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Best Express(logistic) Tracking

Best Express(logistic) Tracking

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Best Express(logistic) tracking, enter your Best Express(logistic) tracking number to get latest tracking updates.
Worst courier
Please close this courier service. Extremely slow delivery and poor . Promise customer but cant fulfill.
Lembab Express
Courier palinggg slow di Malaysia. Barang dah sampai station tapi x deliver item pon. Perap lama lama. Nak collection cakap susah nak cari barang. Will not buying from Lazada again & definately blacklist this courier service.
kena cari barang sendiri
call 2 kali , pas tu larikan diri..zzz

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saya order 29/8 dekat lazada, sampai harini in transit. dari melaka ke n9 je pun. kalau naik KL dulu sekalipun, takkan lama macam ni. tak puas hati betul la saya
This is courier company????? I cant believe it. 6 Sept arrive sorting center and today is 21 Sept still stay in sorting center.
6 Sept arrive sorting center and today is 21 Sept still stay in sorting center. 15 days still keep there for what? Service Really Sucks! Lazada, if you continue use courier service like this, u are halau your customer to Shopee. Another parcel arrive after 17 days but ask to collect?? WTF, I pay for home delivery and u ask to self collect, tell me o delivery service.
Should be to change Bad courier not Best courier
i cant take this shit anymore need some sort of protest to take down this company lol
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