Fedex Freight Tracking

Sending freight globally via FedEx is easy. Read on to find out how FedEx freight tracking and TrackingMore can help boost freight shipping visibility.

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    Try:  773218550088
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    Sending freight globally via FedEx is easy. Read on to find out how FedEx freight tracking and TrackingMore can help boost freight shipping visibility.


    • FedEx Freight Tracking
    • How Can I Track My FedEx Freight Package?
    • FedEx Freight Tracking Number
    • What Does My FedEx Freight Status Mean?
    • About FedEx
    • How to Contact FedEx Customer Support

    FedEx Freight Tracking

    FedEx offers reliable less-than-truckload (LTL) and express freight shipping and tracking options to suit a shipper’s needs when shipping goods exceeding 150 lbs. FedEx’s freight shipping wing offers myriad services, including land, sea, and air freight, deliverable within the same, next, 1, 2, 3, and up to five business days.

    For each of these services, you can track your freight shipment from end to end with a unique tracking number. FedEx assigns a tracking ID to each skid in multi-pallet shipments, helping the shipper and consignee stay updated on the whereabouts of any freight shipment.

    How Can I Track My FedEx Freight Package?

    Tracking your FedEx freight package is simple through several options, including the FedEx freight tracking page and TrackingMore. Below is a detailed breakdown of how to use each method to track the whereabouts of a FedEx freight package.

    1. Via FedEx Official Website

    The most straightforward way to track your FedEx freight package is by using the official FedEx website by following the steps below.

    FedEx website

    • Enter your freight tracking number into the search field on the home screen.
    • Click the Track button and wait for shipment information to load below.

    FedEx Freight tracking status

    2. Via FedEx Official Freight Tracking Page

    The FedEx freight tracking page tracks freight packages as they move across the US and to international destinations. To track your freight package using this method, follow these prompts.

    FedEx Freight tracking page

    • Load the FedEx freight tracking page directly.
    • Enter as many freight tracking numbers as possible, up to 30 entries.
    • Click the track option and wait for freight shipment statuses to load up.

    3. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a robust and reliable third-party freight tracking option that can help you monitor the shipping progress of your FedEx freight. TrackingMore supports more than 1,100 carriers globally, allowing for continuous FedEx freight tracking even when the freight changes couriers. Here is how to use TrackingMore to track your FedEx freight package.

    • Visit the TrackingMore homepage, and from the top ribbon, select carriers.
    • Search for FedEx from the carrier list and select FedEx Freight.
    • Enter up to 50 FedEx freight tracking numbers in the search field and click on track.

    TrackingMore FedEx Freight tracking page

    • Review the tracking information that comes up to know where your FedEx Freight package is.

    TrackingMore FedEx Freight tracking status

    For businesses aiming to optimize the customer post-purchase journey, TrackingMore's shipment tracking API seamlessly integrates with over 1,100 carriers, including giants like FedEx, USPS, and DHL, effectively mitigating WISMO issues. Discover more about TrackingMore's API.

    FedEx Freight Tracking Number

    Knowing the status of your FedEx Freight package is possible thanks to a unique tracking number assigned to it when it arrives at a FedEx facility. This tracking number helps to identify your FedEx Freight package from the millions of other freight and shipments the company handles.

    The FedEx Freight tracking number is typically a 10 or 12-digit numeral-only code that can be used to track the status of your freight package wherever it is at any particular time. Some examples of FedEx freight tracking numbers include the following.

    - 9246932903

    - 773218550088

    This tracking number is usually included in the freight shipment confirmation email the carrier sends to the recipient. If no such email has been forwarded, you can also request the sender share the freight tracking number with you.

    What Does My FedEx Freight Status Mean?

    When tracking your FedEx Freight package, knowing what each status means gives you a better comprehension of the shipment notifications you will get when tracking a freight package. The table below lists some of the most common FedEx Freight statuses and their meaning.

    FedEx Freight Tracking Status


    Picked up

    The FedEx Freight package has been picked up from the sender’s address.

    In transit

    The freight package is moving from one shipping location to another.

    Delivery option requested

    The recipient has requested a delivery to be made to their address

    At local facility

    The freight package is held at a local facility awaiting delivery to the destination address.

    Out for delivery

    The package is on its way to the recipient’s address.


    The package has been successfully delivered.

    Shipment information sent to FedEx

    The online merchant has forwarded freight information to FedEx.

    Left FedEx origin facility

    The freight just left the FedEx facility in the origin country.

    Arrived at FedEx hub

    The package has been received at a FedEx distribution hub.

    International shipment release - Import

    The package has been allowed to pass through another country as it heads towards the final destination.

    Departed FedEx hub

    The freight package left a FedEx distribution hub towards the next local facility.

    Tendered to authorized agent for final delivery

    The package is in the hands of the local agent for last-mile delivery.

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery

    The freight package is onboard a FedEx delivery vehicle to the recipient’s address.

    About FedEx

    FedEx is the leading less-than-truckload and express freight shipping service in the world. FedEx Freight is one of the services under FedEx, founded in 1971 and headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. 

    Started as Federal Express Corporation, the company rebranded to FedEx in 2000. Today, the courier delivers freight to local and international destinations with standard and expedited shipping options available for business and individual use. FedEx has an extensive delivery network spanning more than 220 global locations.

    FedEx pioneered overnight mail delivery in the US and is credited with developing the modern-day shipment tracking system that major logistics providers employ. FedEx’s innovation extends further in-house with a freight tracking system that numbers each skid in multi-pallet freight shipments. 

    How to Contact FedEx Customer Support

    FedEx prioritizes customer support and offers several ways for clients to ship freight packages to get help when they run into any issues. The table below shows some methods to contact the FedEx customer support team.

    Contact Method


    Mail FedEx Freight Headquarters

    Renaissance Center

    1715 Aaron Brenner Drive

    Suite 600

    Memphis, TN 38120


    US - 1.800.Go.FedEx / 1.866.393.4585

    International - 1.866.393.4685

    Virtual Assistant

    Text 29372

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