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Saia LTL Freight Tracking

Saia Tracking has never been easier. Enter your Saia LTL package tracking number and click track to know its whereabouts via TrackingMore.

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    Saia Tracking has never been easier. Enter your Saia LTL package tracking number and click track to know its whereabouts via TrackingMore.


    • Saia LTL Freight Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Saia LTL Freight Package?
    • Saia Tracking Number
    • Saia Tracking Status
    • About Saia LTL Freight
    • How to Contact Saia LTL Freight Customer Service

    Saia LTL Freight Tracking

    Tracking your Saia LTL Freight packages is convenient on the courier’s user-friendly website, featuring an advanced track and trace tool. Following the movement of Saia LTL Freight packages on their website gives you a quick snapshot of the item’s current shipping status and an option to explore the shipping history of the said shipment.

    Saia’s native tracking tool can be inefficient in tracking the movement of packages that need to undergo multiple exchanges between couriers to reach their final destinations. To avoid these inconsistencies, a reliable multi-carrier tracking platform like TrackingMore is preferred. This article will shed light on how to track Saia LTL Freight using both methods and emphasize why TrackingMore is the better option for staying updated to the minute on your shipment.

    How Can I Track My Saia LTL Freight Package?

    You can track a Saia package on the courier’s website or using TrackingMore’s robust independent tracking platform. Below is a further explanation of how to use each option.

    • Via the Official Website

    Saia LTL Freight tracking page

    Saia LTL Freight’s official website is a hub of information on the courier’s operations and individual packages it handles daily. To stay updated on your package through this option, follow the instructions below.

    1. Visit Saia LTL Freight's official website.
    2. Enter your package’s tracking number in the tracking tool on the homepage.
    3. Click the Track button and wait a few seconds for the information to load.
    4. If your package is traceable, the website will return a tracking report.

    Saia LTL Freight tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore Saia LTL Freight tracking page

    The Saia official website can be mired with inconsistencies or not have the tracking information on a package available. Hence, a powerful third-party platform like TrackingMore is a better alternative for tracking your Saia LTL Freight package. You can do the tracking from any browser using the following process.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website and click on Carriers on the homepage.
    2. Search Saia from the carrier list by entering the company name in the query box and running the search.
    3. Select the courier when it shows up, type in your Saia tracking number, and click Track.
    4. TrackingMore will pinpoint the exact location of the package and avail this information on a new page.

    TrackingMore Saia LTL Freight tracking status

    There are numerous reasons to choose TrackingMore over the Saia LTL Freight website to track your package’s whereabouts. TrackingMore is a multi-carrier tracking platform that connects with over 1,100 global couriers to deliver the latest tracking events on your Saia packages. This feature ensures that even with a change in courier at the last-mile stage, you can maintain 100% visibility into your package’s movements. You can also track your other shipments being shipped by the couriers supported on TrackingMore.

    For e-commerce merchants, TrackingMore API you to not only track your Saia LTL Freight packages but also have a bird’s eye view of other packages handled by renowned couriers, including UPS, Canada Post, and FedEx. TrackingMore effectively eliminates the need to switch between multiple carrier websites to keep your customers updated. It is also worth noting that TrackingMore’s API solution is tested routinely and records an average uptime of 99.9%, guaranteeing no tracking downtimes throughout the year and during high peak seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Saia Tracking Number

    Saia has a standard method of labeling all packages sent through any of its various services by issuing a unique and randomly generated tracking number. This tracking code helps you keep tabs on your Saia packages as they move from one location to another, and also provides information on the tracking events the shipment has completed.

    Saia tracking numbers consist of numbers only and will have eleven or twelve digits. Below are examples of actual Saia LTL Freight tracking numbers.



    Once a freight package has been received by Saia either through posting or pick-up, it is processed, and a tracking number is issued on the postage receipt. Recipients will be notified of an incoming package through a shipment confirmation email that will also share the Saia tracking number for tracking purposes.

    Saia Tracking Status

    Saia tracking is possible because of tracking tools like TrackingMore and the logistic company’s official website and the tracking statuses they return. To comprehensively track your packages, you need to know what each tracking status means. The table below deciphers the meanings of the most common Saia tracking statuses.

    Saia LTL Freight Tracking Status


    Greenfield, IN - Pickup from customer

    The freight package has been picked up from the customer’s location by a Saia driver and loaded onto a truck.

    Greenfield, IN - Depart from customer location

    The Saia driver has left the customer’s location with the freight package to a Saia terminal.

    Muncie, IN - Arrived at original terminal

    The package has been received and scanned at Saia’s original terminal in Muncie, IN.

    Muncie, IN - Unload trailer: 484499

    Trailer 484499 carrying the Saia package has been unloaded for further processing and rerouting.

    Muncie, IN - Load trailer: 292215

    Your Saia freight package is being loaded onto another trailer at Saia’s original terminal.

    Muncie, IN - Departed from terminal

    Track 292215 with your Saia package has left the terminal at Muncie, IN, after being loaded successfully.

    Indianapolis, IN - Arrived at Breakbulk terminal

    The package has arrived at a breakbulk terminal in Indianapolis, IN.

    Indianapolis, IN - Unload trailer: 292215 Assigned

    Trailer 292215, which delivered the package to the breakbulk terminal, has been assigned unloading personnel.

    Indianapolis, IN - Load trailer: 293312

    The freight package is being loaded onto trailer 293312.

    Indianapolis, IN - Departed from terminal

    The trailer carrying the Saia freight package has left the breakbulk terminal in Indianapolis, IN. 

    St. Louis, MO - Arrived at Breakbulk terminal

    The breakbulk terminal in St. Louis, MO, has confirmed the freight package has been received and scanned.

    St. Louis, MO - Departed from terminal

    The Saia freight package has left the St. Louis, MO terminal.

    Kansas City, MO - Arrived at destination terminal

    The destination terminal in Kansas City, MO, has received the freight package.

    Kansas City, MO - Unload trailer: 293312 Assigned

    Trailer 293312 is being unloaded at the destination terminal.

    Kansas City, MO - Load trailer: 487800

    Your package is being loaded on trailer 487800 for the final-mile delivery.

    Kansas City, MO - Dispatched for delivery

    The trailer carrying the package has left the Saia or partner facility in Kansas City, MO, heading to the recipient’s specified delivery location.

    Fort Scott, KS - Arrived at delivery location

    The driver of trailer 487800 carrying the recipient’s freight package has arrived at the delivery location.

    Fort Scott, KS - Delivered

    The Saia freight package has been delivered to the recipient in Fort Scott, KS.

    About Saia LTL Freight

    Saia LTL Freight is a logistics service provider that provides less-than-truckload, third-party logistics, and non-asset truckload services to businesses and individuals in the US. Founded in 1924 in Houma, Los Angeles, the company now has its headquarters in Johns Creek, Georgia, and is a subsidiary of Saia Inc., which is listed on NASDAQ.

    Saia has established a long-standing reputation for reliable freight logistics for shippers looking to send items weighing over 150 pounds that are not large enough to fill a truck. Saia handles over 30,000 shipments daily in the contiguous USA. It also has extended partner coverage to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico, with 194 terminals to facilitate efficient logistics.

    How to Contact Saia LTL Freight Customer Service

    If you have any queries that you would like to be addressed, you can contact the Saia LTL Freight customer support team through the following channels.

    Contact Method


    Headquarters Mailing Address

    11465 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA 30097

    Phone Number



    [email protected] 

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