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    Get the most up-to-date tracking information on your UPS Ground shipments with TrackingMore, the best tracking platform for packages from the US and beyond.


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    UPS Ground Tracking

    United Parcel Service’s extensive shipping network within the US enables the sending and receiving of packages with full tracking that ensures you can stay updated on their movement. UPS Ground tracking is made simple and convenient using the courier’s native tracking tool on its website and the mobile app or via a reliable third-party platform like TrackingMore.

    This article explores ways you can track the movement of a UPS Ground package as it moves from one location to another. It will also cover the crucial role of your UPS Ground tracking number in enabling you to keep up with tracking events concerning the package.

    UPS Ground Shipping Service

    UPS Ground Shipping Service is one of the domestic shipping services provided by UPS. Below is a brief introduction to UPS Ground Shipping Service. 

    • What is UPS Ground?

    UPS Ground offers cost-effective, time-saving, and dependable ground delivery. This service is known for its broad coverage across the entire United States and Puerto Rico with a reliable shipping time of 1 to 5 business days. It also enables customers to ship packages of various weights and sizes. Moreover, UPS Ground Shipping Tracking allows customers to access their packages’ statuses throughout the delivery journey, which further ensures the security and timeliness of the shipments. Therefore, UPS Ground Shipping is a popular choice for both businesses and individuals. 

    • How Long Does UPS Ground Take?

    Typically, UPS Ground shipping time is within 1 to 5 working days. But most 90% of UPS Ground packages actually reach the recipients within 3 days or less. And most residential addresses enjoy Saturday delivery. What’s more, you can take a closer look at the transit times for your shipments with UPS Ground Maps.

    • How Much is UPS Ground Shipping?

    UPS Ground Shipping cost varies with different factors, including origins, destinations, weights, etc. You can visit UPS Ground Shipping rates to get a detailed quote.

    UPS Express Shipping Service

    UPS Express Shipping Service provides a series of enhanced UPS shipping services which are designed for time-sensitive and high-value deliveries. What’s more, UPS Express Tracking helps you to timely locate your package and monitor the shipping process. Here is a short introduction to UPS Express.

    • What is UPS Express?

    UPS Express is a general term for all urgent services. Among the various options, UPS Express Critical is the fastest one that is worth noting. UPS Express Critical customizes delivery plans to cater to your specific needs, which enables your shipments to access global destinations within a rather short period. Here are some highlights of UPS Express Critical.

    • Next Flight Out: Take advantage of commercial and UPS airlines to enable direct shipping.
    • International: Shorten shipping time of international packages in numerous industries with airlines, charter services, expedited customs clearance and surface delivery. Provide timely support for urgent situations with the help of multilingual specialists.
    • UPS Express Critical® Surface: Send packages with exclusive, uninterrupted, doorstep-to-doorstep ground delivery across the US, Canada, Mexico, and European countries where UPS is available.
    • UPS Express Critical® Charter: Charter flights of almost any type or size to ship goods of any size and weight that need special handling.
    • UPS Express Critical® Secure: Customize shipping solutions to ensure safe deliveries with around-the-clock customer service, online UPS Express tracking, and standardized security.
    • UPS Express Critical® Hand Carry: Ensure timely and global arrival with the help of a dedicated courier who physically handles the packages to minimize check-in and transfer time at inbound/outbound, domestic/international and offshore-to off-shore locations.
    • How Long Does UPS Express Take?

    UPS Express Critical is the fastest service, which usually guarantees deliveries within 2 to 12 hours. However, the shipping time differs with each shipment’s unique situation and urgency. The influential factors can include preparation time, distance, flight availability, and transportation mode, among others.

    To accurately estimate the delivery time, you can track your shipments with UPS Express Tracking Service.

    • How Much is UPS Express Shipping?

    The price of UPS Express shipments varies with the packages. Many factors affect the quote, for example, sizes, weights, types of goods, and transportation modes. Therefore, to get more information about the price of UPS Express Shipping, you can contact UPS Express Critical at +1-800-714-8779 (from the U.S. and Canada) or +1-913-693-6205 (from outside the U.S. and Canada).

    How Can I Track My UPS Ground Package?

    There are three recommended ways to track your UPS Ground packages and generate detailed tracking reports. This section breaks down each method and shares tips on how to track your UPS Ground parcel.

    • Via the Official Website

    UPS Ground tracking page

    The UPS official website provides a convenient way of tracking UPS Ground packages from the homepage using the following steps.

    1. Open the UPS official website homepage.
    2. Type in the UPS Ground package tracking number and click Track.
    3. Tracking information about the package will load on the next page.

    UPS Ground tracking status

    • Via the Mobile App

    UPS Ground mobile app

    The UPS mobile app is available on Android and iOS platforms. Once downloaded on your device, it can be used to monitor the shipment status of your UPS Ground package as follows.

    1. Open the UPS mobile app and sign in with your UPS account.
    2. Tap the Track tab, enter the package tracking number in the search field, and click Track.
    3. The entire tracking history of the UPS Ground package and its current status will be shown.
    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore UPS Ground tracking page

    TrackingMore is a robust and trustworthy third-party multi-carrier package tracking platform that can help you know the latest tracking information about your UPS Ground package with the following prompts.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website and click on Carriers.
    2. Search for UPS Ground using the carrier list search field.
    3. Once found, enter the package tracking number and click Track.
    4. Wait for a moment for all the tracking information on the package to load on the next page.

    TrackingMore UPS Ground tracking status

    Of the options provided above for tracking the status of your UPS Ground package, TrackingMore is the most reliable solution because aside from UPS Ground shipments, it can also track the status of parcels handled by other 1100+ global couriers, including FedEx, DHL, and USPS. With TrackingMore, you will not need to switch between different carrier websites to track the status of the different packages you are monitoring. Moreover, TrackingMore also allows you to track up to 50 packages per carrier simultaneously.

    Online retailers can implement the TrackingMore API on their websites to communicate with carrier websites and conveniently avail UPS Ground and other courier partner packages tracking information to customers. This low-code API helps streamline package tracking for customers on your website and enhances shipping transparency.

    UPS Ground Tracking Number

    A UPS Ground tracking number is a unique combination of characters that allows you to follow the progress of any UPS Ground package from a reliable package tracking platform like TrackingMore. Using the UPS Ground tracking number is the only guaranteed way to know the whereabouts of a package and respond appropriately to any incidents or delayed delivery.

    Each UPS Ground tracking number consists of 18 characters that include letters and numbers. It is also worth noting that these UPS Ground tracking numbers start with a unique prefix with the numeral “1” followed by the letter “Z” which helps identify the package as a domestic parcel handled by UPS.

    An authentic UPS Ground tracking number will look similar to the following examples.



    You can locate the UPS Ground tracking number in the order confirmation email or invoice sent after ordering an item online. For senders, the tracking number can be found on the postage receipt issued by UPS.

    UPS Ground Tracking Status

    When you enter a UPS Ground tracking number in any of the tracking tools provided above, you will receive a tracking report indicating a different status on the package. Knowing how to interpret these statuses correctly will ensure you know exactly what is happening to your package and know what to do next. 

    The table shows some common UPS Ground tracking statuses and their meanings.

    UPS Ground Tracking Status


    Label Created

    UPS has received the package information from the shipper and created a shipping label for the parcel.


    The package has been received by UPS and scanned and is now boarded on a UPS vehicle heading to its destination.

    On the Way

    The UPS Ground package is in transit to the specified delivery destination.

    Out for delivery

    The local UPS facility in the delivery destination has received the package and dispatched it to a driver for last-mile delivery.

    Delivered at a UPS Access Point

    The UPS Ground package has been delivered to a UPS Access Point and is ready for pickup by the recipient.

    Transferred to a Post Office for Delivery

    The UPS Ground package has been transferred to a local Post Office, which will handle the final mile delivery.


    The package has been received by the intended recipient and signed off if required.


    The delivery was not successful due to several factors. UPS will reattempt the delivery.

    About UPS

    The United Postal Service (UPS) is a shipping, receiving, and logistics company headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA. It was founded in 1907 by the entrepreneurial duo of James Casey and Claude Ryan as the American Messenger Company to primarily deliver messages to small businesses in Seattle, Washington. Through mergers, the company grew and rebranded to UPS in 1919 after its first foray out of Seattle into Oakland and California.

    From then on, the United Postal Service has gone from strength to strength powered by innovation to offer several logistics services, including day-definite deliveries through its UPS Ground delivery service, UPS Access points for convenient pickups, and other services suited to the specific needs of individuals and businesses. Today, UPS is one of the largest logistics service providers in the US and globally. In 2022, the company recorded $100.3 billion in revenues and had over half a million employees.

    UPS Ground Tracking API

    UPS Tracking API, which is included in UPS’ API catalog, allows real-time tracking of shipments and integration for business systems. Incorporating UPS Tracking API enables efficient and proactive management of shipments. However, there are some unavoidable deficiencies in UPS Ground Tracking API. For example, you can only access one single UPS Ground tracking API, which may lead to constant switching from different platforms if you employ different carriers. Sometimes the response time can be slow during high traffic. Therefore, you need TrackingMore API to optimize your tracking process.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?  

    TrackingMore API outweighs UPS Tracking API in the following aspects.

    • Integration of 1226 carriers: TrackingMore has consolidated 1226 carriers into one platform, including UPS Tracking API.
    • 99.9% API Uptime: TrackingMore assures an astounding 99.9% API uptime for each customer.
    • Multi-language programming: TrackingMore allows various coding protocols, such as Python, Java, and Nord.js, which empowers global programmers to tailor their APIs proficiently.
    • 24/7 technical assistance: TrackingMore boasts a proactive customer support team that helps to solve any problem encountered during the installation of TrackinMore API.

    Sign up for TrackingMore's free trial and enjoy a seamless and efficient package tracking experience.

     FAQs on UPS Ground Shipping and Tracking

    •  Is UPS Ground Shipping the same as UPS Standard Shipping?

    No. UPS Ground and UPS Standard Shipping are not the same. Though they both are ground-based services, the shipping coverage is different. UPS Ground Shipping can send packages throughout all 50 states of the United States and Puerto Rico. However, UPS Standard Shipping covers 48 states, Canada and Mexico.

    •  How long is UPS Ground Shipping?

    UPS Ground Shipping time differs with the destinations. Typically, domestic UPS Ground packages arrive within 1-5 days. International UPS Ground shipments require more time, usually 7-9 days. However, some factors can extend the timeframe, for example, holidays, weather issues, etc. You can track your packages with UPS Ground Tracking or the powerful alternative TrackingMore to know what to expect.

    • Does UPS Ground include tracking?

    UPS Ground provides a free tracking service for your shipments. With UPS tracking numbers, you can see the up-to-date shipping statuses of your packages from pickup to destination on the UPS tracking page or the third-party tracking platform TrackingMore.  

    • How to find my UPS Ground tracking number?

    A tracking number serves as a unique identifier of your package, which is typically a combination of digits and letters. Usually, if you are the sender, you can get the UPS Ground tracking number on the receipt. If you are the recipient who places an order, you can get the UPS Ground tracking number in an order confirmation email. f you have a UPS My Choice account, you should find your UPS Ground tracking number in your online account because UPS My Choice can automatically link packages to your address with your account.

    How to Contact UPS Ground Customer Service

    If you are experiencing any challenges tracking your UPS Ground package, you can contact their customer support through the following official contact methods.

    Contact Method


    Operation Hours

    Phone number


    Sunday to Saturday, 6:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

    Phone number for hearing impaired


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