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Unreliable service

Costumer doesn't have a 1-800 number to contact costumer service it has to be a email and half the time when you send a email it takes more than 3 days to get a reply if your lucky. When you ask several questions in a email they only want to answer the ones that they want to. My email says I have received my package when I track it but I haven't and I emailed the costumer and still no reply going on 3 days now. Just a very bad experience and will never ever order anything from this company again

2017-04-24 17:19:22

Package left at doorstep

I was at work and received over 10 missed calls from an unknown number on my mobile. Got a shock and called back but the call wasn't picked up. Got home from work and was informed by my family that the package was left at the door step without any of my family member signing off or receiving the item. But in the tracking system, it states that i had signed off for the item.

2015-12-16 14:54:59


I used Air Mail, the packade arrived in Sweden after 9 days and is now held by swedish customs for inspection.

2016-08-12 16:09:25

They deserve more!

It is cheap to ship goods through Singapore post. It took me 7 days to ship my goods from China. Almost faster than China EMS.

2017-04-24 11:55:13

frustrated service

I got a package send by Singapore Post. They don't take appointment and just leave message"unable to deliver" and I have to go to the post to pick it up. What kind of service is Singapore Post Office giving to customers for Express Mail??? Singapore Post Office is giving underdeveloped country\'s service!!!

2015-11-12 02:31:23

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