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    Ecom Express provides tracking services but can’t beat TrackingMore. So sign it up today for a free trial and enjoy its advanced features!


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    Ecom Express Tracking

    You are from Chennai and ordered a parcel from an online store located in Kolkata. How’ll it reach you? Of course, a carrier will deliver it to you! If the carrier is Ecom Express, how’ll you track your parcel? Let’s find out.

    Ecom Express is a logistics solutions provider that offers many services for a user-friendly experience. One of its most recognized and seamless services is shipment tracking. 

    If you’ve ordered a product and Ecom Express is the delivery partner of the store, you can stay updated about your parcel by tracking it. To do this, you'll require the Air Waybill number (AWB) or the reference number, also known as the tracking number.

    The Ecom Express tracking number is a unique code assigned to your package and tells you about the expected delivery date, your package’s order number, and the checkpoints it has reached.  

    So now you don’t need to worry about your shipment. Track it via the company's official website or with TrackingMore, and count on the delivery days. To learn more, keep reading! 

    About Ecom Express

    Ecom Express is a logistics solutions provider in India. The firm originated in 2012 and has headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana. It started business operations in 2013 in 35 cities with just 42 delivery centers. 

    Over time, the company expanded tremendously by deploying the country’s largest automated sorter in 2020. Moreover, in 2021, Ecom Express crossed the Indian border and invested in Bangladesh’s e-commerce logistics company, Paperfly.

    Now the firm has established its presence in 29 states of India. It covers over 2650 towns, 27,000 PIN codes in India and provides full coverage in 25 states. The team is determined to achieve much more.

    Ecom Express Tracking Services

    Ecom Express has a presence all across India and provides pickups and product deliveries to the remotest location. The firm offers full-area coverage to 25 states that comprise more than 95% of the Indian population. Besides, its services are safe and reliable.

    Expressplus is the firm's multimodal, air-dominant shipping product for e-commerce and D2C brands. The creation of Expressplus has now enabled fast delivery, within 24-48 hours, to the farthest areas of the country. 

    Ecom Express services also offer package return (reverse logistics) and reverse logistics service after doorstep quality check provision.

    Additionally, with the Ecom Express automated information systems, customers can also track their packages. All they need is an Air Waybill or an order reference number, and they get updates about their shipment.

    FAQs on Ecom Express

    • Does Ecom Express Deliver on Sunday?

    Yes, Ecom Express is operational throughout the year, including Sundays and other holidays. So if you plan to surprise your loved ones at festivals, choosing Ecom Express as a delivery partner won’t spoil your plan.

    • What Time Will the Ecom Express Package Generally be Delivered?

    Before choosing any logistics solutions provider, your impatient soul first checks its delivery speed. Right? With Ecom Express as a delivery, you do not need to worry. It takes 24-72 hours to deliver your shipment. And with Express Plus, the delivery time ranges between 24-48 hours.

    How Can I Track My Ecom Express Package?

    Are you confused about the Ecom Express package tracking process? Don’t stress yourself too much, as such confusions are pretty common. And it’s time to clear them all! 

    You can track your Ecom Express packages in two ways, either from the company’s official website or TrackingMore. Let’s start with the former one!

    Via Ecom Express Official Website

    On the company’s official website, there’s a tracking bar. You can track your shipment from there. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

    Step 1: Start by visiting the Ecom Express official website. 

    Step 2: You'll see a tracking bar demanding your AWB or order reference number (the image below shows the bar).

    Ecom tracking page

    Step 3: Enter your AWB or order reference number in the bar and click “Track”.

    Step 4: Wait for a few seconds. Soon your package status will appear on the screen.              

    Via TrackingMore

    You can also track your parcel using TrackingMore, a third-party tracker. It has a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that tracks packages from over 1100 LSPs along with Ecom Express.

    Let's see how you can use this all-in-one tracking platform to track your Ecom Express parcel! 

    TrackingMore Ecom tracking page

    Step 1: Go to the official website of TrackingMore, as shown below.

    Step 2: Click the “carriers” option available at the top of the page.  

    Step 3: Scroll down to the carriers list and search for Ecom Express in the search bar.

    Step 4: Enter your tracking number in the box on your screen.

    Step 5: Now, the screen shows your parcel's tracking information (below).

    TrackingMore is a top-class API solution for e-commerce businesses and has tracked 3 billion shipments with more than 300,000 customers worldwide. It offers a lot of features that include a track button to help customers track their packages easily, get notification feature for real-time shipping updates, branded tracking page, and a lot more. 


    • What Does the Tracking Information Tell Me?

    The tracking information provides shipment-related information that includes your courier's name, package tracking number, expected delivery date, and package status, i.e., the checkpoints it has reached.

    • Why is My Tracking Information Not Updating?

    People often complain about their tracking information not updating with time. If you also have the same query, there's nothing to worry about. Sometimes, the tracking information remains the same for days due to bad weather or long distance. Just keep checking the information to stay updated.

    Ecom Express Tracking Number

    When shopping online or tracking your packages, a term that you frequently hear is "tracking number." Do you know exactly what it is? Let's find it out! 

    Every shipped package has a tracking number. It’s a unique ID or a code for your package. In simple words, it's a number or a combination of alphabets and numbers assigned to your parcel so that you can track its movement. 

    For instance, you’ve ordered a beautiful pink dress from Amazon India, Flipkart, or any other partner of Ecom. You’ll get an email or order confirmation message on your number. Your tracking number will be mentioned there. Using this number, you can easily track your parcel.

    When dealing with Ecom Express, this tracking identifier is known as the AWB or the order reference number. It serves as a distinct code pinpointing your shipment.

    Basically, the Ecom Express tracking number is a numeric code consisting of 10 digits, for example,  990 665 721 2. 

    To find your tracking number, check the seller's order details or order confirmation email. Or else log into your Ecom Express account and check its order history to get the tracking number.

    What Does My Ecom Express Tracking Status Mean?

    Picture this: You ordered a product online from an Indian store a day ago. Now you want to check its shipment status. You are excited about the package and can’t wait to know about its delivery date and current status. But what’s this?

    You are unable to understand your tracking results. And now your excitement has turned into confusion. 

    Well! This confusion is obvious as almost everyone needs help understanding the tracking statuses. So here's a table that will help you know your shipment status quickly.



    Information Received

    Ecom Express has received the information about your package but has not yet collected it from the seller.

    Pick Up Completed

    Ecom Express has collected the parcel from the sender.

    In Transit

    Your shipment is moving forward to the final destination.

    Shipment at Delivery Centre

    Your shipment has reached the final delivery center.

    Out for Delivery

    The package is out from the Ecom Express distribution center to your address.

    Shipment Delivered

    Ecom Express has delivered the parcel to your address.

    Pick Up Failed

    The seller has not handed over your parcel to the Ecom driver.

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over the Ecom Express?

    As mentioned, you can track your package via Ecom Express's official website and TrackingMore. However, the latter is a much better option, and here's why:

    1. Ecom Express tracks shipments in its network only, while TrackingMore tracks over 1100 carriers along with the Ecom Express. TrackingMore can automatically detect the carriers used for various shipments. 

    2. More traffic slows the Ecom Express website. In such a case, TrackingMore is a good option.

    3. For bulk tracking, you can use CSV upload or API to import tracking numbers on TrackingMore.

    Ecom Express Tracking API

    In this era of technology and automation, businesses have transformed completely. One such technological advancement is API integration. It interlinks different software applications to communicate and share data, making business management effortless.

    Now, enterprises use various API integrations to automate their processes and stand ahead of the competition. With the same mindset, the Ecom Express team also uses various Ecom Express shipment tracking APIs to help customers track their parcels. It also has several other APIs to ease business operations and provide a seamless end-user experience. 

    Still, a third-party tracking API like TrackingMore API is better. Want to know why? Here you go!

    Why Should I Use the TrackingMore API Instead?

    Though Ecom Express and TrackingMore API offer valuable functionalities, TrackingMore seems to be a better option for comparison. 

    1. If you have ordered a product outside India, your shipment will move to different carriers. Using TrackingMore API, tracking such parcels becomes effortless.

    2. The API supports multiple programming languages, making integrating with other projects easy for developers.

    3. TrackingMore tracking API provides data in a unified format making it understandable.

    4. 24/7 technical support from TrackingMore's team.

    5. High security is provided by TrackingMore. 

    6. For its customers, TrackingMore delivers 99.90% API uptime.

    So, sign up for a free trial of TrackingMore API right now and experience the advanced tracking features.

    FAQs on Ecom Express Tracking

    • Where Does Ecom Express Deliver?

    Ecom Express is an Indian logistics solutions provider. Currently, it only deals with deliveries across India. The company provides full-area coverage to 25 states of India and ensures a friendly delivery and shipment tracking service.

    • Is Ecom Express Fast?

    The company claims fast deliveries with Express Plus delivering within 24-48 hours. However, according to customers, it takes time to deliver products

    • Is the Ecom Express Reliable?

    Ecom Express is a reliable company with a firm grip in India and is now operational in Bangladesh. It serves many renowned brands such as Meesho, H & M, Amazon, Flipkart, hopscotch, ZARA, 1mg, and much more.

    How to Contact Ecom Express Customer Support?

    Sometimes your orders get delayed for various reasons, which can be stressful. To relieve you from stress, Ecom Express has a great customer support service. Here’s a table showing the contact details of the support team.


    Contact number


    Shipment-related or other queries


    [email protected]

    Services sign up


    [email protected]

    Besides, Ecom Express also has a form on its website contact us section. You can also submit your queries there.


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