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TrackingMore allows you to monitor the movement of Safexpress packages across India. Enter the shipment’s tracking number below and click ‘Track’ to start.

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    TrackingMore allows you to monitor the movement of Safexpress packages across India. Enter the shipment’s tracking number below and click ‘Track’ to start.


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    Safexpress Tracking

    Safexpress tracking is a process that allows you to know the whereabouts of your shipments as they move across India. The Safexpress provides a convenient tracking feature on its website, or you can choose a trusted professional tracking platform like TrackingMore.

    Benefits of Safexpress tracking include knowing the estimated date on which the consignment will be delivered and planning accordingly. It also allows senders to respond to shipment exceptions and maintain transparent communication with customers. The following sections will teach you how to track your Safexpress packages on the company’s website and the TrackingMore platform.

    How Can I Track My Safexpress Package?

    Tracking Safexpress packages is a straightforward process that only takes a few seconds. When you hand over a package to Safexpress, the company issues you with a waybill that contains the shipment’s tracking ID. If you bought an item online, the order confirmation email will contain this tracking number, or you can ask the merchant to share it.

    You can track Safexpress packages on the official website or through a reliable third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore.

    • Via the Safexpress Official Website

    Safexpress tracking page

    The Safexpress official website features a prominent package tracking tool that sits on the homepage once you open the website. Track your package’s movement through this tool with the following procedure.

    • Select the waybill, e-waybill, or invoice number tracking option.
    • Enter the tracking ID into the query box by typing or copying and pasting.
    • Click ‘Track’ and wait for results to populate below the tracking field.

    Safexpress tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore Safexpress tracking page

    TrackingMore is a dedicated shipment tracking platform that allows you to get the latest tracking updates and complete tracking history of an item with just the tracking number. To use this platform, follow the steps below.

    • Open the TrackingMore website and click on ‘Carriers’ on the homepage.
    • Search for Safexpress using the query box and select the matching option.
    • Enter your package’s tracking ID and click the ‘Track’ button.
    • TrackingMore will show the tracking results and full history of the package on a new page.

    TrackingMore tracking status page

    The TrackingMore platform also features a tracking API that integrates business systems with package tracking data from over 1,100 global carriers. Once connected to TrackingMore’s carrier network, your business can follow the movement of multiple packages from different carriers and not be limited to tracking Safexpress shipments only.

    Safexpress Tracking Number

    A Safexpress package tracking number is a unique 8,9, or 12-digit number that allows businesses and individuals to track the shipping progress of the tracked item. This tracking ID eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication from a customer to a business and the business to Safexpress. 

    Safexpress tracking numbers can be plugged into the tracking tool on the company’s official website or an independent tracking platform like TrackingMore to populate a package’s latest status updates and full tracking history.

    Below are some examples of Safexpress tracking numbers to illustrate how they look.





    Safexpress Tracking Status

    Familiarizing yourself with Safexpress tracking statuses allows you to track your packages more conveniently and correctly interpret each status update. The table below highlights the most common tracking statuses that Safexpress returns and their meanings.

    Safexpress Tracking Status


    In transit

    When a package is labeled as ‘in transit,’ it means that it is onboard a Safexpress vehicle or plane being transported to its destination.


    The pending status indicates that Safexpress has yet to receive information on the package since it was last scanned. In this situation, waiting at least 48 hours for a new update is advisable before raising a complaint.

    Arrived at destination

    This tracking status informs you that the package you are sending or expecting has reached the destination city successfully and will be processed further before the last-mile delivery. 

    Out for delivery

    The out-for-delivery message tells you that a Safexpress driver or partner driver has been handed the package for the final mile delivery. At this point, expect the package to arrive at your designated delivery place in a few hours.


    When you see this message, it means the recipient successfully received the package and signed it (if required).

    About Safexpress

    Safexpress is a leading Indian logistics and supply chain services company founded in 1997. For more than 25 years, Safexpress has been setting standards in the supply chain management and logistics industry with its express distribution, 3PL, and consulting services. Today, it is the go-to logistics partner for B2B brands and has tailored its services to cater to C2C clients as well.

    Sustainable growth is synonymous with Safexpress, which now boasts 809 gateways and over 19.5 million square feet of fulfillment space, allowing the company to handle more than 134 million packages annually. Safexpress has embraced several ‘Go Green’ initiatives, including using a 100% Euro VI standard fleet. For its remarkable and pioneering business practices, Safexpress was awarded the 2021 National Logistics Excellence Award and recognized by the India Ministry of Commerce and Industry as the Best Express Logistics Service Provider.

    How to Contact Safexpress Customer Support

    Safexpress is dedicated to providing outstanding customer support to anyone experiencing challenges with its services. If you would like assistance, contact customer support through the following channels.

    Customer Support Channel

    Contact Method

    Toll-free number

    1800 113 113


    [email protected] 

    Contact form 

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