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    Track Singapore Post package movement from end to end and access automatic shipment notifications for free with Singapore Post tracking on TrackingMore.


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    Singapore Post Tracking

    Singapore Post tracking is a convenient and reliable way to follow shipment events as a package moves from one point to another. This tracking function lets you get real-time information on all the stages the parcel has successfully cleared or is yet to, allowing room to respond to shipment exceptions and estimate delivery time. The SingPost tracking feature is free and allows users to track up to 20 shipments simultaneously with just the tracking numbers.

    Tracking Singapore Post parcels is simple through the official carrier website or its dedicated mobile app. It is worth noting that different tracking statuses will have different meanings, and it is vital to understand their meaning to track your package comprehensively. This article dives deep into Singapore Post tracking, highlighting the steps to accomplish it and the best third-party alternative for accurate and on-time SingPost parcel updates.

    About Singapore Post

    For over 160 years, the Singapore Postal Service has been delivering reliable communication solutions to Singaporeans and connecting them with the rest of the world. From a lean mail service, the company has grown to become the go-to logistics provider in Singapore and a worthy industry player globally.

    Singapore Post is the first Public Postal Licensee on the island. The company’s business scope has expanded over the years as it embraces technology to offer online businesses the best-in-class postal service and e-commerce solutions. Singapore Post’s growth has been fuelled by acquisitions of subsidiaries, including CouriersPlease, SP Parcels, Famous Holdings, and Quantium Solutions. These subsidiaries have helped it expand its delivery network to the US, Australia, and other global destinations. Of these investments, one of the most significant was by Alibaba in 2014, which aimed to boost the e-commerce wing of SingPost.

    Singapore Post Tracking Service

    SingPost offers a comprehensive catalog of domestic and international shipping services suited to specific individual and business needs. The logistics service provider also ensures that customers can conveniently track their packages, helping to reduce their anxieties and reassure them that the shipments are on their way. The following are some of the shipping services and details about what to expect when using them.


    • Registered Service

    Registered Service (Singapore) is an affordable and reliable way to send domestic mail that does not offer Singapore Post registered mail tracking services.

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    Registered Service (Singapore)

    • Accepts mail items up to 500g
    • Signature on delivery
    • Ideal for confidential and critical items
    • Optional Advice of Receipt (AR)

    2 working days

    No detailed online tracking

    • Mail Services

    SingPost’s Mail Service is a fast and secure way to send mail locally without the added benefit of Singapore Post mail tracking.

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    Mail (Standard)

    • Economical shipping service for items below 500g
    • Supports letters, postcards, and printed papers
    • Postage via post offices, postal agents, or posting box drop-off

    1-2 working days

    Online tracking is not available.

    • Tracked Letterbox

    The Tracked Letterbox is an affordable local shipping service that offers real-time package tracking.

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    Tracked Letterbox

    • For small packages up to 2 kg
    • Delivered directly to the letterbox

    2 working days

    • Web & Mobile 
    • Push notifications available with mobile tracking
    • Postage-paid Products

    This service provides a convenient way to buy postage-paid products via vending machines, online, or at SingPost’s partner post offices at a flat rate.

    Postage-paid Product


    Delivery Time



    • No weight limits
    • Labels made using recycled materials

    2 working days

    Fully tracked

    Tracked Letterbox Prepaid Labels

    • Fast postage with no stamps
    • For packages up to 2 kg

    2 working days

    Fully tracked

    • Speedpost Singapore Delivery

    Speedpost Singapore Delivery is a fast delivery service offering doorstep collections and deliveries covering all Singapore addresses. Speedpost tracking allows monitoring of package movements throughout the delivery process.

    SpeedPost Singapore Delivery Service


    Delivery Time


    Speedpost Standard

    • Supports packages weighing up to 30 kg
    • Delivers Mon-Sat

    1 working day

    Web & Mobile

    Speedpost Express

    • Fastest collection and delivery service
    • Packages up to 5 kg allowed

    2-hour delivery

    Web & Mobile


    Singapore Post also offers the following international shipping services.

    • Ordinary Mail

    Ordinary Mail is a budget-friendly overseas delivery service for letters and packages.

    Ordinary Mail Service


    Delivery Time



    • For packages not exceeding 2 kg
    • Doorstep delivery in most countries

    3-12 business days

    Optional tracking with service upgrade

    Surface Mail

    • Inexpensive land and sea shipping
    • Doorstep delivery in most countries
    • For packages 2 kg and below

    3-17 weeks

    Not available

    • Registered Service (International)

    This international mail service ships globally at standard speeds with no tracking option.

    Shipping Service


    Delivery Time


    Registered Service

    • Packages not exceeding 2 kg
    • Signature on delivery
    • Ideal for items that need special handling
    • Optional Advice of Receipt (AR) is available

    3-14 working days

    Detailed package tracking is not available

    • Speedpost International Delivery

    Speedpost international delivery is SingPost’s swiftest and most reputable international shipping service to 220+ countries that features Speedpost tracking for efficient shipment monitoring.

    Speedpost International Delivery Service


    Delivery Time


    Speedpost Express

    • Quickest cross-border delivery service
    • Ideal for urgent overseas parcels up to 20 kg
    • Doorstep delivery

    2-9 working days


    Speedpost Economy

    • Economical parcel delivery by sea
    • Offers doorstep delivery
    • Acknowledgement of receipt
    • For packages up to 20  kg

    3-15 working weeks

    Available for selected countries

    Speedpost Priority

    • Expedited international delivery service
    • Suitable for time-sensitive packages
    • Doorstep delivery
    • Offers free pickup
    • Supports packages weighing up to 20 kg

    3-14 working days


    • Business Logistics Solutions

    Singapore Post also offers tailored shipping services for businesses sending packages to customers domestically and internationally.

    • Local Delivery

    With SingPost’s local delivery services, businesses can access Singapore’s largest delivery network, offering deliveries from Monday to Saturday.

    Local Business Delivery Service


    Delivery Time


    Speedpost Express

    • Fastest doorstep collection and delivery
    • Optional enhanced liability coverage

    Within 2 hours after confirmation


    Speedpost Priority

    • Urgent same-day doorstep collection and delivery
    • Liability coverage available

    Same working day


    Speedpost Standard

    • Quick and efficient doorstep collection and delivery
    • Optional liability coverage
    • POPStation self-collection option available

    1 working day


    • International Delivery

    Shipping to customers worldwide is possible with SingPost international business delivery services that include the following options.

    International Business Delivery Service


    Delivery Time


    Speedpost Express

    • Fastest international business shipping service
    • Packages up to 20 kg
    • Doorstep delivery
    • Free pick-up

    1-3 working days


    Speedpost Priority

    • Expedited service
    • Ideal for time-sensitive parcels
    • Supports packages up to 20 kg

    2-8 working days


    Speedpost Standard

    • Cost-effective air delivery
    • Ideal for normal packages not exceeding 20 kg

    5-14 working days


    SpeedPost Economy

    • Budget-friendly parcel delivery by sea
    • For packages up to 20 kg

    3-15 working days


    International Mail

    • Economical shipping option
    • For small items up to 2 kg
    • Doorstep delivery in most countries

    4-10 working days

    Optional add-on

    • Returns Solution

    Singapore Post also offers reverse logistics solutions to help businesses streamline their returns process, boost customer satisfaction, and enhance loyalty.

    a) Within Singapore

    Below is a breakdown of domestic returns service and what businesses can expect.

    Returns Solution


    Delivery Time


    Returns for business

    • Drop off at 210 POPStations and post offices


    Full tracking

    b) Outside Singapore

    The following returns solutions are available for international packages.

    Returns Solution


    Delivery Time



    • 30 kg maximum weight
    • Basic protection


    Full tracking

    Registered Plus

    • Up to 30 kg max
    • Basic protection


    Full tracking


    • 2 kg maximum weight
    • Basic protection


    Full tracking


    • For packages up to 2 kg
    • No protection


    Basic tracking


    • Packages not exceeding 2 kg
    • No protection



    • Warehousing and Fulfillment

    Singapore Post has a network of 14 warehouses spread across nine countries in the Asia Pacific region. This logistics provider offers flexible and scalable tech-powered solutions for B2B and B2C businesses, including inbound, outbound, and inventory management. SingPost’s warehousing solution features efficient batch control and warehouse and transport management system (WMS/TMS) that businesses can integrate into their systems.

    The company also leverages its warehouse network to offer reliable end-to-end fulfillment services that include the following.

    • Inventory management
    • Order processing
    • Pick and pack
    • After-sales support
    • Freight Solutions

    Shipping bulk items to different parts of the world is easier with SingPost freight solutions. The table below breaks down each freight solution and the range of services included.

    Freight Solution

    Description/Range of Services

    Air Freight

    • Fast worldwide cargo shipping
    • Air import & export
    • Express courier
    • Door-to-door services
    • Economy and charter options

    Sea Freight

    • A comprehensive global consolidation network
    • Less than container load (LCL)
    • Full container load (FCL)
    • Break bulk
    • Heavy lift/Out of gauge cargo
    • Customs clearance
    • Door delivery

    Freight Warehousing

    • Container freight station located at Keppel Distripark
    • Cargo safety and monitoring systems

    How To Track Singapore Post’s Package

    You can track the status of any tracked SingPost package in several ways. Below is a step-by-step guide on using the official tracking tool and a powerful third-party parcel tracker.

    • Via the Official Website

    Singapore Post tracking page

    The official Singapore Post website gives a convenient way to track up to 20 SingPost packages simultaneously through the following steps.

    1. Open the SingPost official website.
    2. Click on the “Track Items” option.
    3. Proceed to enter your tracking number(s) separated by a comma.
    4. Click the “SEARCH NOW” button and wait for tracking statuses to load.

    Singapore Post tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

    TrackingMore Singapore Post tracking page

    TrackingMore is the most reliable alternative way to track your SingPost packages’ journey from start to finish. Get real-time shipment notifications about a package by using the following procedure.

    1. Visit the TrackingMore website and click on “Carriers” on the homepage.
    2. Search for Singapore Post using the search field on the carriers list.
    3. Type in the tracking number for the package and click the “Track” button.
    4. Wait for the package tracking status to load in a moment.

    TrackingMore Singapore Post tracking status

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party shipment tracking platform that allows monitoring up to 50 Singapore Post package statuses in one search. Unlike other tracking methods highlighted in the article, you can also track other packages handled by more than 1100 couriers that TrackingMore supports.

    Why Should I Choose Track Using TrackingMore Over Singapore Post?

    Singapore Post’s track and trace feature on its official website, and the SingPost only tracks Singapore Post packages. In contrast, TrackingMore’s more robust package tracking solution integrates with more than 1100 global couriers. This feature allows users to track their packages without losing visibility into the shipment process, even when the parcels change tracking numbers when they enter another country or are handed over to final-mile delivery partners.

    Another useful TrackingMore feature is its carrier auto-detection. Powered by cutting-edge technology, this feature only requires a user to enter a tracking number, and TrackingMore will instantly detect the carrier and where the shipment is at any moment. It comes in handy when one needs to verify that they have the correct Singapore Post tracking number.

    During holiday seasons such as Black Friday, the volume of parcels SingPost’s handles increases rapidly. More recipients and retailers visit their website or use the mobile app to track multiple shipments, which can lead to a slow response that escalates anxiety. TrackingMore’s solution remains stable throughout the year with minimal downtimes, ensuring businesses and their customers can track their packages without any issues and get timely updates.

    Singapore Post Tracking Number

    Each Singapore Post package is scanned and assigned a unique tracking code to help identify and monitor its movement through the shipment journey. 

    • Singapore Post Tracking Number Format and Examples

    The standard Singapore Post tracking number is 13 characters long. It will feature an indicative two-letter prefix, nine digits, and an “SG” suffix. Some tracking number examples include the following.

    The standard Singapore Post tracking number is 13 characters long. It features a two-letter prefix denoting the shipping service, followed by nine digits and an “SG” suffix. The following are some examples of SingPost tracking numbers.

    - LB338709954SG

    - RB304791254SG

    - RW112855662SG

    - RF769762624SG

    Typically, the tracking number will be shared in the order confirmation email when one completes an online purchase. The sender might also send it to the recipient upon postage, or Singapore Post will share it with the recipient in an email confirming they’ve received a package destined for them. Senders get the tracking number immediately on the postage receipt when they post a package.

    What Does My Singapore Post Status Mean?

    When tracking a Singapore Post package, different tracking statuses will show up depending on where the package is in its journey. Below is a detailed explanation of some SingPost tracking statuses.

    Singapore Post Tracking Status


    Item received at post office

    The sender has posted the package at a Singapore Post post office.

    Further processing in progress

    SingPost is processing the package details further before sending it out for delivery.

    Item received at SingPost mail processing center

    A Singapore Post driver has delivered the package to a SingPost mail processing center.

    Despatched to overseas

    The package is in transit to the destination country.

    Held by custom

    Customs officials have held the package in the destination country.

    Released from custom

    The Singapore Post parcel has been inspected and released by the destination customs officials.

    Arrival at destination post

    The Singapore Post package has been received in the destination country post office and is ready for further processing and final mile delivery.

    Arrival at processing center

    The package has been received at a SingPost processing center.

    Attempted/Failed delivery

    A SingPost driver attempted to deliver the package but was unsuccessful.

    Product delivered

    The package has been delivered to the recipient.

    Singapore Post Tracking API

    Singapore Post has a tracking API solution for businesses to implement into their systems. With the API integrated, customers can closely follow their packages' movement. However, the Singapore Post tracking API does not compete with the more reliable and robust TrackingMore tracking API. TrackingMore supports over 1100 couriers globally, allowing your customers to track shipments handled by different logistics service providers.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore is a multi-carrier shipment tracking API with an uptime of 99.9% based on numerous tests. It guarantees that your customers and in-house team can get timely and reliable tracking updates without downtime. Once the API is connected to your business system, you can provide a seamless tracking experience to your customers. 

    With TrackingMore, you can implement the solution without an extensive development team. It comes with complete documentation and is easy to deploy without requiring any code writing. The TrackingMore support team is also available 24/7 to address any issues. Give TrackingMore a try for your business today with a free trial and enhance the post-purchase customer experience.

    Singapore Post Tracking FAQs

    • How can I trace/check the status of a letter/parcel?

    Items sent via Basic Mail do not have a tracking number and cannot be tracked or traced. If the package is sent via Registered Service, entering the tracking number in the Track Item feature under Quick Tasks will retrieve the tracking status of the letter or parcel. You can also fill out an inquiry form available at all post offices and attach the Registered Service receipt. Present this at a Singapore Post post for follow-up with the destination country.

    • Can I track my item if I do not have my tracking number?

    Without a tracking number, it is impossible to track the status of your Singapore Post package.

    How to Contact Singapore Post Customer Support

    You can contact Singapore Post customer support through the following channels.


    Contact Method

    Operating Hours

    Personal Enquiry

    Contact form


    Business Enquiry

    Contact form


    Customer Care Hotline

    Singapore - 1605

    Overseas - +65 6222 5777

    • Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
    • Saturday: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
    • Sunday and holidays: Closed


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