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  • ACS Courier Tracking APP
    Auto import and track ACS Courier shipments from Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, shipstations shop
  • ACS Courier Tracking API 
    Provide ACS Courier tracking api for e-commerce developers to get real time ACS Courier tracking info. Give customers access to track ACS Courier parcels right at shopping cart and marketplace.
  • ACS Courier Shipment Status Update Notification
    Send customized email and sms notifications of ACS Courier shipment status updates to reduce customers' queries when package is in "transit", "Out for delivery", "delivered" and so on.
  • Importing ACS Courier Tracking Numbers
    Bulk track ACS Courier packages by uploading ACS Courier Tracking numbers in CSV files
ACS Courier tracking, trackingmore provide ACS Courier API, shipment batch tracking management and an option to receive automated notification.

ACS Courier Tracking Details

TrackingMore is a third party parcel tracking tool (also known as multi-carrier tracking tool) which supports online parcel tracking of worldwide 477 express and postal couriers. You can enter a tracking number, air waybill (AWB) number or reference number to track & trace a single international or domestic package, use CSV upload or restful shipment tracking API to track multiple packages.


If you check statuses of bulk international parcels shipping via ACS Courier, TrackingMore will display all tracking details in one place, from both origin country and destination country.


You can subscribe email delivery notification in the ACS Courier shipping tracking result page to auto send you alerts once there is an update of your order status.


If you want to find explanations of a specific tracking event, you can refer to "Tracking Status descriptions & suggestions".

Official website: https://www.acscourier.net/el/home

Contact Information: 

Tel  : +30 210 81 90 000

Trackingmore provide real-time details of your ACS Courier package,support multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German and more.

1.Shipment Tracking Management:

a. Auto tracking and delivery notification:after logging in,you can set up the "Notification Settings",and the system will auto track your ACS Courier waybills and notify customers when in transit, pick up, delivered or exceptions.

b. Compatible with ebay / aliexpress / magento: with your ebay,aliexpress,magento account bounding to trackingmore,our system will collect the data together , so you can manage your shipments in one place.

2.muti-language support:Support sixteen different languages,so it's convenient for users from different countries.

About ACS Courier

ACS Courier, the leader in providing file and parcel delivery services for people from Cyprus and its borders, was established in 1998. This company aims at offering high quality services with a competitive price. It can meet customers' needs well all the time.

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15 days to deliver an item
It took them 15 days to deliver an item from Crete to Thessaloniki. Eventually, they had assigned the package to a "partner" courier so the tracking information was not even accurate and they never had the item at their s. Just joke
Απαράδεκτοι απλά
Το δέμα ξεκίνησε από Πολωνία σε 5 μέρες ήταν Ελλάδα και 28 μέρες ήταν στην αποθήκη της Θεσσαλονίκης και η σελίδα δεν ενημερώθηκε ποτέ ο κωδικός δεν υπήρχε ...ακόμη περιμένω
Did not come to pick up the parcel as arranged. They only came after ringing them up, (had to try constantly for hours until they answered the phone), although I was assured that the parcel would be delivered the same day, instead it took them 10 days to deliver to a nearby suburb in Athens. Do yourself a favour: Avoid them
Χειρότεροι και από τα ΕΛΤΑ
Δεν γίνεται ένα δέμα να ταξίδεψε ΟΔΙΚΩΣ από την Πολωνία μέχρι την Ελλάδα σε μόλις 4 μέρες, και φτάνοντας Ελλάδα να αναλαμβάνει η ACS και να παρατάει για μέρες το δέμα σε κέντρο διαλογής στην Αθήνα. ΔΕ ΓΙΝΕΤΑΙ! Τηλέφωνα ΕΝΝΟΕΙΤΑΙ δε έχουν σηκώσει ΠΟΤΕ. Ρε ACS, δε σε νοιάζει που είσαι μακράν η χειρότερη εταιρία μεταφορών;
Totaly non profesional
Order from EU (CZ) while ACS was used as local courrier. My order was send to another of their subsidiary at the opposite city side 1 hour drive while they were keep sending me messages to go there picking it up even if i have paid for home delivery. I have contacted the seler while still expect input while when i contacted ACS i was told that since was send by mistake to the wrong subsidiary of theirs it will take other 10 days of the already extremely delayed order delivery. This adds to several problems i have had with the respective cp courier company.
Δεν απαντανε στα τηλεφωνα πουθενα ουτε στα κεντρικα ουτε στα καταστηματα τις επαρχιας. ΕΙδικα τωρα με τις αυξημενες αποστολες βλεπω να φτανει μειων βαθμολογια :D
Και να συμπληρώσω ότι δεν ξέρω για ποιο λόγο έχουν αυτό το σύστημα που γράφει "αναμενόμενη παράδοση τάδε του μηνός"... Αφού δεν πρόκειται ρε σεις! Γιατί;;;
Καθυστέρηση πανω απο 15 μέρες και δεν απαντά κανένας στα τηλεφωνα
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