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    Track your WanB Express parcel using TrackingMore's Wanbang Express tracking services. Get started now and stay updated on your package's status and location.


    • WanB Express Tracking 
    • How Can I Track My WanB Express Package?
    • WanB Express Tracking Number 
    • What Does My WanB Express Status Mean?
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    WanB Express Tracking 

    Shipment tracking has become crucial in today’s digital-centric era. Most multinational logistics service providers (LSPs) offer package tracking capabilities to increase shipment visibility and improve the overall customer experience and Wanbang Express is no exception.

    Wanbang Express allows you to quickly track your parcel using a tracking number. The company provides a powerful parcel tracking feature to help you monitor your package’s progress from when it's picked up from the sender until it arrives at the destination address. 

    How Can I Track My WanB Express Package?

    You can track your WanB Express package through two methods: using the company's official website or utilizing a third-party package tracking platform like TrackingMore.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to tracking your Wanbang Express package using the two options. 

    1. Through the Official WanB Express Website

    Wanbang tracking page

    • Open the official WanB Express website in English or Chinese, depending on your language preference. 
    • Click Tracking to open the parcel tracking page. 
    • Enter your parcel tracking number on the Track Your Parcel field.
    • Cross-check the tracking number and click the search icon. 

    The WanB Express website will load all the shipment tracking information about your package, including its current delivery status and progress since it was received by the courier, as shown below. 

    Wanbang tracking status

    Important Note

    In some instances, you may not be able to track your WanB Express parcel through the website since the company doesn’t manage 100% of the information from all its partners. If you can't track your package through this option, leave the tracking number on the form provided on the Wanb Express tracking page. The company’s customer service team will help you contact its partners as soon as they can. Alternatively, you can track your WanB Express package using the second option. 

    2. Through TrackingMore 

    TrackingMore Wanbang tracking page

    • Access the TrackingMore website using your preferred device.
    • Navigate to the Carriers section to explore the available logistics service providers.
    • Locate and select "WanB Express" from the list of carriers, which can be conveniently identified by searching it from the list.
    • Enter your WanB Express parcel tracking number(s) into the designated tracking field.
    • Validate the accuracy of the entered tracking number(s) and proceed by clicking the Track button to initiate the tracking process.

    The TrackingMore platform will promptly present the comprehensive tracking information for your WanB Express package. Here, you will have access to real-time updates on the shipment's current status, precise location, and any pertinent delivery timelines, as illustrated below.

    TrackingMore Wanbang tracking status

    TrackingMore is a leading package tracking platform that streamlines the process of tracking packages. The platform offers multiple advanced shipment tracking features, such as a branded tracking page and customized shipment delivery notifications. Businesses can utilize TrackingMore to strengthen their brand presence and drive repeat sales.

    Empowered by a powerful tracking API, TrackingMore offers businesses a 360-degree view of all their shipments in one place which helps their customers enjoy a seamless parcel-tracking experience. 

    What’s more, TrackingMore allows you to track more than just Wanbang Express packages. In fact, the platform supports more than 1,100 logistics service providers (LSP) worldwide, including USPS and FedEx. This makes it ideal for tracking packages from multiple LSPs in one place. 

    WanB Express Tracking Number 

    Like many LSPs, WanB Express uses a tracking number to empower you to track your package throughout its delivery. The company uses multiple tracking number formats. Some tracking numbers include numbers only, while others combine numbers and letters. In most cases, the tracking numbers that consist of letters and numbers start with WNB. 

    Here are two examples of WanBang Express tracking numbers. 

    • 7 letters + 10 numbers: WNBAA0260748097YQ 
    • 20 numbers: 00340434664515067820

    You can locate your WanBang Express tracking number on various sources, including your order confirmation email, purchase receipt, or on the exterior packaging of your package.

    What Does My WanB Express Status Mean?

    Here are some WanB Express statuses you may encounter when tracking your package and their corresponding meaning.



    Parcel data received

    Your package information has been received by WanB Express.

    Parcel received at Shenzhen Sorting Center

    Your parcel has been received at the WanB Express sorting center in Shenzhen.

    Parcel processed at Shenzhen Sorting Center

    The parcel has been sorted and processed at the sorting center in Shenzhen.

    Parcel departure in Shenzhen Sorting Center

    Your package has left the WanB Express sorting center.

    Customs declaration completed

    The parcel has been declared by customs.

    Parcel departure in transit facility, parcel departure

    The parcel is being transported by a linehaul agent. 

    Parcel is leaving airport, parcel leaving airport

    Your package has left the origin country’s airport. 

    Parcel arrives at airport, parcel arrival

    Your parcel has arrived at the destination country’s airport. 

    Custom clearance completed 

    The package has been cleared by customs

    The shipment is in transit to LSP

    The package is being transported to the LSP, who will deliver it to the destination address.

    The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin.

    Your package has been processed at the parcel center of origin. 

    The shipment has been processed in the destination parcel center

    The destination parcel center has processed your package.

    The shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle

    Your parcel has been loaded into the delivery vehicle and shipped to the destination address.

    The shipment has been successfully delivered.

    Your package has been delivered to the final address and can be picked up. 

    About WanB Express

    Established in 2017, WanB Express is an international group that offers e-commerce logistics and freight forwarding services. The company provides customized logistics services that meet the sellers' needs.  

    WanB Express has established management teams in Germany, Belgium, and Britain. It aims to directly achieve intelligent data connection with about 40 suppliers, including clearance agents, DHL, local express, and European Postal in Europe. 

    The company has over 200 global employees and experts. Regarding scope, WanB Express is headquartered in Shenzhen, and its services cover mainly North America and Europe, including 60+ countries in those regions. 

    What’s more, WanB Express has invested in research and development, integrating intelligent systems to streamline the parcel delivery process. The company continues to improve its cross-border global freight transport services and is approaching its logistics mission and goal of "Global Logistics 7 Days Delivery".

    How to Contact WanB Express Customer Service

    If you have any questions regarding your WanB Express package or other relevant concerns, contact WanB Express customer service for help. Here’s how to contact them.

    Contact Method 



    Room 2701, Building 11, Tianan Yungu Phase 2, No. 2018 Xuegang Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District.


    0755 - 28918827

    Customer Service Rep


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