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    Swiss Post tracking on TrackingMore helps you track your packages in real time and access the latest status updates. Start now with your tracking ID.


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    Swiss Post Tracking

    When sending or expecting a package through Swiss Post, you can conveniently monitor its shipping progress from the comfort of your handheld or desktop device through Swiss Post tracking. This reliable tracking service is provided on the postal courier’s home website and lets customers know the whereabouts of their packages provided they are shipping under a service category that supports shipment tracking.

    Aside from using the Swiss Post website’s tracking tool to follow your packages along their journeys, you can also tap into the efficiency of a robust third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore. The goal of this article is to enlighten you on ways you can simplify your Swiss Post parcel tracking process using these two most trusted package monitoring platforms.

    How Can I Track My Swiss Post Package?

    In this age of the internet, tracking your Swiss Post packages is a straightforward process that will not take up much of your time so long as you have access to the right tracking tools and the package’s tracking ID. Use the two options below to know the latest tracking updates concerning your packages.

    • Via the Swiss Post Official Website

    The Swiss Post official website brings together all the services offered by this national postal services provider of Switzerland. You can book shipping, sign up for an account, track packages, and more from one place. To leverage the platform’s capabilities to know where your package is and what is happening to it, follow the procedure below.

    • Open the Swiss Post website.
    • Scroll down the homepage to locate the shipment tracking tool.
    • Enter your package’s tracking ID in the search box and click on the “Seek” command.
    • Swiss Post will redirect to a new page with a summary of the shipment. Click the “Show details” button to see the package’s tracking history.
    • Via the Swiss Post Mobile App

    Swiss Post has also developed a mobile app for Android and iOS devices that can be used to track packages. To access the full functionality of the app, you need to register or log in to a Swiss Post My Mail account. However, the app can still be used on a restricted basis without an account. Track your packages by following the steps below.

    • Download and install the Swiss Post app on your mobile device.
    • Launch the app and on the home screen tap on “My Consignments” to redirect to the tracking page.
    • Enter your package’s tracking number and hit the search button.
    • Wait for the Swiss Post app to retrieve the tracking information and show it on a new page.
    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore is an advanced shipment tracking platform that provides end-to-end tracking service for your Swiss Post packages, allowing you to access its full tracking history and understand the step-by-step events occurring to it at each checkpoint. You can easily know the latest tracking status of your Swiss Post package on TrackingMore through the following process.

    • Visit the TrackingMore website from a mobile device or desktop browser.
    • Click on “Carriers” at the top of the homepage to launch the carriers list.
    • Search for Swiss Post using the search box and select the matching result.
    • Enter your parcel’s tracking number into the tracking field and click the “Track” button.
    • TrackingMore will load all the available tracking information on the package on a new page.

    By using the TrackingMore website to track your Swiss Post packages, you expand your shipment tracking capabilities beyond just this courier’s packages. The platform is a multi-carrier tracking website, meaning it lets you track items handled by other 1255 global carriers that it supports in one place. With TrackingMore, you eliminate the hassle of having to visit multiple logistics service provider websites and navigate different user interfaces to know the status of your various packages.

    TrackingMore also empowers your business to provide customer-centric support services through integrating package tracking data from the 1255 carriers it connects with into your business system through its tracking API. This implementation allows your customer support team to monitor all shipments from a unified dashboard which improves exception anticipation and handling. Through this, WISMO tickets significantly reduce as customers are continuously informed about the status of their shipments.

    Swiss Post Tracking Number

    Your Swiss Post package tracking number is the most important element when monitoring the tracking status of your item. This unique code is assigned to a Swiss Post package under a shipping service with tracking, allowing customers to follow the movement of the package and enabling the Swiss Post team to identify the item during its journey.

    Domestic Swiss Post packages have 18-digit tracking numbers. International shipments have 13 alphanumeric characters with a two-letter prefix, nine digits, and two letter-suffix. Below are some Swiss Post tracking IDs for illustration.

    • 996015182914094089
    • 996015192810594083
    • RW977545576CH
    • RW977445995CH

    To locate your Swiss Post tracking number, check the shipment confirmation notification sent by Swiss Post. You can also sign into your My Mail account to check the tracking ID of any particular shipment you are expecting. For items bought online, check the purchase invoice or order confirmation email sent by the shop you bought from. You can also request the sender of the package to share the tracking number.

    For shippers, the shipping email issued when you paid for the package will contain its tracking ID. You can also check your Swiss Post My Mail account for the shipment’s tracking number.

    Swiss Post Tracking Status

    The table below contains some of the most popular Swiss Post tracking statuses customers can expect in a tracking report when they track an item’s shipping progress.

    Swiss Post Tracking Status


    Your shipment will shortly be handed over to the Swiss Post.

    The customer has generated a shipping label and is preparing the item for pickup/handover to Swiss Post.

    Sorted for delivery.

    The package has been processed at a Swiss Post facility and handed over to a driver to deliver it to the recipient.

    Arrival at the collection/delivery point.

    The Swiss Post driver has arrived at the recipient’s delivery location ready to hand over the package to them.

    Delivery failed.

    The delivery was unsuccessful because of one of several reasons including the recipient's unavailability or delayed pick up.

    Arrival by special delivery.

    A re-delivery will be done by special means to the recipient’s designated delivery/collection point.

    Loading into delivery vehicle.

    The package is being loaded onto a Swiss Post vehicle for the last-mile delivery.


    The item was successfully delivered to the recipient.

    About Swiss Post

    Swiss Post is the national postal service of Switzerland. It is a fully state-owned public company that was founded in 1849. Swiss Post has over 54,000 employees which makes it the second largest employer in Switzerland. In 2021, the Universal Postal Union voted this postal services operator the world’s best for the fifth time running.

    Swiss Post’s specialty is mail and parcel delivery but in response to the changing demands of the Swiss population, it has diversified its services to include e-commerce deliveries. Swiss Post also offers banking services through PostFinance, public transport services through PostBus, property development, management and marketing services through Post Real Estate, and professional fleet management services via Post Company Cars.

    How to Contact Swiss Post Customer Support

    The Swiss Post customer support can be contacted through the following channels in case you have any issues with any of their services.

    Contact Method


    Service Hours


    +41 848 888 888

    Monday to Friday: 7.30 am - 6 pm

    Saturday: 8 am to 12 noon

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