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Spent a week bouncing around Maryland and stull not delivered in MD!!!

Stolen from

I never recieved all my orders I only recieved 1 but I paid for three Im really upset feel like I was stolen from and there is nothing I can do about it. Im so sad I really looked forward to wearing my dresses. I thought this was a sight that I had bad afew dresses from that was amazing but it was not I will never shop onlune again with them.

Says my oder is in the mail but its Not

you guys ether mailed it to the wrong house or somthing so just credit my account this is some bs lucky it was only 10$ if it was more id be pissed af and STILLL NOT USING U GUYS. Stop 3rd partying people mail we use AMAZON OR FED EX YOU GUYS SUCK

Where's my air fryer

The post lady told me she delivered my package to the wrong address and she's still trying to retrieve it! This is BS

not delivered

Waiting for 57 days. Wanna have back my money!!! are you crazy???


4 packages sitting at sorting center in New york,1 has been there since April,maybe a minimum wage, might be fitting.


It is very nice to still be able to put a cheap stamp on an envelope and send it anywhere in the country. Thank you post office!


29 days to mail a letter from ny to Michigan and still not there,no wonder the postal service is in trouble. Nice that you can leave a review and there are no replys ask someone where it is and they don't have any answers, glad I tracked the letter,lol

Not competitive

I guess this is the best they can do as long as our tax dollars subsidize sub-par performance. If their employees were better they'd be working for UPS, etc.

Missing Item

These people charged me more that what the total stated. they stated buy 2 get one free. I never got the free one! I email and it’s the wrong email they have on the emails they send. IRRITATING


Delay 1 thing 3 weeks bullshit

14 days ago left distribution Center 12 days ago

Horrible, want my money back 3 to 5 days normally 14 days still in transit wtf charged $48.00 small box never again!

Feed up!

Same thing happened to me. I’ve been sheltering in place since March I’m home everyday. The tracker said they couldn’t get to my driveway. I have no driveway my apt complex faces the street and no one came the time they attempted. They are “fixing” the system to make it seem like they attempted a delivery but it was unsuccessful. NOT TRUE!!! I’m still waiting and the 800# is a joke. If it’s a delay that’s understood but don’t say u came to my house when u didn’t. That is where I am displeased.

Poor service

This company is scamming people. My package has not moved since April 27, 2020. Company no longer responds to emails. Buyers beware if you don’t want to lose your money

USPS sucks

Tracking isn't working,sayingvit was delivered at my address,when it was actually picked up here,caused bunch of problems because lazy people cant do their jobs.

extremely slow shipping. Not worth the wait

Extremely slow shipping


The United States Postal Service is rediculous. They are late on delivery nearly every item I purchase from different sellers that was shipped by seller using USPS. They need to be put out of business. What a joke.

The worst company

I’m my order was incorrect cheap material never ordered again

Thank God we have a Postal service!!

To the people that complain about the USPS are idiots!!! Realize that because of the pandemic there are going to be delays!! Thank You to the all the USPS workers for all your hard work!!!!

I give you 0 stars

Package has been sitting at same location for days now
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