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    Stay informed about your 4PX shipment deliveries with the help of TrackingMore and its 4PX tracking API!


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    4PX Tracking

    4PX is a leading international logistics and e-commerce solutions provider that offers efficient and reliable parcel tracking services. With a global presence and a network of partners, 4PX ensures that your packages are tracked seamlessly throughout their journey.

    4PX's tracking system provides real-time updates on the status and location of your parcels. Whether you're sending or receiving packages domestically or internationally, you can easily monitor their progress. This level of visibility not only enhances the customer experience but also allows businesses to manage their shipments more effectively.

    About 4PX

    4PX Worldwide Express is China’s top logistics and fulfillment company with a wide range of services, including software and consultation services. These services are aimed at helping businesses grow their position in today’s ever-evolving e-commerce world.

    Born in 2004, and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company employs more than 1,500 people across its various global locations. It serves over 50 countries worldwide.

    4PX business partners include many famous international companies such as eBay, PayPal, Google, AliExpress, Terapeak, and Magento. It is also a priority choice for many Amazon sellers based in China. Shenzhen Capital Group and Singapore Post Limited are two of its major investors.

    Today, more than 20,000 businessmen depend on different services being provided by 4PX. Its seamless delivery of services has quickly transformed it into becoming China’s market leader in its large scale of operations, the number of orders processed, and revenues generated.

    Working one-on-one with eCommerce businesses, 4PX ensures customers find the best possible shipment solutions, including international express delivery, import/export services, freight and inventory management, etc. Not only this, but the company also offers its customers important services such as warehousing, transportation, and distribution.

    How long does 4PX shipping take?

    Shipping of 4XP is dependent on several factors. Some of the factors that can have a role to play in the expected time for 4XP’s deliveries are as follows.

    Calamities - The destination country that the package is being sent to. Every country has delaying factors, such as heavy traffic, road blockages, national holidays, weather conditions, etc.

    Rules and Regulation Issues - The destination country’s rules and regulations also impact whether the shipment can be delivered in time, as some items that are allowed in the host country may be restricted in the destination country.

    Shipping Method - The delivery service chosen for the shipment of packages may also impact the time it takes to reach the recipient. Some services have a shorter delivery time while others take more time.

    Customs Clearance – Sometimes shipments may be delayed due to being stuck at the local or destination country’s customs.

    Generally, the courier service will deliver its international shipments within 7-25 working days. For some countries, it may take more than 30 days for the shipments to arrive.

    How to Track 4PX Express Package

    4XP international tracking can be carried out throughout the shipment’s journey from the sender’s location to the recipient’s door.

    There are two ways of 4XP logistics tracking and 4XP freight tracking.

    1. Via the 4PX Official Website

    Packages sent through 4PX can be tracked through their official tracking website.

    4PX tracking page

    • First, go to the 4PX Official Website.

    • Next, enter 4XP tracking numbers into the tracking tool.

    • Then click the Track button.

    • You can view the updated status for all your 4PX packages.

    4PX tracking status

    2. Via TrackingMore

    Logistics companies play a vital role in today's dynamic, e-commerce-driven landscape. While some function prominently at the frontlines, many third-party logistics companies serve as the unseen but crucial backbone of the logistics industry. One of the several critical challenges faced by these companies is the management of their tracking processes in an efficient manner.

    TrackingMore is an all-in-one tracking platform that provides auto-updated tracking services to shoppers and sellers, ensuring customers receive the best post-shopping experience. Supporting 1242 shipping carriers worldwide, TrackingMore allows for the optimization of your post-purchase journey. The greatest benefit of using TrackingMore is that it provides a one-stop service for tracking your shipment data, helping you resolve any delivery-related issues faster. 

    Tracking your 4PX shipment through TrackingMore is easy.

    • Log onto TrackingMore’s 4PX tracking website.

    • Enter your tracking number in the space provided.

    • Then you will receive an updated status of all your shipments on a single, smart dashboard.

    4PX partners with international shipping carriers to deliver packages globally. Once the shipment leaves China, it is handed over to a logistics partner who will complete the international delivery for 4PX. This means that tracking 4PX’s international shipments is not always possible through their official website, and they may face delays in tracking updates.

    In such a scenario, as a business or individual in need of reliable shipment tracking solutions, TrackingMore always emerges as the optimal choice. This is primarily due to its extensive integration with 1242 carriers, including USPS tracking, UPS tracking, and DHL tracking. This broad carrier coverage ensures that you can efficiently track shipments regardless of the service provider, streamlining your logistics management process and enhancing your overall efficiency.

    TrackingMore API

    The TrackingMore API is a versatile and robust tool that empowers businesses to elevate their shipment tracking capabilities. By seamlessly integrating it into your system, you can unlock a host of valuable benefits and features.

    • Real-time Package Tracking

    TrackingMore can track shipments in real-time, letting logistic companies monitor them constantly. This will allow companies to be able to provide their customers with updated information on their shipments. Not only this, TrackingMore can track multiple shipments for you all in one go, which means you do not need to manage each load separately.

    • Customized Brand Tracking Page

    TrackingMore offers a customized brand tracking page to its consumers. This means that the logistics companies can build their own tracking page with customized logos and colors. As the consumers experience a smooth post-shopping experience, they will think and feel better about your brand, consequently driving better sales. A customized tracking page for your brand will ensure that your customers remain satisfied at the end of the day.

    • Alerts and Notifications

    If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where your packages were delayed at some country’s customs, and you lost customers because you didn’t get to know in time, then TrackingMore is the solution. This service ensures that you receive all the latest updates for your shipment – from delivery confirmations to exception notifications or delay alerts. In turn, this allows logistic services to take swift, necessary action, maintaining a proactive approach. 

    • Integrating E-Commerce Platforms

    A unique and helpful feature of using TrackingMore is its ability to integrate with different e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. This integration allows for automated operations and a reduction in manual efforts.

    Renowned global brands like Shein, Amazon, Printify, and DJI consistently choose TrackingMore for their tracking needs, thanks to its exceptional uptime performance and data accuracy. Unlock the power of seamless tracking by signing up for TrackingMore now!

    How to Contact 4PX Customer Service

    There are several ways of contacting 4PX to quickly resolve your shipment-related problems.

    Contact methods Details
    Address Building 12, Yiku, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Phone 0755-23508000
    Email [email protected]
    Online Customer Service  Service Hours: 9:00-18:30 (Mon-Sat)


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