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    EMS Tracking

    Keeping customers updated on the delivery status of their packages improves their experience and enhances brand loyalty in the long run. When you send out parcels with EMS, you can conveniently follow their progress throughout the shipping process through EMS tracking. Use the EMS tracking page to get more package information using only the tracking number.

    EMS tracking gives you up-to-date tracking information on any EMS parcel using just the tracking number. It lets you see the package's estimated delivery date, origin, destination, and all the handling steps it has passed.

    About EMS

    The full EMS meaning is Express Mail Service. An international premium expedited delivery service in more than 170 countries globally. Customers pay a little more to have their parcels sent out faster than ordinary packages.

    The Universal Postal Union (UPU) proposed starting EMS to improve cross-border expedited mail delivery. In 1998, the EMS Cooperative was created to handle all EMS-related matters. Today, EMS is a service offered in each member nation with domestic and international delivery options available. Customers can track their EMS packages using the tracking solution offered on member EMS websites, including China EMS, Australia EMS, and Ukraine EMS. You can tell if a postal service provider offers express mail by looking out for the EMS logo.

    The world of expedited mail has seen competition enter the market, with names like FedEx and DHL competing with EMS. However, EMS has held its own and remains one of the largest parcel handlers globally, with up to eight million packages weekly.

    EMS Tracking Service

    Depending on the country you live in or operate your business, you can access different EMS tracking services. Whether you are sending a package domestically or abroad, EMS international express tracking will help you know where it is at any time and how long it takes before it is delivered.

    Below is a further breakdown of the different EMS tracking services globally. It is worth noting that each specific EMS service a postal service offers will have varying delivery dates, shipping rates, and destinations it ships to.

    China Post EMS Tracking

    China Post is the official postal service of China and one of the largest parcel handlers globally. Among its services include China Post EMS. This expedited mail service gives priority to packages sent domestically and internationally. Some options available when using EMS include International Express Mail Services, e-Packet, and Domestic Express Mail Service.

    China Post EMS tracking enables you to track the status of your China EMS ePacket and other parcels with clear end-to-end shipping visibility. With your 13-digit EMS tracking number, trace the package’s whereabouts conveniently from the China Post main website. China Post EMS packages can be delivered as fast as the next day, but this will vary depending on delays and other delivery incidents. China Post ships EMS packages every day of the week, ensuring customers receive their packages on time. 

    The China Post EMS page on TrackingMore provides a convenient way to learn more about this mailing service and how to track parcels sent through it.

    TrackingMore is also a reliable parcel tracker that lets you track your China Post EMS packages from a consolidated dashboard supporting 1248 global carriers. Using the 13-character tracking number, you can simultaneously follow up on up to 50 China Post EMS packages.

    KR EMS Tracking

    KR EMS tracking refers to following up on the status of Korea Post Express Mail Service packages locally and internationally. Korea Post EMS parcels also feature a 13-digit tracking number similar to all other EMS packages in different jurisdictions. Using the tracking ID, you can easily tell the location of your KR EMS package and how long is the estimated delivery date.

    Generally, KR EMS packages will take between 0-7 business days to be delivered, depending on their destination. Different KR EMS services will also have varying delivery speeds and prices. As a sender, you can choose between EMS and EMS Premium as it suits your shipping needs. With KR EMS tracking, you can reduce the anxiety common when waiting for international packages and manage your expectations better.

    USPS EMS Tracking (United States Postal Service Express Mail International)

    The USPS is the USA's default national postal service provider. Therefore, it is part of the EMS cooperative and can be used to send express mail or track their whereabouts with your USPS EMS tracking code. USPS EMS, or Priority Mail, delivers within the US and to more than 180 countries worldwide in 3-5 business days.

    USPS EMS tracking enables you to easily track the movement of your package as it heads to the delivery destination. On the USPS website, enter the 13-character tracking ID and pull up all the information on your package within seconds.

    Japan EMS Tracking

    EMS Japan is another top-rated express mail delivery provided by Japan Post, Japan's official postal services provider. This service is the fastest shipping option available when using Japan Post and allows you to send parcels In Asia within two business days. EMS Japan packages to the US take approximately four business days, while domestic parcels can ship and be delivered on the next business day.

    EMS Japan tracking is the most convenient way to stay updated on the status of your package to set expectations right and improve communication with customers as they await their shipments. Track your EMS Japan shipments from the main website by entering the 13-digit alphanumeric tracking ID into the search field and clicking Go.

    EMS International Tracking

    EMS is a preferred option for sending packages internationally fast for most people. Compared to other parcels, EMS international packages are prioritized during customs clearance, ensuring they are cleared faster and can reach the recipient on time.

    EMS international tracking is done using the EMS search solution provided by your national postal carrier. This tracking process allows you to monitor the parcel’s progress cross-border. EMS international packages’ delivery dates will depend on the postal company's operational efficiency in a specific region.

    How to track an EMS package?

    The importance of tracking your EMS package cannot be understated. It is a key activity that helps you know where a parcel is when you can expect it, and how many scans and delivery stages it has gone through. For merchants operating online stores, tracking an EMS package can be the difference between an unsatisfied customer and one who returns to buy again. The two main options available to track EMS packages are the EMS tracking page and TrackingMore. Below, we go into detail on how you can use both methods.

    1. Via the universal EMS tracking service

    EMS tracking page

    Tracking a package using the universal EMS tracking service is a straightforward process that reveals results in just a moment.

    • Visit the EMS homepage, and in the middle of the screen, you will see a field to key in your tracking number.

    • Enter the EMS tracking code, confirm it is accurate, and click on Track.

    • The next page will load all the tracking information on your EMS item.

    EMS tracking status

    2. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a multi-carrier package tracking tool perfect for tracking EMS packages in the USA, the UK, and China. TrackingMore allows you to track the statuses of up to 50 EMS packages globally. The solution integrates 1248 global couriers, including USPS, FedEx, and China Post.

    TrackingMore EMS tracking page

    Follow these steps to track your EMS parcels via TrackingMore.

    • Visit TrackingMore’s homepage and select the Carriers option at the top of the screen.

    • Search and select the corresponding EMS service from the carrier list that pops up, e.g., China Post EMS.

    • Enter the tracking number in the search field available and click on Track.

    • The next page will show your EMS parcel’s tracking status and reveal its current location.

    TrackingMore EMS tracking status

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over EMS?

    When tracking your EMS packages, getting reliable and real-time data is crucial to know where exactly your package is and when to expect it. While EMS does offer a convenient way of tracking your parcels, using a third-party tracking solution like TrackingMore offers more benefits and allows you to monitor your shipments better.

    TrackingMore is well-integrated with 1248 global couriers, and the number keeps growing, guaranteeing that you can clearly see the shipment journey of a package without any blurred visibility. TrackingMore also centralized tracking data into one convenient dashboard that helps to keep up with multiple shipments. TrackingMore can simultaneously track up to 50 parcels. You can also import CSV data of shipments and track them conveniently from your dashboard.

    EMS Tracking Number

    An EMS tracking number is a unique 13-character code that identifies the EMS package throughout all the delivery stages as it gets scanned, passes customs, and heads to the recipient’s destination.

    All EMS packages have the same format, and 13-digit tracking numbers, no matter the postal service handling the delivery. This number consists of two letters at the beginning denoting that it is an Express Mail, nine numerals, and a suffix comprising two more letters showing the package's origin. For example, the tracking number EE123456789KR. The two Es at the beginning indicate this is express mail. The nine numerals are randomly generated, while the KR at the end shows that this EMS package is from Korea.

    EMS packages from China will have the initials CN at the end, such as EB793683326CN and LV565798101CN. A tracking number similar to EE150042607TH shows the EMS package is from Thailand.

    To retrieve your EMS tracking number and start following the shipment process of your package, check the shipping confirmation email you received. Alternatively, contact the sender to forward you the tracking number.

    FAQs on EMS Tracking Number

    • What is the correct EMS tracking number format?

    The valid EMS tracking number format consists of 13 characters inclusive of nine numerals sandwiched between two-letter prefixes and suffixes. EMS tracking number examples include EE150042607TH and EB793683326CN.

    • Where can I find my EMS tracking number?

    The EMS tracking number is issued in the shipment confirmation email or sent directly to you by the package sender.

    What Does My EMS Tracking Status Mean?

    To the newbie, tracking statuses can be confusing and present comprehension issues. The table below highlights EMS tracking statuses and explains them to help you track your EMS packages better.

    EMS Tracking Status



    The EMS package has been handed over to the logistics service provider by the merchant.

    Arrived at export office

    The EMS package has arrived at the origin country’s export location.

    Presented to export customs and security

    The EMS package has been declared and given to customs officials.

    Held for export customs inspection

    Customs officials are currently inspecting your package.

    Released from export customs and security

    The package has successfully passed customs inspections.

    Departed from export office

    The EMS package has left the export location and has been shipped to the destination country.

    Arrived at destination import office

    Customs in the destination country have received the EMS package.

    Departed from destination import office

    The EMS parcel has left the destination country’s import office and is cleared for last-mile delivery.

    Arrived at post office

    The national postal company of the destination country has received your EMS package.


    The recipient has received the package.

    Delivery attempted

    The last-mile carrier tried to deliver the EMS parcel but was not successful due to several issues, including the unavailability of the recipient.

    Why You Should Use TrackingMore API

    TrackingMore features a powerful tracking API that communicates with the carrier websites in real time, ensuring that relaying this information to customers is swift to reduce anxiety and improve their aftersale experience. During peak seasons, when the EMS tracking website can be down, TrackingMore continues to run perfectly due to low traffic.

    Compared to other third-party tracking APIs, TrackingMore has 1248 global couriers integrated, ensuring you can ship EMS packages worldwide conveniently and track them through to the last mile. TrackingMore’s carrier auto-detect feature ensures all packages can be tracked regardless of if they exchange couriers.

    TrackingMore’s tracking API has a reliable uptime of 99.9% from various tests and is easy to integrate with any website, which offers 24/7 customer support to help you and your team.

    Make EMS package tracking a simple and fruitful process by adding our TrackingMore API to your website. Get started for free today by visiting our website or contacting our sales team to book a demo.

    FAQs on EMS Tracking

    • Is EMS shipping tracking necessary?

    Tracking your EMS packages is essential to ensure that, as a business, you offer customers an ideal post-purchase experience. For customers, tracking your EMS shipping allows you to plan when to receive it and make adjustments in case of delays.

    • What will EMS package tracking reveal?

    Tracking your EMS package will reveal, among other information, where the package is, the various delivery steps it has passed, its origin and destination, and the estimated delivery date.

    • Why is EMS shipping not updating?

    Your EMS shipment tracking may fail to update because the package was not scanned, there is an error with the tracking number, or a technical hitch has delayed the information update.

    • How long does EMS take from China to the USA?

    Packages sent to the USA via China EMS take 3-7 business days to arrive. Other external factors, such as public holidays and global pandemics, can affect this waiting period.

    • Who delivers EMS packages in the USA?

    The default EMS package courier in the USA is the United States Postal Service (USPS), the official postal service in the USA.

    • What is China EMS ePacket?

    China EMS ePacket is a service offered by China Post designed to help facilitate the shipping of small packages. The service is customized to suit e-commerce merchants needing fast international shipping.

    How to Contact EMS Customer Service

    If you are experiencing issues tracking your EMS package, the first and most recommended thing to do is contact your local EMS service through their EMS customer service number. Each EMS will have its dedicated number available during office hours, as illustrated below.

    EMS Operator

    Mobile number

    China Post EMS

    11183 or +8659138129145

    KR EMS

    (+822) 2108 98 95


    (+1 800) 222 1811

    Japan EMS

    (+81 72) 455 1390 or (+81 3)566 54200


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