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XingYunYi tracking, Trackingmore provides real- time XingYunYi international waybill tracking and XingYunYi tracking API.
scammed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
i ordered thru hawalili really wanted what ordered, unfortunatly just 30 days ago i was taken for $150.00 for a mini fridge on ebay who recomended the site. and now this when do these web sites become accountable, i think we have a good shot at a class action lawsuit against the company and the websitesthat may even be profiting from these scams they certainly do nothing to stop.#angry and fed up.
Terrible service
Ordered 4 pair of shorts and only got 1 smh these guys are professionals at taking hard earned money from people
Scammers from China fuck you

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Der Service is gleich null.. Nach vielen e-mails meinerseits habe ich keine einzige Rückmeldung bekommen. Ich werd mir das Geld zurück holen lassen wenn ich nicht langsam etwas erfahre..
Missing order
If I could mark ZERO stars I would.....complete scam! My son's order was never delivered, unable to contact or speak to someone & its over 90 days later. $180 wasted DON'T DO IT!
Complete Scam
Have been waiting over 3 months and it still states item is shipping...If you used this site you were scammed.
Always check to see if coming from China, if so don't order or you will get ripped off.
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