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    Easily track your Purolator parcels within seconds using TrackingMore. Enter your Purolator tracking number and check the current location of your package.


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    • How Can I Track My Purolator Package?
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    Purolator Tracking

    Purolator is a courier company in Canada that has been confidently shipping for 60 years. Purolator tracking service is a professional way to track your delivery. Each package is assigned a unique tracking number, allowing you to monitor its progress until it reaches its destination.

    Purolator's tracking system is accessible both domestically and internationally. You can track your package easily through the Purolator site, an international tracking system to monitor real-time updates about your parcel. You can find information about the current location, estimated time, and delivery status through the Purolator tracking system.

    How Can I Track My Purolator Package?

    Purolator is Canada's courier service, offering worldwide package deliveries. Purolator updates its customer on the current status of their package. That will enhance their experience and make them hassle-free. Generally, you can track the status of your package by using various methods, including their official website, Mobile application, and a third-party parcel tracking platform like TrackingMore.

    • Via the Purolator Official Website 

    Purolator tracking page

    To track your Purolator package, follow the following steps.

    1. Visit the homepage of Purolator's official website.

    2. Locate the tracking number box and enter the tracking number of your Parcel.

    3. Click the tracking button to initiate the tracking process for your delivery package.

    4.  Then the page will display real-time updates about your package. 

    Purolator tracking status

    2. Via the Purolator Mobile Application

    Purolator tracking mobile app

    To track your package with the Purolator mobile application, follow these simple steps.

    1. Download the Purolator mobile app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).
    2. Install the app on your handset.
    3. Create an account within the app, or sign in if you already have one.
    4. Enter the tracking number for your package in the designated box and click on the tracking button.
    5. Your package's current location will be displayed within the app.

    3. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Purolator tracking page

    To track your package, follow these steps.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website.
    2. Click the carriers button in the navigation bar.
    3. Search "Purolator" in the search bar above the carrier list.
    4. Enter your tracking number in the designated field and click on the track button.
    5. Then the page will display the updated tracking status of your package. 

    TrackingMore Purolator tracking status

    With a powerful tracking API covering 1224 LSPs worldwide, TrackingMore provides a one-stop tracking service. If you have many other packages that belong to different LSPs, you can track them in TrackingMore.

    Purolator Tracking Number

    The tracking number is an exclusive code assigned to a specific package. It is primarily used to track the package's location. This number is essential for the sender and receiver to determine the parcel’s real-time status.

    The Purolator tracking number is a unique code of 12 characters that is printed on the shipment. After completing all the corresponding procedures with the shipping logistics, the sender receives this code via email. The code design is unique for each parcel; it either contains three alpha characters and nine numeric characters or is entirely numeric.

    Below are the common Purolator tracking number formats and examples.

    - 12 digits: 945234654987

    - Three letters + 9 digits: WDR987234765

    The PIN is the specific code assigned to the package such as the package identification number. It can provide real-time updates about the package. Purolator offers the tracking service by using the PIN and reference number as the tracking number. You can get both the PIN and reference number from the sender typically.

    Purolator Tracking Status

    Below is an explanation of the various logistical statuses of Purolator parcels.

    Status Explanation

    Received by Purolator at <pickuo address> OR Received by Purolator

    The package has been delivered to the Shipper of the Purolator for the carriage

    Corrective Action – Currently in Transit

    This package is in transit to the Purolator facility.

    Shipment in transit

    This package is in transit for the facility of the Purolator.

    On Purolator Vehicle for delivery

    This order is moved to its destination.

    Left <location>

    A Purolator shipment has been left for this order

    Arrived at<location>

    The shipment has been delivered to the Purolator location

    New tracking number assigned - <new PIN>

    A new tracking number is assigned to the package

    Attempted delivery – Customer closed

    Delivery was attempted, but the address mentioned was closed.

    Address correction required

    Correction in address is required for the delivery.

    Attempted Delivery – Receiver unavailable

    The package was delivered, but the receiver was not available at its location.

    Attempted Delivery – Receiver Refused

    The package was delivered, but the receiver refused to accept it.

    Scheduled delivery appointment required

    Delivery requires an appointment for the completion of the delivery.

    The customer requested PM Delivery.

    An appointment for delivery is required for completion in the afternoon/evening.

    Pending Customer clearance

    Shipment is waiting for clearance by its customs.

    Delayed due to weather

    The bad weather condition has delayed the package's transit.

    Mechanical Delay – currently in transit

    The existing mechanical issue has delayed the transit.

    Delayed – Incomplete Shipment

    A shipment of multi-piece is delayed temporarily.

    Available for pickup

    The package is available for pickup at the Purolator location, as mentioned in the box.

    Left<location> OR In Transit in U.S.

    U.S. in Transit

    Delivered to the Receiver's Customs Broker

    The package has been delivered to the broker of the receiver for further processing.

    Cleared Custom at <location>

    The shipment has cleared customs at the mentioned address

    Delivered to<delivered address> OR Delivered

    The package has been delivered to the mentioned address

    No Scanning Detail Available

    No scanning detail is available such as the package may not relate to Purolator or scanned by Purolator.

    Invalid Tracking Number Entered – Please Re-enter

    The entered number is not valid. Re-enter the valid PIN.

    About Purolator

    Purolator is an international logistics provider that principally works in Canada and the USA. This company was established in 1960 by Trans Canadian Couriers and was founded by two individuals. Later, it was merged with an oil company called Purolator. In 1987 the courier company returned to its original owners but retained its name. 

    Purolator's business scope is involved in delivering packages from domestic to international level. With a strong network in Canada and the USA, this courier service has generated a revenue of $2.6 billion in 2021. Today, the Purolator has 175 operation facilities and 104 shipping centers.

    Over the years, Purolator has delivered billions of packages with no sign of slowing down. The significant development in the company has evolved from simple mailing parcels to digitalization.

    How to Contact Purolator Customer Service

    Purolator is an excellent courier service in Canada that provides top-notch assistance to its customers. Here you will discover various options for contacting the Purolator support team.



    Operation Hour

    Customer Service

    1-888-SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123)

    Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 9 PM
    Sat & Sun: 8 AM - 8 PM

    Freight Customer Service


    Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 8 PM ET




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