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Delivery notifications

Send Email and SMS shipping notifications automatically at every delivery checkpoint to give your customers a sense of assurance. Minimize negative customer interactions while delivering a satisfying post-purchase experience.

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Map your notification timeline

Select notification triggers of your choice at the flick of a switch. Control when to inform your customers of their order status in a smooth flow of emails or SMS messages.

Customize the notification template

Leverage our drag-and-drop editor to give your shipping notifications a desired look while showcasing your brand identity.

Optimize your order delivery rates

Get instant notifications for any delivery malpractice. Reduce customer complaints with fast response to package damage, loss, theft, delays, etc.

Cultivate repeat purchases

Foster more loyal customers with a transparent order tracking system, and an unmatched post-purchase experience. Drive repeat sales and lower costs in customer retention.

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Partly yes. The email notification feature is free for all. However, if you want to enable the SMS notification feature, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan which starts at $8/month.
Both are beneficial for your eCommerce business as they can significantly reduce your WISMO tickets and increase customer satisfaction. However, the branded tracking page is more suitable if you want to engage with customers on a deeper level while driving extra sales, as it is built into your own platform. Shipment notifications can be helpful if you are short-staffed, as it automates the order tracking flow for customers and sellers.
It's likely the email notifications have been marked as Spam. Tell your buyers to check their email spam folders.
It's recommended to display the recipient's order number, tracking ID, carrier, and shipment status, as well as your brand visuals.

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