TrackingMore API


Manage your trackings

URI Method Description
POST /trackings/post POST Create a tracking.
GET /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} GET Get tracking results of a single tracking.
PUT /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} PUT Modify order id, order title, shipment status and other additional fields of a single tracking.
DELETE /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} DELETE Delete a tracking.
POST /trackings/batch POST Create multiple trackings.
GET /trackings/get GET Get tracking results of multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/updatemore POST Modify order id, order title, shipment status and other additional fields of multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/delete POST Delete multiple trackings.
POST /trackings/realtime POST Get realtime tracking results of a single tracking.
POST /trackings/update POST Modify courier code
GET /trackings/getuserinfo GET Get account info
GET /trackings/getstatusnumber GET Get number of trackings in each package status.
POST /trackings/notupdate POST Stop updating trackings
POST /trackings/remote POST Check if a shipment is sent to remote area.
POST /trackings/costtime POST Get courier aging results
POST /trackings/aircargo POST Get tracking result of air waybill number

Get tracking result of air waybill number


  • Content-Type: application/json
    Trackingmore-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY
  • Tips

    Using this API, you will be charged based on query air waybill: Each air waybill consumes 20 quotas


track_number Air waybill number group
langQuery language

Request Body

  • {"track_number":["172-28891936","172-28891936"],"lang":"en"}

Response Attributes

  • AttributesDescription
    track_number Air waybill number group
    weight Total weight
    piece Total number
    origin Starting point
    destination Destination point
    status_number Current status code
    track_info Tracking Info
    track_info -- plan_date Expected event time
    track_info -- actual_date Actual event time
    track_info -- event Current event
    track_info -- station Current flight terminal
    track_info -- flight_number Flight number
    track_info -- status Current status
    track_info -- piece Current number
    track_info -- weight Current weight
    flight_info Airline Info
    flight_info -- plan_depart_time Estimated departure time
    flight_info -- depart_time Departure time
    flight_info -- depart_station Departure station
    flight_info -- plan_arrival_time Estimated arrival time
    flight_info -- arrival_time Arrival time
    flight_info -- arrival_station Arrival station
    flight_info -- flight_way_station Flight route
    flight_info -- last_event Latest update of the order
    airline_info Information of the air freight company
    airline_info -- name Company name
    airline_info -- url Company website
    airline_info -- track_url URL for tracking
  • Response Body 200

        "meta": {
            "code": 200,
            "type": "Success",
            "message": "Request Success"
        "data": {
            "172-28891936": {
                "track_number": "172-28891936",
                "return_data": {
                    "weight": "1981K",
                    "piece": 9,
                    "origin": "XMN",
                    "destination": "MXP",
                    "track_info": [
                            "plan_date": "2018-04-18 20:29:00",
                            "actual_date": "2018-04-17 09:38:00",
                            "event": "Delivery",
                            "station": "MXP",
                            "flight_number": "C80066",
                            "status": "DLV",
                            "piece": "10",
                            "weight": ""
                            "plan_date": "2018-04-12 01:20:00",
                            "actual_date": "2018-04-11 17:41:00",
                            "event": "9 piece(s) accepted",
                            "station": "XMN",
                            "flight_number": "CV7493",
                            "status": "RCS",
                            "piece": "9",
                            "weight": ""
                            "plan_date": "2018-04-12 16:27:00",
                            "actual_date": "2018-04-11 15:56:00",
                            "event": "9 piece(s) arrived on CV7493",
                            "station": "LUX",
                            "flight_number": "CV7493",
                            "status": "ARR",
                            "piece": "9",
                            "weight": ""
                    "status_number": 4,
                    "flight_info": {
                        "CV7493": {
                            "plan_depart_time": "2018-04-12 08:20:00",
                            "depart_time": "2018-04-12 08:46:00",
                            "depart_station": "XMN",
                            "plan_arrival_time": "2018-04-12 16:27:00",
                            "arrival_time": "2018-04-11 15:56:00",
                            "arrival_station": "LUX"
                        "C80066": {
                            "plan_arrival_time": "2018-04-14 20:29:00",
                            "arrival_time": "2018-04-13 20:21:00",
                            "arrival_station": "MXP",
                            "plan_depart_time": "2018-04-16 20:15:00",
                            "depart_time": "2018-04-14 19:31:00",
                            "depart_station": "LUX"
                    "flight_way_station": [
                    "last_event": "2018-04-17 09:38:00, Delivery, MXP, C80066"
                "airline_info": {
                    "name": "Cargolux Airlines",
                    "url": "",
                    "track_url": ""

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