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My order

Very upsetting taking to long

9 days and still no package...

So it has been 9 days and counting....still no package, Kentucky to Missouri....WTH...

Terrible and dishonest shipping company...

I have a small mail order business and USPS is the WORST by far at loosing and damaging my shipments! They also make it very hard to file insurance claims , they fail to communicate with claimants and they deny most claims. I now have to file suit in federal Court because of a $430 package they lost of my customers... spent 5 months in filing claims.. only to get them denied each time for no legitimate reasons! They need to fire half the dishonest employees at USPS and start new.

Shipping terrible

Way to long

This sucks!!!

My package has been processed through New Jersey Jersey City more than a month ago and is just now being prepared to ship to me in Tacoma this sucks so bad I've been waiting almost three months for this package it's ridiculous

6 days and still not there

why would anyone want to mail priority mail when it takes 8 days for a domeatic delivery. I sent an letter my normal mail to Tarpon Springs, FL and it took 4 days. I paid 8.75 for priority mail to Marco Island,FL and after 6 days it still hasn't arrived. I also sent an important letter priority mail to DesMoines, IO, tracking said it arrived on Nov. 23 - sorry but it still hasn.t arrived! Just try to contact anybody via phone at the post and you will go through endless recordings untill you give up in despair

Can never get it right

Dont read the mail you deliver or the name. Just say you cant find it or put it in someone else’s mailbox so you dont have to deal with it. Way to go USPS. No wonder your drowning.

very late and no new updates!!

No update since 11/21 its is 11/24, pkg was mailed on 11/17. In trANSIT DOES NOT TELL ME eta OR WHERE PKG IS AT

In transit

I can't believe that a package mailed from St Louis still hasn't arrived in Chicago 7 days later!


Ever since that idiot was put in charge of dismantling your service, you got your wish. Shoddy p/u and delivery at best. Congrats B.-H.

could walk cross country faster

still waiting after a week for package to go from California to NY. Tracking claims item late. No one know why or when it will come but claims it transit.

Do better

Still didn't recieve package & data keep lying about it delivered

Terrible shipping

I ordered a package with first class mail insured about two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO! where is my package you ask on route to the next facility they say. They must be walking it there apparently. If you have any other shipping option choose that I'm sure it's faster. I work for FedEx so I get the increased shipping times because of covid but this is ridiculous. I'll be contacting the company I purchased to see if they can send me another through a different shipper and I just return the other whenever it comes. Highly unsatisfied.

Very poor delivery service

I ordered my package on 10.10.20 and as yet have not received the same. Im an very angry about this and expect problem to be resolved in the next few days or else I will never use or recommend your company to anyone.

Snail mail is faster than a certified letter.

Mailed certified letter on 11-9-2020 from Washington Court House Ohio. It went to Columbus Ohio where it sat 9 days before departing for Texas. This is totally unacceptable. There is no excuse for the delay on this not being sent on. It’s now 11 days and they have still not received the certified mail. Get it together USPS.


Late a month late ridiculous

poor response

Dropped a package at the Hudson, ohio post yesterday, pre labeled. Trying to seek status, the usps tracking number does not work it only says label was created. Now I have no idea what the status is. Your help via phone is non existent. What is someone supposed to do now,you have my package but it is not tracking.

Update my parcel PLSSS

its been in transit since 19 october smh. how long is it gonna take. i return my mail and is still waiting for my refund for 2 months wth...

how long does it take.

been stuck in customs for a over a month.
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