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Learn how to stay in control of your shipment with Trackon’s courier tracking services, an Indian-based logistics provider.

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    Learn how to stay in control of your shipment with Trackon’s courier tracking services, an Indian-based logistics provider.


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    Trackon Courier Tracking

    Tracon is committed to providing a comprehensive tracking system that monitors the packages immediately after they leave the sender or to their destination. With a technology-innovated Prime track system, customs can comfortably monitor all Trackon consignments and get instant updates.

    Once the user places a Trackon shipping order, the company’s Prime track system is activated, and an AWB or order reference is sent to the customer. Using Trackon’s user-friendly track and trace tool, customers effortlessly receive important details about the whereabouts of the package.

    The information received includes details such as the consignment’s origin, immediate location, estimated delivery date, and any important transit checkpoints.

    Trackon ensures all customers have peace of mind from the complete visibility of their packages. Whether one has light parcels or larger shipments, Trackon’s prime track system captures the milestones made along the shipping process.

    About Trackon Courier 

    Trackon Couriers Pvt.Ltd is a shipping and tracking company with humble roots dating back to 2002. Starting with only two offices in Delhi and Mumbai, the company has grown to encompass and service the entire country in 17 years. Headquartered in New Delhi, Trackon Couriers Pvt serves over 5,000 pin codes daily with over 200,000 consignments.

    Trackon offers domestic shipping services like Prime Track, Express Standard, Air Express Cargo, and Surface Express Cargo. The courier company also offers additional services like Reverse Pickup, International Delivery, and Integrated Mailroom Management solutions.

    Trackon Courier Pvt has nationwide coverage, which includes all major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune etc.

    Trackon Courier Tracking Services

    Trackon Courier Tracking offers several shipping and tracking services both domestically and internationally. In collaboration with their partners, the courier company offers domestic and international delivery solutions, value-added services, and other additional services like reverse pickup solutions. Trackon Couriers offers several ways for merchants and customers to track their packages during the entire shipping journey.

    Customers can trace their parcels anywhere and anytime during working hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with Trackon's tracking service. Trackon delivers parcels from Monday to Saturday across India and internationally with its vast associate networks. Parcel delivery occurs in one or two business days, within which the client can use the Trackon tracking service to trace their shipment in transit.

    Prime Track – This service guarantees parcel delivery in one or two business days nationwide. Individual and business customers can track their parcel with an AWB, order, or reference number or by location.

    Express Standard – This service ensures a cost-effective express delivery between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. by rail, air, or road. Users can track their express standard parcel with a tracking number or by entering location details in the Trackon Courier service track tool.

    Air Express Cargo – This service guarantees express delivery of heavy shipments weighing over 100 kg by air across the country. Trackon allows its users to track air express cargo by location or order number during the Monday to Saturday working days.

    Surface Express Cargo – This service ensures an affordable delivery solution for cargo that requires special handling like material handling equipment and large vehicles. Tracking Trackon's packages with this cargo type requires an order, AWB, or reference number.

    Trackon's tracking service with location requires the user to input their pin code, city, and state to track the parcel’s whereabouts. The tracking tool will then display all the necessary tracking attributes. The client can also add multiple track numbers or delivery destinations to track several shipments. The consignment status will be available for 75 days only.

    International Delivery Solutions

    Trackon Courier International delivery solutions deliver cargo and documents worldwide by leveraging its vast associates' network. The company ensures that trusted global couriers deliver parcels to several foreign nations.

    Although delivery time may vary according to courier partner, customers can expect their delivery between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays. They can also track their international parcels with the Trackon Courier service track tool. 

    How to Track Trackon Courier Packages

    Trackon Courier offers several methods by which customers and merchants can track their packages in transit. There are primarily two ways to track your parcels with the Trackon Courier tracking tool - number and location. Once you place an order, the company will give you an Airway Bill (AWB), order, or reference number for your parcel, which you can use to track from anywhere.

    Additionally, Trackon Courier allows you to use other third-party trackers. These trackers give you more tracking and tracing features.

    Through Trackon Courier Official Tracking Tool

    • To track your parcel with Trackon Courier's official tracking tool, head over to the website's homepage or tracking page.

    Trackon Courier tracking page

    • The first option is to use your AWB number as a tracking ID to track your parcel. If you don’t have your AWB number, the tracking tool allows you to use your order/reference number as a second option.
    • Simply choose which type of tracking number you wish to use and input the number in the search field, then click on "Track."
    • You can also track more than one parcel by using multiple tracking numbers. Click on "Multiple Tracking Numbers" to turn on this feature.
    • Trackon Couriers will then trace and track your shipment and display its status with relevant information such as date, transaction number, and location.

    Trackon Courier tracking status

    If you don’t have any tracking number at hand, Trackon Courier allows you to use your consignment location instead to track your parcel. 

    To track using location, simply toggle to “location” on the tracking page and fill in the fields. There are two location options you can use to track your packages. The first option allows you to track packages by checking your location’s serviceability. The second option allows you to find your nearest branch from which you can pick up your parcel.

    Select “Check Serviceability” or “Find NearbyBranch” and appropriately fill in the fields to track your parcel by location. The location tracking feature also allows you to add a delivery destination which shows Trackon Courier branches in the area and their statuses.

    Through TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a leading third-party parcel tracking platform that offers tons of unique features to track parcels conveniently. You can track your multiple Trackon Courier shipments by adding up to 50 tracking numbers. To track your parcel, head over to TrackingMore's official tracking page for Trackon Courier tracking. Input your tracking number, then click on "Track."

    Here is a detailed sample of what you’ll receive.

    TrackingMore Trackon Courier tracking status

    TrackingMore will display all your shipment's tracking attributes from the loading zone to the destination country.

    Merchants can also subscribe to TrackingMore email delivery notification for Trackon Courier to receive automatic alerts on their order status. Additionally, TrackingMore offers Trackon Courier tracking API to merchants. The API integration allows merchants to integrate Trackon Courier tracking into their online store system for customers to easily track their parcels.

    TrackingMore supports multiple languages so customers from different nations can track parcels seamlessly. The platform is compatible with popular online stores and dropshipping stores like Shopify, eBay, and Aliexpress. TrackingMore is the best third-party tool that tracks not only Trackon Courier packages but also 1,100 other courier packages.

    Trackon Courier Tracking Number

    A Trackon tracking number is a unique number linked to your Trackon Courier package. Customers and merchants can use their tracking numbers to track their parcels during the shipping journey from the loading zone to the consignment location. 

    You can find your Trackon tracking number on receipts, confirmation page, or email. If you can’t find your tracking number, contact Trackon Courier support to get help tracking your parcel.

    Trackon Courier Tracking Number Format

    The Trackon tracking number can be your AWB or order/reference number. The tracking number usually consists of 10 or 12 digits which represent your parcel in a shipment.

    Here are some examples of Trackon Courier tracking numbers.

    • 500087254697
    • 1457643427

    What Does My Trackon Courier Tracking Status Mean?

    A Trackon Courier track status shows what stage of the shipment process your parcel is in during shipping. You can use the Prime Trackon Courier tracking statuses to follow your parcel’s journey during shipping and estimate the delivery time.



    Shipment Booked

    The package is packed up, and you just need to wait a bit and keep regular track.

    Shipment Arrived

    The package has arrived at the local shipping center. 

    Arrived at Destination

    The package has arrived at the consignment location.

    Delivery Manifest Prepared

    The consignment manifested

    Delivered with Signature


    Delivery successful and signed


    Delivery to the consignment location is successful, and the recipient has received the package.

    Why You Should Track with TrackingMore over Trackon Courier Tracking

    While Trackon Courier offers an in-house courier tracking tool, it is limited in the number of features it provides customers. TrackingMore offers tons more tracking features that allow you to track packages worldwide seamlessly. For example, with TrackingMore, you can track up to 50 tracking numbers to track different shipments simultaneously in one place.

    TrackingMore is a world-leading tracking platform that partners with over 1,100 LSPs (Logistics Service Providers). Their large partner pool allows you to track multiple carriers conveniently from the same platform. The platform also offers 24/7 global customer service, so you can always get the help you require in case of any tracking problems.

    Merchants can also integrate TrackingMore API into their websites, applications, and existing systems, which is compatible with almost all online store systems. This feature allows your customers to save time and track their parcels without the hassle of searching for other trackers.

    Additionally, TrackingMore offers multiple customization options, like branded tracking pages. Merchants can host their own order tracking page, which improves tracking convenience and encourages repeat customers.

    Why Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore has a powerful tracking API that you can incorporate into your business systems. The API allows merchants and customers to view parcel tracking statuses during shipping seamlessly in one place. The power behind the TrackingMore API feature is their vast global carrier network which includes USPS, DHL, and FedEx, etc. With access to over 1,100 global carriers, TrackingMore allows customers from different countries to track their parcels.

    Other advantages of TrackingMore API include:

    •  Supports multiple programming languages
    • Has a unified data format
    • Offers 24/7 technical support
    •  Has an API uptime of 99.9%
    • Offers military-grade security level

    TrackingMore helps you offer a superior post-purchase experience for your customers through enhanced end-to-end visibility capabilities. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers.

    You can experience the clear benefits of TrackingMore by signing up for a free trial. 

    Trackon Courier Tracking FAQs

    • What is the AWB number in Trackon?

    An AWB (Air Waybill) number is a unique shipment number usually used for large shipments by air carriers. The Trackon AWB number consists of 10 or 12 digits.

    •  Does Trackon deliver on Sunday?

    Yes, Trackon Courier delivers parcels from Monday to Sunday, usually from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, Trackon Courier does not deliver parcels during holidays.

    • How to track my Trackon courier package?

    You can track your Trackon Courier package by using the official Trackon Courier tracking tool or a third-party tracker. Trackon Courier allows customers to track parcels with tracking numbers or by consignment location.

    • How to take the Trackon Courier franchise?

    You can become a Trackon Courier business associate by filling out a form here. However, to become a business associate, your business must be based in India. Trackon Courier doesn't offer franchising options in other countries.

    How to Contact Trackon Courier Customer Support

    Trackon Courier support is available Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM. 

    Here’s a table containing the contact info for Trackon Courier customer service.

    Toll-Free Telephone

    001-4559 3500

    Customer service email

    [email protected]

    City-specific customer service











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