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Track your Equick package faster and more efficiently with TrackingMore. Enter your Equick tracking number to get real-time updates about its delivery.

    Try:  EQKPT8585424943YQ
    Try:  EQKPT8585424943YQ
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    Track your Equick package faster and more efficiently with TrackingMore. Enter your Equick tracking number to get real-time updates about its delivery.


    • Equick Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Equick Package? 
    • Equick Tracking Number
    • What Does My Equick Status Mean? 
    • About Equick China
    • How to Contact Equick China Customer Service

    Equick Tracking

    Equick (北方网易速达) is a leading global courier delivery service in China that allows you to ship parcels to over 90% of major countries in the world. With these many destinations, Equick allows senders and recipients to track their packages throughout the delivery journey. 

    The company offers a robust package tracking feature, enabling you to track your shipment in the comfort of your home. This feature provides a transparent and clear view of the shipping process, improving the overall customer experience. 

    How Can I Track My Equick Package? 

    Tracking your Equick package is easy. You only need the package tracking number and your smartphone or computer to track its real-time status. There are two ways in which you can track your Equick package.

    Here is how to track your Equick package using both approaches.

    1. Through the Official Equick Website

    Equick tracking page

    • Open your device browser and visit the official Equick website.
    • Enter your package tracking number on the search bar. Or You can Click Support and choose Package Tracking from the drop-down menu to the tracking page.
    • Once you’ve entered all tracking numbers you wish to track, click the Search icon to initiate the tracking process. 

    Once you’ve clicked the search icon, the website will display the tracking results, showing the real-time status of your shipment(s). Scroll down to find the delivery history, as shown below.

    Equick tracking status

    2. Through TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Equick tracking page

    • Go to the official TrackingMore website.
    • Click the Carriers tab and search Equick on the “carrier list” search bar. 
    • Enter your package tracking number on the page that appears. Also, you can go directly to the TrackingMore’s Equick tracking page to save time.
    • Confirm your package tracking number and click Track to get the real-time status of your shipment. 

    The website will redirect you to the tracking results page, which displays the current status of your package and the delivery progress, as shown below. 

    TrackingMore Equick tracking status

    TrackingMore is a powerful third-party package tracking platform that lets you track shipments with ease. This platform supports tracking packages from over 1,100 popular logistics service providers (LSPs) worldwide. These LSPs include prominent global couriers like USPS, FedEx, and DHL. With these diverse shipment tracking capabilities, TrackingMore is ideal for sellers and buyers who ship or order packages with multiple LSPs. 

    TrackingMore boasts numerous features to help you solve all your shipment tracking concerns. Utilizing branded tracking pages and shipment notifications can enhance a seller's brand perception and elevate the post-purchase experience for their customers.

    Even better, TrackingMore provides a world-class shipment tracking API that can be integrated quickly into any system. Integrating this API gives sellers a comprehensive view of all their shipments’ statuses. Also, customers benefit by enjoying a seamless order-tracking experience. 

    Equick Tracking Number

    Most LSPs assign a special tracking number to a package, enabling the sender, recipient, and carrier to track its progress throughout the delivery journey. Equick utilizes tracking numbers with various lengths. However, the general structure of an Equick tracking number starts with several capital letters, followed by a series of numbers, and ends with two uppercase letters. 

    Here are some formats and examples of Equick tracking numbers.

    • 7 letters + 10 numbers: EQKPT8586061210YQ
    • 4 letters + 9 numbers: LM112404929NO

    What Does My Equick Status Mean? 

    Here’s a table showing different shipping statuses you may come across when tracking your Equick package and their meaning. 



    Shipping label created.

    This means the shipping information about your package has been created.

    Picked up from shipper.

    The package has been picked up from the shipper and shipped to the depot.

    Arrived at “X” depot.

    Your Equick package has arrived at the initial depot.

    Departed from the depot.

    The package has left the depot and is being shipped to the next facility.

    Arrived at the Equick operation center.

    Your package has been received at an Equick operation center.

    Departed from the Equick operation center.

    The package has left the Equick operation center.

    Arrived at the original airport.

    The package has arrived at the initial airport.

    Departed from the original airport. 

    This status means your package has left the original airport and is shipped to the next destination.

    Arrived at the international airport.

    The package has arrived at the country’s international airport.

    Released from customs.

    The package has been cleared and released by the customs.

    The item is on transport to the country of destination.

    The package has been shipped to the destination country. 

    Arrived “Y”

    The package has arrived at the last-mile delivery service.

    Departed “Y”

    The package has left the last-mile delivery service.

    The shipment has been handed in at the terminal and forwarded.

    The package has been cleared at the terminal and forwarded to the final destination.

    The shipment has been delivered to your mailbox.

    The package has arrived at the destination address and is ready for pickup. 

    About Equick China

    Equick is a logistics company specializing in parcel delivery and international air freight, especially related to e-commerce. The company was established in 2009, and its management consists of experts in international express delivery, order management, and transport. 

    Equick offers four product services: semi-track, full-track standard, full-track express, and COD products. With these product services, Equick provides customers with custom-made and optimal logistics solutions for cross-border delivery. 

    As an international cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider, Equick complies with the “customer first, service first” development concept. The company is committed to offering timely, cost-effective, and stable transportation and logistics services.

    How to Contact Equick China Customer Service

    Here is how you can contact the Equick customer service team if you have any issues with your package or other relevant queries. 

    Contact method


    Service Time

    Phone (Hotline)


    Mon - Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


    [email protected] – Official email

    Inquiry form

    Contact form

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