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    Track your Bpost package efficiently through TrackingMore. Follow packages worldwide, streamline operations, and tap into a network of 1100+ LSPs for seamless tracking.


    • Bpost Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Bpost’s Package?
    • Bpost Tracking Number
    • What Does My Bpost Status Mean?
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    Bpost Tracking

    The Belgium Post also known as BPost offers a seamless domestic and international tracking solution that transforms the logistics landscape by simplifying the complex world of supply chains. Each parcel sent via BPost is endowed with a distinct barcode, its digital heartbeat. As this heartbeat resounds with every scan and each location update, users are provided with instantaneous data on their shipments.

    Bpost tracking simplifies the intricate dynamics of supply chains, highlighting BPost's commitment to not merely transporting parcels but also cultivating trust and providing clear visibility at every stage of a shipment's journey.

    How Can I Track My Bpost’s Package?

    Tracking a Belgium Post package is straightforward; simply use your package's barcode (the tracking number) and an internet connection. Access the BPost Track & Trace feature via their website or app to view real-time status updates and scan details. Third-party platforms such as TrackingMore offer an alternative for tracking shipments.

    1. Via Bpost's Official website

    • Go to the Bpost website and scroll down to the Track & Trace section.

    Bpost tracking page

    • Enter the tracking number in the "Barcode" field as well as the "Postal Code" for the delivery address.

    • Click on the Track button.

    • Then the tracking tool will show you the current status of your shipment.

    Bpost tracking status

    2. Via Bpost Official Mobile App

    Bpost mobile app

    • Install and launch the Bpost mobile app from the official website.

    • Click the "add a shipment" icon on the landing page.

    • Enter your package's barcode or scan the code through the app.

    • Then enter the postcode of the delivery address.

    • You will receive the status progress of your shipment. 

    3. Via TrackingMore 

    TrackingMore Bpost tracking page

    • Enter your Barcode in the provided field and click the track button.

    • You'll receive a warning telling you that the courier requires more information.

    • Click the Add Now link and add the Postal Code then click the Submit button.

    • You will receive your travel details as shown below.

    TrackingMore Bpost tracking status

    While Bpost is among the top logistics companies in the industry, it does not guarantee full shipment visibility, especially for international packages which change carriers depending on location. This is where TrackingMore shines. TrackingMore integrated with 1,100+ global carriers offers an all-in-one tracking service, enabling hassle-free Bpost international tracking without having to navigate multiple carriers' websites. For businesses, you can integrate the TrackingMore API within your own system for a seamless tracking solution.

    Bpost Tracking Number

    When it comes to tracking your parcels through Belgium Post's tracking system, the barcode as the Bpost tracking number becomes your gateway to real-time insights. This unique identifier is usually between 13 to 30 characters long and consists of a combination of letters and numbers. Belgium Post employs various formats for barcodes, each designed to serve specific purposes.

    Here are some examples of Bpost tracking numbers.

    24-Digit Barcode: A sequence of 24 digits that start with either 3299 or 3232. 

    - 329943458791487264331097

    - 323200338808113000000033

    18-Digit Barcode: 18-digit barcode, all starting with 3232. 

    - 323290765854785432

    - 323267006205681453

    13-Character Barcode: Recognizable since it starts with two letters (CE, EE, CD, CZ) and ends with two letters (BE, GB). 

    - RV490616430GB

    - CD117335329BE

    27-Character Barcode: The 27-character sequence, usually starting with JJBEA.

    - JJBEA2356412012365478896541

    30-Digit National Registered Mail Barcode: It consists of 30 digits, always starting with 010.

    - 010541288500452621221234567890

    13-Character International Registered Mail Barcode: Designed for international registered mail, it's a 13-character code commencing with the letter R.

    - RA123456789FR

    The barcode can be found on the shipping label, receipt, mailing receipt, notice of absence, confirmation email, or on any communication from the sender.

    What Does My Bpost Status Mean?

    Knowing what's happening with your package from Belgium Post is super important to keep an eye on it and make sure it arrives smoothly. Belgium Post uses different shipment statuses to tell you where your package is and what's going on during its trip.

    Here's a breakdown of each status you might encounter with Bpost.

    Shipment Status

    Status Meaning 

    Confirmation of preparation of the shipment received.

    The sender has confirmed that the shipment is ready to be shipped.

    Item information registered manually at the counter.

    The shipment has been registered at the counter by a human operator. 

    Your international package is ready to be processed by Bpost.

    The shipment has arrived at a Belgium Post sorting facility and is ready to be processed. 

    Your item has been sorted.

    The package has been sorted and is ready to be transported to its next destination.

    Item has passed a checkpoint.

    the parcel has passed a checkpoint, such as a customs checkpoint or a security checkpoint.

    Departure from the exchange office.

    The package has departed from the exchange office where it was processed.

    Arrival in the country of destination.

    The parcel has arrived in the country of its destination.

    Shipment being prepared by the postman.

    The postman is preparing to deliver the shipment.

    Item presented - addressee absent - message left.

    The package was presented to the recipient, but the recipient was not available to receive it. A message was left for the recipient.

    Item available at pick up point

    The shipment is available for pickup at a pick-up point. This could be a store or neighbor.

    Item delivered.

    The shipment has been delivered to the recipient.

    About Bpost 

    Belgium Post is the national postal operator of Belgium. It was founded in 1830 and is headquartered in Brussels. The company offers a variety of postal services, including domestic and international mail, parcel delivery, and e-commerce solutions. 

    Belgium Post has established its presence on a global scale, reaching across more than 10 countries spanning 4 continents. Boasting an extensive network of over 80 hubs, Belgium Post's dedication to e-commerce logistics is evident in the wide-ranging reach of its 13 entities as well as a dedicated workforce of over 36,000 employees. 

    The company's services leave a mark across the map, extending its reach to over 200 countries worldwide. Through collaborations with partner networks and direct operations, the company acts as a conduit for cross-border connectivity and expansive commerce.

    How to Contact Bpost Customer Service

    Whether you need help with tracking, deliveries, or general inquiries, the Belgium Post offers various avenues for you to connect with their customer support team. The support team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. & 01:00 p.m. - 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. - 01:00 p.m. For professionals, opening hours are from 08.00 a.m – 12.30 p.m & 13.00 p.m – 06.00 p.m, Monday - Friday.

    Here are the customer service contact details for Belgium Post.

    Contact Method 



    For private individuals: 

    02 278 51 26

    For professionals: 

    02 207 57 84


    [email protected] (for postal accounts)

    Social Media 

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/bpost_nl

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/bpost

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bpost/?hl=nl

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bpost.official/

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