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Wo bleibt meine Ware habe lange bestellt möchte wissen wann die Ware geliefert wird.

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I order a Halloween Mask from Amazon and I been using this website to track it. At first I was a bit worried he may take to long to get here or that it was a scam because of the reviews, however it only took 10 days to come which is pretty much a week and a couple of days.

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Ich habe am 22.09. bestellt und habe bis heute keine Ware! Wo ist meine Lieferung? 25.10.21

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Silke Bienkowski

Möchte endlich wissen wann meine Ware geliefert wird❓❓❓❓

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I recently ordered Halloween masks from Mucatech's Amazon store. It was shipped with YumExpress and made it past customs and arrived in the US. Unfortunately, USPS labeled and delivered it somewhere to Monroe Township, NJ five days ago. I've lived in Minnesota all my life so I have no idea how my package ended up in New Jersey. Not sure who's to blame, but definitely seems sketchy.

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Muy Bueno me llegó rápido mi paquete

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Se demoranron pero al final lo recibí

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Marla N

YUNEXPRESS ARE SCAMMERS!!! I ordered a 24” Halloween door wreath (through Facebook), and “tracking” showed it in China, and it kept showing that for over 2 weeks. My credit card company temporarily credited my account. I then, finally, received something from Yunexpress, and it was an 8-10” foam witch round pillow, which was probably something you’d get at a Dollar Tree store. It was cheap and pathetic! I wasn’t going to send it back (and to where, I didn’t know!), plus, it would cost me more than what it’s worth, so I threw the piece of crap away. My credit card company is now going to charge me the $33 it cost for the wreath I ordered but never received. They said that they contacted Yunexpress, and that they never received the item they sent me, and my credit card company said that I needed to return the (wrong) item back. YUNEXPRESS ARE SCAMMERS, and I wish my credit card company would’ve backed me up!

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All the rev we bring to Facebook u would think they would fact check this s#it. I know they see the reviews and still allow them to do business on their platform. Shame on Facebook best 60 bucks I ever spent taught me a lesson.

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Monica Wertzler

This is a fraudulent company selling fraudulent and possibly dangerous items. The shoes I received have a strong smell that is sickening me. The shoes are not sized correctly and are actually different sizes. Though sold for featured arch support, there is zero arch support! These are not wearable. I do not see a receipt and thus cannot call Customer Support to request a return. This is awful! I will NOT buy online again. Beware. This product appears to have been shipped from China. They are the worst shoes I have ever observed. And now, the stench from the plastic is building a headache in addition to the sneezing and watery eyes I am experiencing. Please help! Do not purchase these items. They are expensive and are a shameful deception. They have to be out outside of my home immediately. Who can help?

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It's been over 30 damn days and my item hasn't moved. There's no way to get ahold of anyone. Don't fall for this scam like I did. Foreign con artist.

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27 dni i jeszcze nie ma w pl

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You offer me tracking but there is no info available. I will be contacting the Attorney General about simply the ads on Facebook. Very disturbing they let scammers use their platform.

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Segun ustedes me han avisado de que el pedido iba a llegar cuando es muy falso, como no me llegue me voy a asegurar de saber quien coño son como si les tengo que demandar

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Non ordinate on line tutte sole. Uno schifo

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Extremely disappointed. It says my item has been picked up. I do not have it. Terrible; atrocious human behaviour

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roger bryant

absolutely the worst shipping company,sent a tracking number 10 day after purchase that you can not open,typical chinese trick

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quelqu'un aurait il une adresse mail fiable de yun express pour savoir où est mon colis merci.

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Mi avevano detto che il pacchetto arriva il 14/9/2021 non mi è arrivato ancora niente

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