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Track Package from Canada

Track your packages from Canada all in one place!

Track packages sent by all couriers in Canada

Have many packages from Canada and don't know how to track them at the same time? Let Trackingmore help! Supported most domestic carriers, for example, Canada Post, Canpar Courier, RL Carriers, APC Logistics Canada, Estes Canada, Greyhound, Purolator, etc, Trackingmore can also help you track cross-border packages in multiple languages. No matter which couriers or how many packages you need to track, Trackingmore is always your top choice. Give it a shot now!

Auto-identify logistics companies

Getting bored with choosing Canadian carriers and entering tracking numbers all through? Don't worry! Trackingmore can help! Apart from recognizing the logistics company automatically, you can also save the carriers that you often need to track. After that, try our multiple packages tracking and we will show you all the tracking information you need with the carrier matched. Attempt it now!

Real-time Email alerts

Crave for having someone to monitor all your shipments from Canada for you? No need! Trackingmore will keep you informed and make everything under control. Once your tracking information has updated, we'll send you a direct email right away. You don't need to worry about missing any updates. All you need to do is putting your heart and soul into other important things. As long as it's about tracing, Trackingmore will take care of it for you!

Make Canadian online shopping easily

Can't stop wondering where are your parcels and tracking it on numerous websites? Don't be! Trackingmore will provide you the best solution and make your Canadian online shopping easily and efficiently. We don't need to know which website you placed your orders, or if it's a cross-border shopping or not. Just tell us the tracking number and you can continue shopping. Trackingmore will do the rest for you, so you don't need to check it over and over again since we will send you updates through emails.

Trace packages from Canada whenever & wherever you want

Want to check the status of your shipments at odd moments, but don't know how? Try Trackingmore! No longer limited by time or place, you're allowed to track your shipments "from sea to sea" with Trackingmore on your mobile phone. Except for visiting our website, you can also try our Trackingmore APP. It's easy to use and the history record saves your time to enter the tracking numbers each time.

Track your parcels with different couriers

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