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    Effortlessly track La Poste parcels with TrackingMore. Explore La Poste France and international shipment insights here.


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    La Poste Tracking

    La Poste is France’s leading postal service provider, providing a broad range of services, including parcel delivery, mail delivery, and express delivery. Additionally, it partners with numerous online retailers to provide logistics and delivery solutions, making it a key player in the French e-commerce sector.

    Moreover, La Poste France offers shipment tracking services. A mail or parcel sent through the La Poste If you have sent a mail or a parcel through La Poste France can easily be monitored using a tracking ID. This tracking feature is not available for the packages to be delivered within France but in other countries, for instance, the USA and Canada. 

    About La Poste

    La Poste is a postal service accredited to France. With its inception in 1991, La Poste is the country’s first postal service provider and, of course, the largest one. Headquartered in Paris, it has expanded its services internationally, covering 5 continents and over 60 countries. The company also has two shareholders Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the French government.

    Though mail and parcel delivery is the company’s prime activity, it also provides mobile telephony services, insurance, and banking facilities. Additionally, it has digital solutions like Digipost for secure e-document storage. The company has also launched a separate platform for services like e-signature, electronic invoices, and digital archives. 

    La Poste has 17,000 retail outlets across France and welcomes an influx of 1.3 million customers daily, making it a core part of the French population's lives.

    La Poste Tracking Service

    La Poste uses advanced technology to give customers a seamless and efficient way to monitor their parcels and mail. It has multiple services that cater to the interests of every customer. Here’s an overview of them all!

    • Send a Package with Colissimo Online

    Colissimo is one of the La Poste shipment services that enable customers to send parcels of every size in France and abroad.  The service holds many perks for customers, including

    - The choice of dropping off the parcel at a mailbox or a La Poste Contact Point and delivering it by hand at the destination, in the letterbox, or pick-up point.

    - The service is swift, providing delivery within 48 hours countrywide. 

    - If the parcel gets lost or damaged during shipment, La Poste also provides compensation at the seller’s request.

    Besides secure and reliable shipping, Colissimo Online also offers tracking services or personalized follow-up. Once the parcel is sent, customers can track it from start to end from a dedicated Customer Area and stay updated. Additionally, the service also demands recipients' email addresses and contact numbers to notify them when the package reaches its destination. 

    • Send a Package from My Mailbox

    The mailbox parcel-sending service of La Poste has eased the customers countrywide. Now they don't have to travel to the collection point. Instead, a postman collects the postage package right from the customer's mailbox. Additional service benefits include  

    - Three delivery methods, i.e., in the mailbox, by hand against signature, and at a relay point or post office

    - Package delivery within two days.

    - Affordable rates.

    While preparing the package, customers print the Colissimo label before making an appointment with the postman. The label has a  tracking number, enabling them to track the package. 

    • Send a Package from a Post Office

    La Poste’s send-from-the-post office service is best for bulky packages, enabling customers to print their Colissimo labels and prepare the shipment online. They can also print the labels in the post office using the withdrawal code if they don't have a printer at home. Some additional benefits include

    - Countrywide and worldwide delivery.

    - Countrywide delivery in two days

    - Reasonable service charges

    Besides, customers monitor their parcels by tracking them online.

    • Send a Package to a Collection Point

    La Poste offers Chronopost Shop2Shop service, enabling customers to send packages from one relay center to another. The service includes 15,000 pick-up centers for senders and recipients from where they can choose one.  Additionally, it's affordable and available in France. Some other advantages include

    - Package delivery within 2 to 4 working days.

    - User-friendly.

    - Flexible.

    Above all, tracking service from start to end is also available. 

    • Send a Small Package

    La Poste knows how to care for its customers. That's why it provides a service for small packages as well. If a package is less than 3 cm and 2 kg, customers can send it at a letter rate. They simply have to drop it in the mailbox. If it's more than 3 cm and 2 kg, they must prepare the shipment at home and drop it off at the mailbox, post office, or from one collection point to another. All are advantageous options for sending parcels in France or outside. And the best thing is that customers can quickly know where their parcel is while on their couch by tracking it online easily.

    • La Poste International Tracking

    La Poste offers International shipment services of two types, i.e., urgent or fast delivery services with Chronopost and non-urgent delivery services with classic Colissimo. As the name indicates, in the latter one, the deliveries take up to 20 days.  Moreover, customers can also stay updated about their package by tracking it online. In this way, when it reaches the destination, they can take a sigh of relief.

    How can I Track My La Poste Package?

    Easily track your La Poste package on their official website, via their app, or through a shipment tracking platform like TrackingMore. Both La Poste France tracking and La Poste international tracking are available through these channels.

    • Via La Poste’s Official Website

    La Poste tracking page

    Tracking La Poste packages on their official website is simple. Just follow the provided steps.

    Step 1: Go to La Poste's official website.

    Step 2: Enter your tracking number on the tracking bar appearing on the screen.

    Step 3: Click on the "Track your shipment" button, and the website will promptly display your package's current status and tracking history.

    La Poste tracking status

    • Via La Poste Mobile App

    La Poste mobile app

    La Poste has also developed a mobile app for customers’ ease. 

    Here’s how you can track your packages via the LaPost mobile app.

    Step 1: Log in to the App.

    Step 2: Go to the “track a package or courier” option from services.

    Step 3: Enter your tracking number in the tracking bar.

    Step 4: Tap on the "Search" or "Track" button, and the App will immediately show your package's current status and tracking history.

    • Via TrackingMore 

    A superior alternative for tracking is TrackingMore, a third-party platform. With it, you can effortlessly track packages across 1209 carriers, ensuring a comprehensive and smooth tracking experience.

    TrackingMore La Post tracking page

    Here are the steps to track your packages by using TrackingMore.

    Step 1: Visit the official website of TrackingMore

    Step 2: Click the Carriers option displayed on the page’s top.

    Step 3: Search for “La Poste” or “Colissimo (La Poste)” from the courier’s list at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4: Enter your tracking number in the tracking box and hit the “track” button.

    Step 5: View your package's current status and updates.

    TrackingMore La Poste tracking status

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over La Poste?

    Though La Poste provides tracking service, too, TrackingMore is a better pick for comparison. 

    • TrackingMore not only just tracks La Poste shipments but also 1209 other LSPs. Hence, you don’t need to visit different courier websites to track a single package if it's handed over to multiple LSPs to reach you.
    • If you're an e-commerce seller, TrackingMore offers numerous solutions for tracking packages in bulk, allowing you to save both time and effort. For instance, CSV upload and API integration.
    • When there’s a lot of traffic on La Poste’s website, it gets slow. In such a case, TrackingMore is a time-saver.
    • TrackingMore has a comprehensive tracking solution that makes e-commerce easy.

    La Poste Tracking Number

    Every package out for delivery from a specific warehouse or post office is assigned a unique number, known as a tracking number. It provides customers with details about the package’s anticipated delivery timeframe, status, and present whereabouts. Generally, it's in alphanumeric form or just numbers.

    In the case of LaPoste, the tracking number is a combo of alphabets and numbers. Its format varies depending on the shipping options. Generally, it consists of 11-15 characters.

    • The La Poste tracking number can be made up of 11 digits. For example, 05645487941.
    • It can be 13 characters long, having 1 number + 1 letter + 11 numbers. For example, 2A 67450987123. Or 2 letters + 11 numbers like QW12098345987.
    • It can also be in the form of 2 letters + 9 numbers +2 letters. For example, DE120984567 FR. Or 14 digits long like 29812376835672.
    • For international shipping, the tracking number has 15 characters, either all digits or 1 alphabet and 14 digits. For example, A12345678912345 or 234098123487654.

    The La Poste tracking number can be the shipment’s dispatch number, a notice of passage or proceeding number deposited in your mailbox, or its “partner” tracking number for International shipments.  

    As a sender, you’ll find it on the tracking tickets purchased from the post office, the postage medium, and the proof of deposit. You can also check your order confirmation email for printable stamps for the tracking number. On the other hand, the parcel receiver can check the tracking number in the email sent by La Poste or by asking for it from the parcel sender.  The receiver can also use the transit advice note number for parcel tracking.

    La Poste Tracking Status

    Understanding the La Poste status can be complicated for those having first experience with it. So here’s a table to help you clear things up.



    Your parcel is now being processed by La Poste.

    La Poste is processing your parcel. Once done, it will be out for delivery.

    It is on its way.

    Your La Poste parcel is now out. It’s on its way toward the destination.

    We are preparing your package for delivery.

    Your parcel is in the La Poste delivery center near you. They are preparing it for delivery. 

    Your parcel has been delivered.

    Your package has already arrived at its final destination.

    La Poste Tracking API

    La Poste offers a unified 3-in-1 API, enhancing the tracking process for mails, Colissimo, and Chronopost shipments. E-commerce merchants can benefit from real-time, harmonized updates and optimize experience by integrating this API into their systems. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    La Poste's official API is undoubtedly robust, but many consider TrackingMore API to be the pinnacle of shipment tracking due to its multifaceted capabilities.

    • Integration with 1209 carriers globally.
    • 99.9% API uptime. 
    • Unified data format.
    • Military-grade security.
    • Multiple programming languages supported.
    • 24/7 technical support.

    Elevate your business by signing up for a free trial of the TrackingMore API today.

    FAQs on La Poste Tracking

    • Why is La Poste tracking not working?

    There could be multiple reasons behind the issue. Maybe La Poste has not yet processed the parcel, or there could be a typing mistake in the tracking number. Another reason can be issues with the La Poste server. 

    • How can I track my La Poste international package?

    To track the La Poste International package, visit La Poste’s official website and enter your tracking number on the tracking bar. After clicking the search button, wait a few seconds, and soon you’ll see your package’s tracking status. The alternative option is to go to the TrackingMore website, search for La Poste or Colissimo (La Poste), and enter your tracking number in the tracking box. Soon you’ll get an update about your parcel.

    • Does La Poste deliver on the weekends?

    The opening days for La Poste are Monday to Saturday. It doesn’t deliver on Sundays and public holidays. 

    • How long does it take for La Poste to deliver Internationally?

    The delivery days vary depending on the destination country. The more the distance, the more time it requires to deliver the La Poste parcel. Typically La Poste takes 4-9 days to deliver internationally. 

    How to Contact La Poste Customer Service

    For any queries or concerns, reach out to La Poste's customer service using the contact methods provided below.

    Customer Service

    Contact Number

    Operation Hour



    Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-7:00 pm

    Saturday, 8:30 am-1:00 pm


    0 810 821 821

    Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm

    Email LaPoste


    Note: LaPoste International customer service offers a contact in French and English.

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