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    Tracking Poste Italiane Packages Online is made easy with TrackingMore.


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    Poste Italiane Tracking

    Poste Italiane stands as the preferred choice for a majority of Italians when it comes to parcel services, both domestically and internationally. Their credibility is reinforced by a real-time tracking system, ensuring users always know the status of their deliveries. Such meticulous tracking has positioned Poste Italiane not just as a logistics service provider, but as an integral part of Italy's transportation backbone.

    While Poste Italiane offers a robust tracking system, those looking for an expanded tracking experience might consider TrackingMore. This third-party shipment tracking platform centralizes tracking details from 1224 global carriers, including Poste Italiane, offering a comprehensive view and an alternative avenue to keep tabs on your shipments.

    About Poste Italiane

    Founded in 1872, Poste Italiane started as a postal service but has since expanded its reach. While it remains a leader in mail and parcel delivery, it also offers financial services through BancoPosta, insurance options via Poste Vita and Poste Assicura, and has ventured into communication with telephone services and digital payments. Its diverse services showcase its importance in Italy's modern landscape.

    Poste Italiane Tracking Service

    Poste Italiane offers robust parcel management and delivery services to private individuals and businesses, allowing them to track their parcels effortlessly. Here are different trackable delivery options provided by Poste Italiane.

    • Individual Delivery Services

    For typical deliveries, Fast Shipping provides an accelerated solution for urgent items, while Standard Shipping compromises speed and cost-effectiveness. The online service makes it quick and easy to ship to Italy and abroad. The tracking experience including tracking Poste Italiane international is uniform throughout these delivery alternatives. Poste Italiane keeps you updated on the status of your private parcel no matter what plan you have selected to deliver your goods. 

    Shipping Type

    Shipping Duration

    Max. Weight

    Fast shipping

    Poste Delivery Express

    1-4 days

    30 kg

    Poste Delivery International Express

    • 2 days in the EU
    • 2-4 days in Extra EU

    30 kg

    Standard shipping

    Poste Delivery Standard

    4 days

    20 kg

    Poste Delivery Europe

    3 days

    30 kg

    Poste Delivery Globe

    2-5 days

    30 kg

    Poste Delivery International Standard

    • 10-15 days in the EU 
    • 10-25 days in Extra UE

    20 kg

    Online Shipping

    Poste Delivery Web

    • Instant Service: a few hours 
    • 1-4 days in Italy
    • 2-5 days Globally


    • Business Delivery Services

    Poste Italiane also provides various commercial shipping and delivery alternatives throughout Italy and worldwide. These services help organizations satisfy their retail needs with bulk shipments and timely delivery through customized logistics solutions.

    Shipping Type 

    Shipping Duration

    Max. Weight

    Poste Delivery Business Express

    1-2 working days

    No limit

    Poste Delivery Business Standard

    4 working days

    No limit

    Poste Delivery Business International Express

    For the European Union: 1-2 days 

    To USA/Canada: 2-3 days 

    Rest of the world: 2-4 days

    No limit

    Poste Delivery Business International Standard

    For Europe: 3 working days

    Rest of the world: 3-5 working days

    70 kg

    In all of these scenarios, Poste Italiane's tracking system keeps you updated on the status of your package, allowing you to trace its progress and anticipate its arrival. However, TrackingMore enhances your tracking experience by providing a unified platform that monitors shipments across various carriers and service types. This integrated approach ensures transparency, convenience, and accountability throughout shipping.

    How to Track Poste Italiane

    Tracking your Poste Italiane package is a straightforward process that offers multiple convenient options. These versatile tracking methods ensure that you have multiple ways to stay informed about your Poste Italiane package's progress and estimated delivery time.

    • Via the Poste Italiane Website 

    Poste Italiane tracking page

    You can easily track your Poste Italiane parcel through its official website in the following steps.

    1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Poste Italiane website.
    2. Scroll down a bit and you will see a search bar under “Search shipments.”
    3. Enter the tracking code on your shipment receipt without interruptions or dashes (e.g., 000920018274).
    4. Then the website will provide you with real-time updates on your parcel's whereabouts.

    Poste Italiane tracking status

    Alternatively, you can obtain tracking information by making a phone call. Dial 803.160 or 06.4526.3160, and follow the prompts to enter the tracking code. The automated system will provide the latest updates on your package's journey. 

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Poste Italiane tracking page

    To track a Poste Italiane's package with TrackingMore:

    1. Go to TrackingMore’s website.
    2. Click the “Carriers” tab.
    3. Search or choose “UPS” from the provided carrier list.
    4. Enter your UPS tracking number and click “Track.
    5. View detailed tracking information and real-time updates.

    TrackingMore Poste Italiane tracking status

    TrackingMore boasts a robust tracking API that can monitor not just Poste Italiane's shipments but packages from 1224 logistics service providers globally. This capability stems from its partnerships with numerous global carriers, such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, among others.

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over Poste Italiane?

    You can track your Poste Italiane packages more conveniently and efficiently through TrackingMore - a robust tool with several advantages over the Italy-based logistics service provider.

    • Diverse Carrier Coverage

    Poste Italiane is just like another carrier TrackingMore supports - the tracking service provider enables you to monitor your parcels of 1000+ other carriers globally. Leverage it to track shipments that Poste Italiane hands over to other third-party couriers.

    • Auto-Detect Carrier

    What makes TrackingMore stand out is its ability to automatically detect and offer tracking information on any logistics service provider. All you need is to go to its website and enter the tracking number you have without the hustle of filtering your shipping courier. 

    • Transparent Shipment Visibility

    TrackingMore offers more intuitive and comprehensive tracking information on the Poste Italiane shipment, allowing you to track them all simultaneously. Therefore, you will have eyes on all your items at once and quickly enhance your logistics operations.

    • 24/7 Availability 

    Poste Italiane website often goes down due to immense traffic; however, TrackingMore offers consistent performance and tracking service. Unlike other carriers' websites, TrackingMore is reliable!

    Poste Italiane Tracking Number

    A Poste Italiane Tracking Number is an essential code that empowers customers to monitor the status of their shipments, whether they are Registered or Insured Letters, Judicial Deeds, Parcels, Posta1, or Postapriority International services. Here's a breakdown of the tracking number format and how to use it. 

    • Poste Italiane Tracking Number Format & Examples

    Each cargo is allocated a unique combination of characters and numbers by Poste Italiane. It allows consumers to track and monitor the delivery process in real time. A Poste Italiane tracking number is an alphanumeric combination (numbers and letters), typically 12-13 digits in length, usually without spaces or hyphens, like 200658203531 or EB792864549CN.

    Incorrect letters or numbers can affect the final result, it may lead you to a failed result or get you to the tracking result of another package, so be careful when you enter your Poste Italiane tracking number.

    • How to Find the Poste Italiane Tracking Number

    - Registered or Insured Letter, Judicial Deed, Parcel

    Locate the code on the receipt, which is situated under the barcode. Alternatively, the code may be emailed to you if you have made an online shipment. Enter this code in the tracking section. 

    - Posta1 or Postapriority International Services

    For these services, you'll find a specific adhesive label. The code on this label is the one you need to enter for tracking. 

    Poste Italiane Tracking Status

    Upon entering your Poste Italiane tracking number, you will see four unique statuses about its progress. Each level indicates a critical stage in the delivery process. Here is what each of them means.

    Taking Charge 

    - The first signal indicates that Poste Italiane has accepted your parcel and is under process for registration and shipment. Overall, the logistics process has begun.

    In Transit

    - If your tracking status is "In Transit," your shipment has left its origin and is on its way to the final destination. In this phase, your parcel moves between distribution centers, transit points, and transport vehicles as it progresses toward delivery.

    Custom Clearance 

    - Customs inspections are performed on the shipment arriving from overseas. The receiver may be asked to submit additional paperwork needed to complete the verifications, with status updates to follow.

    In Delivery

    - At this phase, your parcel has landed in the local delivery hub or the designated delivery post office. 


    - The last status of the delivery stages is "Delivered." Your item has reached its destination and is handed over to the recipient. 

    Poste Italiane Tracking API

    Poste Italiane's API allows companies and developers to implement cutting-edge tracking features into their systems. It serves as a link between several software applications, allowing for easy data transmission. If you are an e-commerce seller, you may improve your tracking system for a better client experience by obtaining real-time information from Poste Italiane's database. 

    When compared to Poste Italiane's tracking API, many major characteristics distinguish TrackingMore, providing a more complete and powerful tracking experience.

    Advantages of TrackingMore API

    TrackingMore's tracking API offers a robust solution for businesses to integrate advanced tracking capabilities into their systems. This helps streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

    • Multiple Carrier Tracking

    Unlike Poste Italiane's API, TrackingMore's API allows you to track shipments from 1224 worldwide carriers in addition to Poste Italiane. This broad coverage guarantees a complete picture of shipments, independent of carrier.

    • Integration Capability

    TrackingMore's API is feature-rich, supporting numerous programming languages, a single data format, and extensive tracking features. This means that your systems will be seamlessly integrated, increasing operational efficiency.

    • Branded Tracking Pages

    TrackingMore allows you to build branded tracking pages, which improves your company's image and provides a consistent client experience.

    • Enhanced Security

    Security is TrackingMore's top priority in tracking and providing information to the users. It offers a military-grade security level for your sensitive data.

    Sign up for a free trial of TrackingMore API today and elevate your business!

    FAQs On Poste Italiane Tracking

    • How long does standard delivery last, and is the parcel returned to the sender if not claimed?

    If the recipient isn't at home to take the delivery, Poste Italiane will retain the package at the post office for a maximum of 10 business days. After that time, it will be returned to the person who sent it. If the sender refuses to accept the returned package, it will be deemed as forsaken by the post office.

    • Can I track my shipment using the app on my phone? 

    You may check the status of a Registered or Insured Mail package or a parcel using the Poste Italiane mobile app. Scan the barcode on the shipment receipt with your mobile device, or manually enter the shipping code. You'll have all the shipping info you need.

    How to Contact Poste Italiane

    If you need assistance with Poste Italiane mail and parcels, Postecert services, and other online services, you can contact Poste Italiane through the methods listed below. For additional customer service numbers, please click here




    Landline: 803.160 (Toll-free)

    Mobile and landline: 06.4526.3160

    (Charged depends on the telephone operator)


    [email protected]

    Business Consultation

    [email protected]

    Social Media

    Twitter: PosteSpedizioni

    Facebook: Poste Italiane

    Note: The landline service operates from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 to 20:00, excluding holidays.

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