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    Get the real-time tracking status of your consignments with Pitt Ohio tracking on TrackingMore. Enter the tracking ID to get started.


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    Pitt Ohio Tracking

    Pitt Ohio lets customers track any shipment that the company transports on their behalf via their official website. Pitt Ohio tracking via this method allows customers to tap into the shipment tracking database to pull out precise information on the status, location, and progress of their packages at any time.

    However, Pitt Ohio tracking is not limited to their website’s “Track A Shipment” tool only. You can also follow the movement of your packages using a reliable independent platform like TrackingMore. This article looks into the process of tracking a Pitt Ohio shipment using both methods and explains why TrackingMore should be your go-to Pitt Ohio tracking option going forward.

    How Can I Track My Pitt Ohio Package?

    Knowing what is happening to your Pitt Ohio package is essential for planning purposes and restoring your peace of mind post-purchase. There are two reliable tracking options you can utilize for this process and the steps for each will be explained below.

    • Via the Pitt Ohio Official Website

    Pitt Ohio aims for excellence in everything it does and the same goes for how they’ve designed their website into an invaluable one-stop-shop for all your shipping and tracking needs. The website features a “Track A Shipment” tool that can be used to monitor the movement of your items with the following steps.

    • Open the Pitt Ohio website on any browser of your choice.
    • To the right of the homepage, you will see the “Track A Shipment” tool.
    • Enter your shipment’s tracking ID and proceed to click “Track Shipment” to get started. You can also specify if the package is LTL/Ground or TL by selecting the corresponding option.
    • Pitt Ohio will retrieve and display the tracking information on a new page.
    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore is the most trustworthy independent shipment tracking platform, trusted by businesses and individuals to help them keep a close watch on their package shipping journeys. The platform is well-suited to tracking Pitt Ohio shipments and features a dedicated tracking page for the same. You can use TrackingMore for your tracking needs by following this procedure.

    • Visit the TrackingMore website and select the “Carriers” option on the homepage.
    • On the carriers list, scroll down to the search function and type in Pitt Ohio.
    • Select the carrier’s icon from the results and wait for redirection to the tracking page.
    • Enter your shipment tracking ID (you can input a maximum of 50 entries separated by a line).
    • Click the “Track” button and wait for results to come up in a moment.

    When you need to track packages from multiple carriers, using Pitt Ohio’s website will limit you and require that you switch from one provider’s website to the next to get the tracking information that you need. TrackingMore eliminates all that hassle and consolidates all tracking information in one place. Our multi-carrier tracking platform connects with 1242 logistics service providers worldwide, ensuring you can track the status of your numerous packages without visiting individual carrier websites.


    TrackingMore also offers an API tracking solution for businesses that want to integrate Pitt Ohio package tracking information into their systems. This multi-carrier API also gives your team access to shipment tracking information from other 1242 carriers supported in its network. Get the API for your business today and streamline order tracking to improve exception handling, communication, and overall customer satisfaction.

    Pitt Ohio Tracking Number

    Pitt Ohio assigns special codes to every package submitted for shipping by the company. These codes are also referred to as tracking numbers and provide the customers with a way to follow their consignments’ journeys when keyed into the tracking tool on the company’s website or a third-party platform like TrackingMore.


    Knowing the proper format of a Pitt Ohio tracking number is crucial as it ensures that you can cross-check if the tracking ID you have is accurate. Standard Pitt Ohio tracking numbers are numeral-only with 10 digits in total. It is worth noting that these formats may possibly vary depending on the service category you are using to ship or expect a package. Below are illustrative examples of these carrier’s package tracking IDs.






    Most first-time customers find it challenging to locate the tracking numbers unless given clear instructions on where to find them. They can be easily found in the shipment confirmation email or order confirmation email if you are the recipient. If you bought items online, some invoices issued by merchants may also contain the tracking number. Another option is to contact the sender to share the package’s tracking ID with you.


    Consignors don’t need to look too far for the tracking number. It can be found on the shipment receipt Pitt Ohio issued them when they paid for the package’s shipping.

    Pitt Ohio Tracking Status

    A critical aspect of an exceptional package tracking experience is understanding what each Pitt Ohio tracking status means. The table below highlights some of the popular package tracking statuses and explains their meanings.

    Pitt Ohio Tracking Status


    Arrived at shipper pickup location in Albany, NY.

    A Pitt Ohio pickup driver has arrived at the customer’s location in Albany, New York.

    Pickup - Departure in Albany, NY.

    The driver successfully picked up the consignment from the customer’s location and departed towards the origin terminal.

    Shipment arrived at Pitt Ohio origin terminal in Albany, NY.

    The package has arrived at the Pitt Ohio facility in Albany, New York. It will be scanned and processed before resuming its shipping journey.

    Shipment in transit to destination terminal.

    A Pitt Ohio truck is carrying your package and transporting it to the Pitt Ohio facility nearest to your location.

    Shipment arrived at Pitt Ohio destination terminal in Allentown, PA.

    The package is now at the Pitt Ohio final terminal in Allentown, Pennsylvania from where it will start the last-mile journey to the recipient’s location.

    Shipment out for delivery to consignee in Clifton, NJ.

    A final mile delivery driver has been handed the consignment and is driving towards the recipient's location in Clifton, New Jersey.

    Delivered at consignee location in Clifton, NJ.

    The recipient has successfully received the Pitt Ohio package.

    About Pitt Ohio

    Pitt Ohio Express, LLC, is a private family-founded and run transportation and supply chain management company. It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been operational since 1979 when the Hammel brothers (Charles L. Hammel III, Robert F. Hammel, and Kenneth W. Hammel) started it. Pitt Ohio serves more than 13 US states in the Mid-Atlantic, North Eastern, and Mid-Western regions.


    It began as a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier but has now grown into a full-service supply chain solutions provider offering supply chain, ground, LTL, and TL services. The company’s operations are powered by a 3,200+ employee workforce across 25 LTL terminals within the US. In 2023, the company exceeded $900M in revenue and was recognized as the Logistics Plus 2023 Titanium LTL Carrier of the Year and 2024 Top Workplace in Columbus, Ohio. Pitt Ohio prioritizes employee safety and has been acknowledged for it with an American Trucking Association’s (ATA) President Trophy for operating the safest fleet in the US.

    How to Contact Pitt Ohio Customer Support

    Pitt Ohio’s commitment to quality also extends to its customer support who are always available to help customers resolve any issues they encounter. This team can be contacted through the following channels.

    Pitt Ohio Service

    Contact Method



    Toll-Free Number

    (866) 748-8240


    (412) 208-2829

    Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

    Toll-Free Number

    (800) 291-7488


    (412) 232-0521

    Supply Chain

    Toll-Free Number

    (800) 366-7488


    (412) 232-0619


    Toll-Free Number

    (800) 366-7488


    (412) 232-0619

    General Inquiries

    Contact Form



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