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Serv. Line: 110-81-05034


Global Transportation Fleet

CJ Logistics manage 23,000 vehicles to optimize reliable transportation services from raw material supply to recycle system worldwide.


CJ Logistics is opening a new frontier of logistics across the world with advanced logistics solutions, systematic consulting based on TES capabilities, and network expansion initiatives through M&As. Through an established and expansive logistics network that connects the entire world, CJ Logistics brings about the industry’s leading one-stop logistics service.

Smart W&D and SCM consulting expertise allow CJ Logistics to provide advanced and optimized logistics services.

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Horrible Delivery man
Unbelievable! This delivery man had opened my package, had done something with it, now, I can't change it back! It came 9 days late! When I tried to ask him why he was late, he threw the parcel at me, slammed the door, and ran away! I am never getting shipping from this area again!
Bad delivery man
Unbelievable! This delivery man was sleeping for 3 days! He gave me the package 7 days late! When I wanted to compliant to him, he threw the box at me, slammed my door, and ran away! My package broke in the procces.
Failed to delivery the item CK06620570 @ 208 Tg katong Rd.
Rgd to delivery yesterday 4/10/21 Mon I waited until 7 pm in the ofc as my ofc already closed. Yet no sign of yr delivery man. I want a refund as yr man failed to delivery. Very disappointing to lazada with this logistic handling their order. Pls rpy urgently. Tks.

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Delivery man gone sleeping for 3 days, keeping the delivery items. And lastly he send message threat to return to sender. This is un acceptable as fees has been paid for delivery. Please escalate problem to CEO. ( Negative O )
Hotline !! Too HOT Burned! No answer at all!!
bad experience
was awake since 9 am and delivery person don’t bother to message and stated delivery status as invalid address at 9.54 am. ridiculous that i called their hotline, it appears that all the CS are not available to receive my call? what the heck man!!!!!! i cannot wait for my parcels but at this rate - after reading everyone’s reviews - feels like i should cancel my order… what’s the rationale of need to open door to receive parcel when shopee’s delivery person can just call the buyer before attempt a delivery???????
Saw a msg tt the parcel was delivered the night before but i did not know that my parcel was left ourside my door. It didnt happen in the past where they would knock on my door. When was there such a change when i didnt select contactless.
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