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Congress did right to defund

I think Congresd took the coward way out. They should have taken more money out of the usps budget. It's not as if they actually do their jobs. Why should our tax dollars go to supporting people who just sit on their behinds and NEVER do the job they are CREATED to do? I'm disappointed they didn't reduce the usps budget even further.

Reply Still waiting on a package

No tax money goes to the USPS

Reply MCS

Oh boy, you couldn’t e more wrong. The average annual cost to US taxpayers for the US Postal Service is about $18 Billion. It loses about $10 Billion per year. It gets direct cash payments of $250-500 million, requires taxpayer-backed loans to make up the difference, along with borrowing money out of it’s pension funds. It also pays no property taxes for any of it’s buildings, pays no excise tax on it’s vehicles, all which must be made up by taxpayers, who end up paying higher state and local taxes. Not sure if your comment is purposeful propaganda or simply ignorance.


Should’ve known better! Its a government branch! 2:06 to speak to a person( just to prove a point) even then employee did not/could not/ be able to find any other information on package! Only whats listed on tracking site even their cust serv dept is using same web page we all do! Using weather as an excuse! When told why Amazon or FedEx could do it all, all was told is well its a different program!

Still waiting

Still haven’t received my package...


How can UPS, FedEx, DHL and Amazon etc. get items delivered within two days while a two day priority pkg takes nine days for USPS to deliver?? Please don’t blame it on Covid! I’m a nurse I can’t blame poor service on covid! Terrible! Valentine for my 84 year old mother! You should be ashamed!!


Me parece más robo que tortuga.


Should have been dissolved years ago, completely useless.


A fine example of the need to remove unions from providing government services. When you have a guaranteed job with increases not tied to the quality of services provided, there is no incentive to provide a quality service. Expensive, slow delivery. Items are left in the rain or lost, delivered to wrong address. Amazed by the poor conscientiousness of the delivery personnel. They have no qualms about walking through planting beds and breaking plants off or leaving the mail box open and the mail getting soaked. I’m not sure if they are mentally challenged or just plain lazy or both.


No update stupid motherfuckers

Turtle is faster than usps

paid massive amount of money for packages. They told me 5_7 business days. It's been 17 days and the packages still in the

Always Late

Next time I'll use UPS - when they say its going to be delivered it is delivered!!

A joke

worse service I have every seen. It many be coming us mail , you just never know when. Better ship with ups of Fedex . At lease their tracking works, With usps you never know when tracking will be updated if at all

usps workers doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck.

for the past two years i may have had about 50% of packages delivered and almost all were late. out of six packages sent to my home address in the last 35 days i have not had a single one delivered. i always get an email stating carrier "could not access the delivery location" and an attempt would be made the next day to deliver again, but they never do. strange thing is that i always get letters the same day a package is undeliverable. i end up having to go to the local post the next day and ask for my package. out of the last six they have found three in a pile of undelivered packages for my carrier. the email i received said they were going to make another attempt to deliver the next day, so why is it in the post and not on a truck. anyway, out of the three i did not find, two were returned to the sender and i was reimbursed. the third was just plain lost and the merchant would not refund any money so i was just out of 45 dollars. i am now not doing business with anyone who does not give me a shipping carrier option or uses usps only. hopefully brain dead biden will be able to fix the mess that was created by an orange neanderthal with a limited vocabulary. don't know why the current post master general still has a job. i would advise anyone that wants guaranteed package delivery to use private shipping companies.

sorry mail delivery

our mail has not ben delivered correctly in a long time. the local PO wants to blame covid. However my business must perform or I will loose customers. not only have I had checks never delivered, but now I cant even receive my credit card bills at my po box. at my home address mail is also not being delivered either. someone needs to fix this disaster!!!!


Had a package arrive in my local PO , then was sent to another state and sat there for 5 days. Nothing but constant problems with USPS. Lost packages, almost every package that does show is late, and terrible tracking. Don't bother paying for Priority, it's no better than first class. They need to be restructured or shut down. Amd Covid jas nothing to do with it. This jas been going on for years.

Really terrible tracking service.

My packages were received and forwarded to the distribution center and recorded as departed and that was the last thing I saw on my tracking status,has been 1month and my packages still cannot be located. Really terrible.

USPS is pathetic

Words cannot describe how awful they are in all facets of their duties. I’ve been getting mail and packages from them for several years (I know we all have) and when you are counting on sending/receiving very important packages or documents you might as well just grab a match and set them on fire. There have been countless times where I either don’t get what I’m needing at all or I have to wait 3 weeks to a month for no good explanation. Like right now I’ve been waiting for a good while for a important work document that is urgently needed and it’s looking like the same old song. Probably won’t get it until I begin shopping for depends and my future kids put me in a home. USPS shouldn’t even exist anymore when there are good quality companies like Fedex and UPS out there.

The Contents of my Package have been Swapped with GARBAGE!!!

I received this package after it was a week late, the box was completely destroyed and after opening, all the contents had been swapped out for something else! This was a crucial package to get to me to continue my business. I am currently out a client and 10's of thousands of dollars for my business. The person who sent it did not get insurance and now it seems USPS just says "Oh well, sucks for you" This company is f**king garbage, will never use this service again and will be sure to go out of my way to inform everyone about my experience with USPS today! This company should be burned to the ground.. Absolutely ridiculous service.

Horrible service

Ordered a new phone online from a seller in TX. Paid $25 for Priority Mail Express on Feb. 6. Seller got it to PO within 2 days. It went from Richardson, TX to the Distribution Center in Coppell, TX on Feb. 9. Tracking says it should have been here in Moline, IL by 3 pm on Feb. 11th. IT IS STILL AT THE DISTRIBUTION CENTER IN COPPELL, TX AND HAS NOT MOVED!!! I WANT MY $25 BACK FOR EXPRESS MAIL AND IF IT DOESN’T MOVE TODAY, I WANT MY $600 INSURED CLAIM PRONTO!!! This phone is for my terminally ill friend and I am beyond upset with the whole PO mess!! Shoulda used FedEx or UPS!!!! Accidentally hit the one star. My review is ZERO STARS!!! I will never trust the PO again

Worst Shipping Company

The USPS / United States Postal Service has been the worst company I have ever seen. Whether it's during the pandemic or outside of it, I've had nothing but problems with their service. Over the years, I've seen them lose packages, deliver packages to wrong addresses, never take responsibility for any of their issues, and nothing but problems with deliveries. I've lost so much money by using their service and no matter if you use insurance or not, you very rarely get a refund. Their priority mail is supposed to be delivered within 2 to 3 days guaranteed and they can't even meet their delivery guarantees. I've had a great customer who lost a package because their plane crashed outside of Texas (actually Amazon's plane not postals because they're too cheap to buy their own). You would think they would refund the money and they even said they would, but never received it. I've also seen them deliver a package to the wrong address and they still wouldn't take responsibility for it and claimed there's nothing they could do except file a report and yet again, no refund. Not only do they not know how to deliver packages correctly but their prices go up every year and each year, their service gets even worse than the previous year. If I could give them a negative stars, it would be more accurate and even a 1 star is more than what they deserve. I've never had any issues with UPS or FedEx, like I do with the USPS. If you ever want to use a shipping company, save yourself some time and money by not using the post .

No Update

My Package has been on the same status since Jan 31st