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    Track your iMile packages in real-time and get to know the latest status updates with iMile tracking on TrackingMore.


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    iMile Tracking

    iMile operates in 5 continents and as such, package tracking is an essential service that its customers need to be able to keep up with the movement of their shipments. As a customer, you can access the tracking tool on iMile’s website to help you know what is the current status of your package and the checkpoints it has passed in the delivery journey.

    iMile tracking is also possible through independent shipment tracking platforms like TrackingMore. This article will introduce you to the steps you need to follow to track your iMile packages using the carrier-provided option and TrackingMore.

    How Can I Track My iMile Package?

    Although it may seem like a complex process for a first-timer, tracking iMile packages is straightforward provided you have the package’s tracking number. You can use the iMile website or the multi-carrier tracking tool—TrackingMore. Below is a breakdown of how to do iMile tracking using both approaches.

    • Via iMile Official Website

    iMile’s official website is a sight to behold with a carefully thought-out layout that simplifies the package tracking process. To use the tracking tool on this carrier’s website, follow the steps below.

    • Visit the iMile website from any browser.
    • Scroll down the homepage to locate the tracking tool or click on the “Track Orders” button on the top menu.
    • Key in your item’s tracking number (air waybill or order tracking number on iMile) and click the yellow “Track” button.
    • Wait for iMile to retrieve the tracking information which it will display on your screen in a moment.
    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore supports the end-to-end tracking of iMile packages. This robust platform boasts advanced tracking features that pull up a shipment’s latest status and tracking history. Use the procedure below to track your iMile shipments via TrackingMore.

    • Go to the TrackingMore website and select “Carriers” at the top of the homepage.
    • Locate the search box on the carrier list page and search iMile.
    • Click on the iMile icon when it shows up and enter your package tracking ID in the tracking tool on the page it redirects to.
    • Click “Track” and TrackingMore will load the package's entire tracking history instantly.

    TrackingMore is the tracking platform of choice for most e-commerce customers who receive their orders via iMile. Compared to the iMile website, TrackingMore does not limit your tracking scope and lets you follow the shipping progress of shipments from 1240 logistics service providers it supports. This feature means you will not have to switch from one carrier website to another looking for information on your packages.

    Businesses looking to streamline their logistics operations and enhance shipping visibility can implement TrackingMore’s tracking API solution. This API integrates order-tracking information from iMile directly into your business system. If you partner with multiple logistics service providers, TrackingMore ensures you will not have to implement their individual APIs. With TrackingMore’s API, you gain access to its global carrier network of 1240 carriers.

    iMile Tracking Number

    iMile has established a system that assigns each package a special code which helps in identifying it as it ships from one location to the next. Using this code, customers can track their packages on the iMile website or through TrackingMore and similar third-party platforms.

    The tracking numbers assigned on shipments by iMile have a distinct numeral-only format and are 13 numbers long. Below are some illustrative examples of iMile tracking numbers to help you make comparisons.



    Being an e-commerce delivery services company, iMile works with various merchants to fulfill their orders. As such, customers who have bought goods online can expect to find their package’s tracking numbers in the order confirmation email sent by the merchant or their purchase invoice. iMile will also send you a shipment confirmation email that contains the tracking number. If you’ve lost your tracking number, you can request the sender to share it with you. For senders, the tracking number is printed on the shipment receipt after they pay for a package to be shipped.

    iMile Tracking Status

    It is important to understand what each tracking status contained in an iMile package tracking report conveys. The table below lists the most popular tracking statuses you can expect when you track a package and their explanations.

    iMile Tracking Status


    Order creation.

    This tracking status indicates that the customer has contacted iMile and generated a shipping label. The sender will proceed to drop off the package at iMile’s processing facility.


    The package has been received at iMile’s processing hub and scanned.

    In transit.

    The shipment is being transported from one iMile facility to another along the shipping route.

    Your order has been shipped from [Riyadh Center].

    The iMile shipment has been released for shipping from its Riyadh Center facility to the next destination.

    Your order has arrived at [Duwadimi station] dispatch facility.

    The iMile vehicle carrying the package has arrived at the Duwadimi station dispatch facility. The package has been unloaded and scanned.


    An iMile last-mile delivery driver is transporting the package to the recipient’s location.


    The shipment was successfully delivered to the recipient.

    About iMile

    iMile Delivery is a logistics and courier services provider connecting the Middle East, China, and Latin America. iMile was founded in 2017 by CEO and Founder, Rita Huang, formerly of Alibaba and Huawei. Co-founder Naveen Joseph was previously a manager at Amazon. Together, they’ve assembled an expert-led team that consists of over 100 IT professionals housed in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Dongguan.

    iMile was ranked #25 in the Forbes Most Funded Startups List in 2020 when it got a capital injection of $10M. In 2021, it improved to rank #9 after receiving $30M to expand its services. Today, the company has a presence in five continents. Its service offerings include cash on delivery remittance, fulfillment and warehousing, same-day and next-day express delivery, last-mile delivery services, cross-border 3PL, pick-up and drop-off, and customer-initiated returns.

    How to Contact iMile Delivery Customer Support

    You can contact the iMile Delivery customer support team through the following channels to get assistance on any issues you encounter while using their services.

    Area Served



    Live Chat

    United Arab Emirates

    Phone: +971600566221

    Email: [email protected]

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Phone: +966 8001240050

    Email: [email protected]


    Phone: +525593312916

    Email: [email protected]


    Phone: +8613713684931

    Email: [email protected]


    Phone: +96824442644

    Email: [email protected]


    Email: [email protected]


    (First Mile)

    Email: [email protected]

    WhatsApp:+55 (11) 93072-9420

    (Last Mile)

    Email: [email protected]

    WhatsApp:+55 (11) 99599-9925


    Phone: +96522252186

    Email: [email protected] 


    Phone: +97444196425

    Email: [email protected] 

    South Africa

    Phone: +27105002276

    Email: [email protected]



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