


Oh hell yes!!! This are f*cken stupid! Order never arrived and will be getting my money back fosho!

2022-01-18 03:12:25


ordered product in August and it is now 22/12/21 and still no delivery. impossible to work out tracking details . here's hoping the parcel turns up. not hopeful though

2021-12-22 11:15:06

never order through these adds ever again!

what an idiot. i should have known better! never will i ever order through these stupid add ever again.

2021-12-18 21:13:35

Perfect delivery
DMB rochester ny

product received within 15 days. exactly what I expected

2021-12-10 00:53:23

Never received
Bonnie Mcinnes

After 35 days of waiting it was an invalid address instead of contacting me my parcel is god knows where I had the correct address I urge people not to get yin express to deliver your parcel it was only suppose to take 1 to 3 weeks here we are 35 days in and no delivery this company is a joke very disappointed!!!!!

2021-11-25 12:27:50


Reply Bonnie Mcinnes

Joe H

I’m reading your comments but yet you still give them a 5 STAR WHY?

2021-12-02 05:06:59


Reply Joe H


The company gave themselves five stars and it really take 2 months for the delivery the product was the cheapest material and did not look like what I purchased as the person said they don't deserve 1 star

2021-12-05 02:57:00


Reply Joe H


You can not give zero stars the site will not let you and if you review something the site sometimes automatically adds the stars, it isn't the reviewers choice some times.

2021-12-20 01:52:37


Mein Paket sollte Gesten angekommen sein ich hab nix erhalten und da steht ich hätte das erhalten

2021-11-20 12:20:34

Michael Curran

It’s says my order has been delivered, this is NOT true, please explain???

2021-12-23 12:13:47


Reply Michael Curran


It says my package was delivered yesterday and it wasn't either. I have tried to contact them via their email info but have yet to receive a response.

2021-12-23 16:50:45

Victim of a delivery nightmare

40 days ago (11-4-21) I made an online purchase of gifts for family & friends, Yun Express still has not delivered them. Yesterday 12-18-21 was a family gift exchange ,I had to run around searching for gifts to replace the gifts Yun Express has not delivered. MY husband also has been told items he purchased weeks ago are now in delayed transit after he was told they would be here by 12-20-21, he ordered from Amazon and the sellers use Yun Express , now he has no idea when his will arrive either. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM SELLERS WHO USE YUN EXPRESS , YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE YOUR ORDERS.

2021-12-20 01:59:58


Reply Tara

L Miller

Ya I ordered from Amazon on 11/29/2021 and it never arrived the seller says it's in us Bensonville well that is in Illinois kept saying wait just 3 more days I know it will be there that has been 6 days ago nothing yet and yunexpress now says in transit delay. Now Amazon said your package may be lost. So I told the seller I wanted a full refund. Amazon refunded . Still never showed this was also for gifts and never received them.

2021-12-30 21:15:38

3D crystal

My Item came in but I haven't received it Considering its right down the street and they say it's going to be a other 7 days so I don't get it

2021-12-13 18:40:32


Reply Jason


11-4-21 placed order, 11-10-21 order was shipped , 11-28-21 order reached facility in Bensenville IL 4 hours from my address ,11-28-21 Out for delivery to local courier ( 10 miles from my address) no updates again until 12-7-21 when my order ACTUALLY left China for delivery for REAL 12 -10-21 order through customs clearance to airport of country of origin, 12-19-21 NO UPDATES and still NOT delivered.

2021-12-20 02:05:25

My purchase

it was cool love it I thought it would be bigger and thicker comfort for my daughter but nice love the colors and material ☆♡

2021-12-02 05:51:51

Where is it?
1 less xmas gift I guess

Says my package was delivered at 1021 this morning. I've been home all day, nothing. And if I didn't hear it, my dog would have. So where's my package? I rec'd one package on Friday but todays didn't make it to my house.

2021-11-22 21:12:09


Reply 1 less xmas gift I guess


Same here, I live in a building, my landlord checked the cameras, nobody came at the time they said it was delivered, wtf, this is an scam.

2021-12-20 17:45:05

Package never delivered

I ordered not 1 but 2 packages with this shipping & haven’t received any of them . My local mailing company did an investigation & was told that the carrier delivered both pages . Which means someone is lyin .

2021-12-28 22:00:45

Missing package
Giselle S

The delivery said out for delivery at 823 and delivered at 825,like how? By telepathy? There's no way they delivered anything, iam so upset because is a Xmas gift for my son ,this company might not be fake but certainly does shady things, where's my package? I smell scam.

2021-12-20 17:39:48


Reply Giselle S


Why have you given them 5 star rating

2021-12-21 21:57:39

Delivered my order perfectly
S Isles

After reading all of the reviews I was really worried, however my order came with no issues! Tracking a little delayed and so was the arrival but it’s Xmas and every delivery company is slow right now. I did not place an order through yun express, I ordered from accent Studio LA and they had chosen yun express and courier from China to Australia.

2021-12-15 06:59:32


Reply S Isles

Glen lynch

My order is saying in delivery the past 3 days do you know what it means

2021-12-23 09:31:55

False Advertisement

I ordered a pair of boots that were advertised as “Keen boots” and being 50% off the original price. I jumped at this deal but when they arrived they definitely are not “Keen boots.” They are made with synthetic products and look like a very cheap copy. I would like to return them and there isn’t even a return label in the package. I sent an email to the return address of the package and they did not respond. I am very disappointed in the product and the way they do business.

2021-12-09 21:05:20

Never delivered

Bought an item from a third party seller on Amazon. Never heard anything about the package being delivered and it never showed up. We would have seen the delivery since we have Ring doorbell.

2021-11-24 17:51:54

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