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    Get your TNT Express package updates in real-time. TrackingMore supports bulk tracking, auto carrier detection, unifies tracking data into a single spot, and more!


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    TNT Tracking

    TNT tracking is an online tracking feature included with TNT shipping services. Every package registered at TNT receives a shipment number that serves as its unique identifier and tracking number. 

    The TNT tracking number gets scanned at every transit point and updated on the tracking system. This provides customers with real time shipment updates and peace of mind. Customers can track their shipment at any time, and the estimated delivery time allows them to prepare for delivery and plan their work schedule accordingly.

    About TNT

    TNT Express is an international delivery service headquartered in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. The company has been providing delivery services for over 70 years. The company was founded under the name Thomas Nationwide Transport in 1946 in Adelaide, South Australia.

    TNT Express separated from its parent company, TNT N.V., in May 2011, and the remaining part of the company rebranded itself as PostNL. Later, FedEx purchased TNT Express in 2016 to expand its operations in Europe. 

    TNT provides a diverse range of international services in over 200 countries and connects Europe with over 55,000 road trips and 700 flights every week. Its major areas of operation include the USA, South America, the Middle East, China, and Asia Pacific. 

    TNT Tracking Service

    TNT offers a variety of shipping services designed to meet the shipping needs of every business. The services include cost-effective solutions, multiple transportation modes, and customization options that customers can choose as per their budget, volume of the shipment, required time frame, and so on. 

    The following section discusses the TNT services in detail. 

    • Freight Services

    TNT offers cost-effective freight services for shipping large, heavy, and irregular shape goods. Their international freight forwarding option supports the importing and exporting of goods to more than 200 countries. The TNT live tracking features included in the services allow customers to track the shipment's progress until it reaches the recipients.

    The following are TNT freight services. 

    Freight Services



    Air freight services

    This service is designed for shipping non-urgent heavy packages (over 100kg & irregular shapes) via air at an affordable cost. 

    ✔Speed and price options available for customer preference

    ✔Door-to-airport delivery

    ✔Door-to-door delivery

    ✔Import & export customs clearance handled by TNT

    Road freight services

    This service is ideal for shipping large shipments via road at a reasonable price throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

    ✔Options for choosing the dedicated vehicle for point-to-point delivery or groupage

    ✔Shipment collection from multiple locations for consolidation & onward delivery

    ✔Direct, safe & secure delivery (great for sensitive & high value items)

    Sea freight services

    This is the most cost-effective shipping option for meeting intercontinental delivery needs. This service offers the shipping of large consignments in full or part-container loads. 

    ✔Door-to-port delivery

    ✔Port-to-port delivery

    ✔Door-to-door delivery

    ✔Import & export customs clearance handled by TNT

    • TNT Express Tracking

    The TNT Express service offers international door-to-door shipping of urgent documents, packages, and pallets within the next business days. The services include a tracking feature that provides customers with peace of mind. Customers can use the tracking system to check out the shipping route, current status, estimated delivery time, and so on. Moreover, the service includes the basic customs clearance option. 

    The TNT Express service offers the following service categories.

    Express schedule



    9:00 Express

    This service delivers documents and parcels before 9 a.m.

    ✔Weight limit: 210kg

    ✔40+ countries (major cities)

    10:00 Express

    This service delivers documents and parcels before 10 a.m.

    ✔Weight limit: 210kg

    ✔45+ countries (major cities)

    12:00 Express

    This service delivers documents, parcels, and pallets before 12 p.m.

    ✔Weight limit: 500kg

    ✔60+ countries (major cities)


    This service delivers documents, parcels, and pallets before 6 p.m.

    ✔Weight limit: 500kg


    • Special Services

    TNT also offers services for time-sensitive, tricky, or sensitive goods that require extra attention. TNT's efficient transport ensures that the consignment arrives at its destination on time and in good condition. Besides, the tracking system incorporated with the service keeps track of the shipment journey and can easily identify the location of the consignments in case they get lost or misplaced.

    The following are the services included in the TNT special services.




    Dedicated Vehicle

    This is a fast consignment delivery service. To ensure high security, shipping is conducted via GPS-equipped temperature-controlled vehicles (van or truck).

    ✔Door-to-door delivery 

    ✔All day & every day delivery

    ✔Complete customs clearance

    ✔Delivery confirmation

    ✔Optional insurance

    TNT On Board Courier 

    This is a premium service that offers personal delivery of your parcels and documents on the next available commercial flight.

    ✔Personal delivery to a named recipient

    ✔Ideal for time-sensitive shipments

    ✔Door-to-door delivery 

    ✔All day & every day delivery

    ✔Optional insurance

    Air Charter

    This service is ideal for delivering sensitive (perishable), heavy, or large goods through dedicated aircraft within the same day or the next day worldwide.

    ✔Same-day service in Europe

    ✔Door-to-door delivery

    ✔Door-to-airport delivery

    ✔Customs clearance

    ✔Optional insurance

    Next Flight Out

    This service is designed to meet the urgent shipping needs of both domestic and international shipments through the best available commercial flights, including road transport. 

    ✔Same-day delivery

    ✔Next day delivery

    ✔Rapid customs clearance

    Special Express

    This is a premium shipping service that provides dedicated, timed collection and delivery of documents, parcels, and freight anywhere in the world, even outside of regular business hours.

    ✔Fastest possible route

    ✔Specialist staff to ensure safe delivery

    ✔Optional insurance

    Air Fright

    Air freight provides shipping services for heavy goods weighing more than 100kg. Customers have the freedom to select the speed and price of the freight.

    ✔Door-to-airport delivery

    ✔Door-to-door delivery

    ✔Import & export customs clearance 

    • My TNT 2

    MyTNT 2 is an online shipping tool that makes booking shipments faster and easier for businesses of all sizes. It has built-in personalized rates that you can choose as per your shipping volume and needs (domestic, international, or import). 

    This fast and secure tool has myTNT tracking systems that support the tracking of both incoming and outgoing shipments and provide complete visibility and control over the shipment.

    The other amazing features of this tool include-

    ✔Offer discounted rates

    ✔Live shipment status updates

    ✔Smart address book with real-time search

    ✔Saves templates for regular shipment

    ✔Automatically saves receivers' details in the address book

    ✔Immediate shipping after signing up

    ✔Supports multiple users

    ✔Available in multiple languages

    How to Track TNT’s Package

    TNT offers tracking features with its services to ensure successful delivery while maintaining transparency. The tracking system allows customers to monitor the shipment route and stay updated with the shipment progress. You can track your TNT package using multiple methods, such as the TNT official website, the TNT mobile app, and third-party parcel tracking websites like TrackingMore.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your TNT package.

    • Via the Official Website

    TNT tracking page

    To track your TNT package via the official website, 

    Step 1: Go to the TNT’s official website. 

    Step 2: In the Track & Trace section, select the shipment number option if you want to track your package using the shipment number, or the reference number option if you have the customer reference number. 

    Step 3: Enter the tracking number as per your selected option and click the ‘Track’ button. 

    Then you will be directed to the tracking dashboard, which contains detailed shipment journey data, signatory details, proof of delivery, and other information.

    TNT tracking status

    • Via the Official Mobile App

    TNT mobile app

    To make tracking shipments easy, TNT has an official mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app has an inbuilt tracking tool where you just have to enter your tracking number in the tracking field, click the 'search' button, and know the whereabouts of your shipment. You can also keep the notification feature enabled to receive automatic shipping progress updates. 

    • Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore TNT tracking page

    To track your TNT package using TrackingMore,

    Step 1: Go to the homepage of TrackingMore’s official website.

    Step 2: Click on the option ‘Carriers’ from the menu bar to go to the carriers page.

    Step 3: On the carriers page, type ‘TNT’ and click on the first TNT carrier that appears in the carriers list.

    Step 4: Enter your TNT tracking number in the tracking field and click on the ‘Track’ button. 

    Then the tracking dashboard will appear on the screen showing the current status of the shipment. To know the detailed shipment journey, click on the small arrow sign on the right side of the delivery status.

    TrackingMore TNT tracking status

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over the TNT?

    Although the TNT tracking system provides accurate tracking information, TrackingMore provides some advanced services to give you an upper hand. You can enjoy a comprehensive tracking experience with TrackingMore’s services, as it is linked with multiple TNT Tracking options such as TNT Tracking UK, TNT Tracking Italy, and TNT Tracking International. Moreover, FedEx is one of TrackingMore’s carrier partners. Hence, TNT FedEx tracking is seamless and efficient through TrackingMore. 

    TrackingMore’s advanced features include-

    • Tracking of TNT, FedEx, and other 1,100+ logistic service providers
    • Universal auto carrier detection system
    • Clear shipment visibility, including last-mile updates
    • Tracking of 50 consignments from one or multiple carrier partners

    TNT Tracking Number

    TNT assigns a unique combination of shipment numbers to every shipment registered in the TNT system for delivery. This shipment number is also known as the tracking number, as customers can use this number to track their parcel online anytime from any location. 

    The shipment number is usually provided through the confirmation email. It can also be found beneath the barcode of the collection manifest. TNT also provides a customer reference number while customers book the shipment. This is an optional way to track the shipments. 

    If you don’t have the customer reference number, then no worries; you can still track your package using the shipment number.

    • TNT Tracking Number Format and Examples

    TNT offers several tracking number formats. The most popular TNT tracking number formats are-

    - Tracking number consisting of 8 numerical digits. For example: 27086453

    - Tracking number consisting of 9 numerical digits. For example: 250350598

    - Tracking number consisting of 13 alphanumeric characters (combination of letters & numbers), starting with a pair of letters, followed by 9 numbers, and ending with a pair of letters. An example would be LX069534745IL, which follows the format of 2 letters + 9 numbers + 2 letters.

    Note: Other less common tracking number formats may also be available.

    TNT Tracking Status

    Here are the most common TNT tracking statuses, along with their explanations, that you may see while tracking your package.

    Tracking Status 


    Shipment is at nearest collection depot

    The package is currently being held at the nearest TNT collection depot, where it can be picked up.

    Shipment collected from collection address

    The package has been collected from the pickup/collection location.

    Shipment in transit

    The shipment is being transported from one TNT facility to the next facility as per the shipping route.

    There's been a delay but we're working hard to deliver on time

    The shipping of the package is delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. However, TNT is trying its best to deliver the shipment on time.

    Shipment held for customs paperwork documentation query. We'll contact the sender.

    The package is held at customs for clearance. TNT will contact the sender to verify the package and complete other formalities.

    Shipment arrived at connection point

    This status can be seen in the case of international delivery. It means the shipment will be handed over for customs clearance.

    Awaiting customs clearance instructions/information. We've contacted the receiver to get them.

    The shipment has reached the port or airport of the destination country and is currently waiting for customs clearance. TNT has contacted the receiver for verification as well as other formalities such as taxes and import duties.

    Customs has released the goods

    The shipment has received clearance from customs.

    Connection delay. Natural Causes. Recovery actions underway

    TNT is working to get the shipment back on track after it was delayed due to natural events (such as bad weather, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires).

    Shipment now at depot nearest to delivery address

    The shipment has reached the TNT depot, which is located near the delivery location.

    Shipment is out for delivery.

    The shipment is handed over to the TNT delivery man, and he is on his way to deliver the shipment.

    Receiver not home. We've left them a message and we're waiting for them to get in contact with us.

    The delivery attempt failed due to the absence of the receiver at the delivery location. The delivery man has left the 'We missed you' card to notify the receiver of their missed delivery.

    On request of customer, or due to customer holiday, a new delivery date and time has been planned

    Re-delivery date and time have been scheduled upon customer request. 

    Shipment delivered in good condition

    The shipment or package has been successfully and safely delivered to the recipient. 

    Shipment left in agreed location as instructed

    The package has been dropped off (delivered) at a location specified by the receiver. 

    TNT Tracking API

    The TNT tracking API offers real-time data on shipments within its network, aiding e-commerce merchants in monitoring their consignments. However, its exclusive focus on TNT packages limits its last-mile visibility, especially when TNT operates as a third-party LSP. In contrast, the TrackingMore API presents a more holistic solution, accommodating shipments from various countries and carriers, making it an optimal choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive tracking solution.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    TrackingMore is a leading tracking solution for e-commerce businesses.  With a robust tracking API that seamlessly integrates with over 1,100 global logistics providers, it provides real-time updates, automatic notifications, and a branded tracking page, enhancing the post-purchase experience and boosting brand trust.

    Meanwhile, TrackingMore API offers the following exclusive features.

    • API uptime of 99.9%
    • Unified data format
    • Military-grade security level
    • Multi-programming languages (Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, & Ruby)
    • 24/7 technical support

    TrackingMore provides tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring each client's unique needs are met. Sign up for a 7-day free trial today!

    FAQs on TNT Tracking

    • Is TNT delivery safe?

    Yes, TNT is a global shipping company with a long history of delivering packages safely. TNT shipping services include a tracking feature, allowing for continuous monitoring of shipments throughout their journey and ensuring a secure delivery solution.

    • Can I track a TNT on FedEx?

    No, you can’t track a TNT on FedEx. Although TNT has become a part of FedEx, both companies operate independently. That is, their tracking method has not changed, and the TNT tracking system can only track TNT shipments, while the FedEx tracking system can only track FedEx shipments.

    • Why can’t TNT parcel tracking work?

    Do not worry if your TNT shipment tracking is not working. Tracking information for your consignment can take around an hour to get updated in the TNT system. Have patience, and try tracking your package sometime later. TNT keeps shipments in its system for about 90 days. 

    • TNT track en trace tells me I’ve missed my delivery. What can I do?

    If your TNT tracking status says "You have missed your delivery," you must have received the 'We Missed You' card from the TNT delivery man. You can use the card for re-delivery service. 

    If you don’t have the re-delivery card, you must contact TNT at your earliest convenience. To make the request, you will need the shipment number, delivery location, and re-delivery time. Make sure to choose a time between Monday and Friday.

    How to Contact TNT Customer Service

    TNT offers dedicated customer service to help customers with issues such as tracking packages, complaints, billing, and so on.

    Here's a list of TNT customer service contacts for select countries.


    Contact Method

    Operation Hour


    Phone: 02.36017467

    Toll-free number: 800.123.868

    Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm

    Contact form (Italy)

    United Kingdom (UK)

    Phone: 0800 100 600

    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm; Saturday, from 8 am to 1 pm

    Contact form (UK)


    Phone: 13 11 50

    Every day from 8 am to 6 pm

    Contact form (Australia)


    Phone: (+49) 228 41 00 00 00

    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm

    Contact form (Germany)


    Phone: 1 800 208 9999

    / 1 800 102 6622

    Not Available

    Contact form (India)


    Phone: +34 902 111 868


    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm

    Contact form (Spain)

    United States (US)

    Phone: 1-800-558-5555 

    Not Available

    Contact form (US)


    Phone: 0800-1234

    Weekdays, from 8 am to 6 pm

    Contact form (Netherlands)


    Phone: 801 31 0000

    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm

    Contact form (Poland)



    Domestic shipping - 0825 033 033 

    International shipping - 0825 071 071

    Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm

    Contact form (France)

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