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The fault belongs to DeJoy!!!
Dale G.

If he did not change the service. It could still work.

2020-12-18 10:50:05

Terry Webster

Very slow delivery at a very HIGH cost.

2020-12-17 20:13:27

Package delay unacceptable

Mailed package from Pennsylvania to Virginia on 12/08/20. Package still not delivered. Could have walked and delivered it myself by now. Not happy.

2020-12-17 16:13:15

How USPS is Damaging Customers and Businesses

I placed an order for a package on December 6th. I paid close to 30$ extra for priority mail. The package was stated to be arriving on December 9th. It is December 16th as I write this. As you can guess, my package never arrived. Thus far it has been stuck in pre-shipment. This is completely unprecedented. Over the last several years, I have ordered with priority shipping, and it was worth the extra dollar. I don't know what happened, but something has gone terribly wrong with USPS. When I contacted them in regards to this matter, I was lied to by a Postmaster Barbara Magenot who told me that USPS had never received a package in my name. This is a blatant lie, as the company I ordered from confirmed that the USPS had indeed received my package. The worst part about this is that I can't even get a refund until my package arrives, USPS is not just damaging it's customers, but businesses themselves. I will not be ordering from any company that uses USPS, as it is abundantly clear that they are no longer reliable or trustworthy, and I strongly urge anyone who reads this to do the same. What a year 2020 has been. We have watched a nation fall, and a once reliable USPS become little more than another corporate scam.

2020-12-17 06:22:33

USPS needs help!

I sell on Etsy, an unfortunately, they use USPS. USPS has been an absolute nightmare this year. My orders are being delivered to wrong addresses. Orders have been completely lost in transit. I've had several orders stuck in a USPS facility for WEEKS. Ive had problem after problem using USPS. I've lost so much money in shipping label costs. Also, with having to replace customer orders time and time again. This place needs help!

2020-12-16 21:50:20

Sorry Mail service

Sorry Sorry service

2020-12-16 18:27:19

Service stinks
Terry Webster

Lousy service!!!

2020-12-17 20:14:42

11 days with my package sitting in New Jersey

I ordered a cup, and it shipped on December 7th. It's the 17th. I am two states away from NJ, and the status says will be arriving late. It's been like this for over a week. I have another package that's in my state, and it's been sitting for 3 days. Sellers, STOP SHIPPING WITH USPS. Please. You and USPS make our lives hell.

2020-12-17 16:29:18

Very late and unreliable
I have no nickname

Can’t rely on them. Should get rid of them and just use UPS and FED EX. USPS sucks and has for a long time.

2020-12-17 11:26:51

Mad at the post

I'm so mad that my package is over a week late and still not at my cousin's. I sent it early to avoid this! Do I need to send a package in oct?

2020-12-16 22:53:56


Reply Mad at the post


No June!!!

2020-12-18 12:20:07

Ridiculous mail service!
Not a fan

2 packages that I ordered with plenty of time before Christmas. Another that I mailed priority 2 day shipping. None have arrived and NO tracking on any of them. They are all just sitting somewhere. So disappointing! I am beyond frustrated with USPS!

2020-12-16 19:10:04


Reply Not a fan


Nobody does it worse than USPS except maybe FedEx!

2021-04-07 22:49:49

Do not use for sending packages!!

My sister had a package weighed and shipped from Alaska and mailed to my address in Washington. It arrived postage due. I have a broken ankle and cannot drive They would not take a credit cardio er the phone. Only a check left in the mailbox .4 miles away. Would not deliver to my house, because I’m almost half a mile away from my box. Apparently a half mile is their limit. ‘Almost’ is apparently a word they don’t know. No kindness, no courtesy, no help, for over $40 in postage. I will never never never never use them again. This company, and it is now just a company is not to be trusted or relied upon

2020-12-17 23:08:12

Worst delivery

How come you can deliver packages from QVC Amazon but not my packages. I mailed 1 package on Dec. 7 they don't know where it is mailed 2 package in Dec 11 all priority still no idea where they are 1 more on Dec 11 please find my packages I have never had such horrible service I have a number for finding the 1package have not heard anything

2020-12-17 20:06:35

USPS not worthy of taxpayer dollars

14 days for a small package/envelop to get from PA to MD. This is not uncommon of my experience with packages that are delivered via USPS. Why some companies hand off to USPS (i.e., USP to USPS) is beyond me. I pay good money for shipping and to have it be delayed by another company that I pay for with my tax dollars is unfortunately.

2020-12-17 16:10:20

Lost packages

Theyve managed to lose not one but two packages that my sister wanted me to have for Xmas! This really hurts and I am very unhappy with usps at this time! Tired of having to tell my sis that no it still hasn't come yet

2020-12-17 00:06:47


Will never ship by USPS again. Paid for two day shipping. Dropped package off on 12/7. It is now the 16th and still not at destination. Sitting at same Philadelphia distribution center for over 8 days!! Tracking keeps saying same thing everyday. “Will arrive by 6:15 pm but never does”. Get moving!!!!!!!

2020-12-16 20:39:42