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New Zealand Post is the leading parcel delivery service to send or receive shipments around the world. Read to know about NZ Post tracking via TrackingMore.

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    New Zealand Post is the leading parcel delivery service to send or receive shipments around the world. Read to know about NZ Post tracking via TrackingMore.


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    NZ Post Tracking

    NZ Post tracking is a comprehensive system that enables customers to monitor the status of their parcels, both within New Zealand and when shipped overseas. By using this tracking service, users can gain insights into the current location, transit stages, and expected delivery dates of their packages. The domestic tracking ensures transparency within New Zealand's borders, while NZ Post international tracking feature allows for real-time monitoring of packages as they journey across countries and continents. This dual functionality offers peace of mind to customers, reassuring them that their parcels, whether local or global, are on the right path to their destinations.

    About New Zealand Post

    New Zealand Post, also named NZ Post, is a prominent state-owned logistics and delivery company serving businesses and individuals nationwide. You can deliver parcels with their services and receive international and domestic shipments with complete reliability. 

    NZ Post, headquartered in Wellington, employs over 7,000 individuals, including both staff and contractors and successfully delivers about 2 million parcels weekly. With a rich history spanning approximately 180 years since its inception in 1830, NZ Post evolved from a time when island merchants managed postal duties. However, due to delays and damages, the first official post office was established in 1840 in Kororareka.

    NZ Post even played an active part during the country’s independence from South Wales. Many factors contributed to the inefficiency of postal services at that time because of cost-to-cost delivery. Even then, NZ Post maintained international shipments from Sydney to London. Over the years, NZ Post has faced several challenges on a strategic level. With their emphasis on shifting with the latest trends in the market, they have always brought something unique. 

    In June 2021, New Zealand Post announced its new logo and rebrand by uniting NZ Post, Pace, and CourierPost for more efficiency and less confusion among consumers.

    How to Track NZ Post Parcel

    Tracking parcels with NZ Post, whether domestic or international, is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it.

    • Via NZ Post Website

    New Zealand Post tracking page

     Here’s how you can track the domestic packages.

    1. Go to the New Zealand Post’s official website.

    2. Click the Track the Parcel button displayed on the homepage.

    3. Enter your tracking number in the search bar appearing at the top.

    4. Hit Track and you’ll find your parcel information with the delivery date and current status. 

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a leading shipment-tracking platform that helps businesses to track their parcels. It enables you to track shipments from over 1,100 carriers worldwide for efficient order management on a single dashboard.

    TrackingMore NZ Post tracking

    Here’s to how you can track New Zealand Post shipments easily with TrackingMore.

    1. On the TrackingMore official website, click the Carriers button.

    2. Search New Zealand Post on the search bar.

    3. Enter your New Zealand Post tracking ID.

    4. Hit Track and you’ll get all the information about your package, from shipment status to estimated delivery date.

    NZ Post Tracking Number

    If you want to find out the current transit point of your parcel or when it will reach your doorstep, then the only way of doing that is through a New Zealand Post tracking number. The following is a brief detail about the tracking number.

    • What does NZ Post Tracking Number Look like?

    The New Zealand Post tracking number is usually in alphanumeric format. It varies for both courier and non-courier parcels.

    Usually, domestic packages have mostly numbers, but for international parcels, the format is in 2 letters in the beginning, then 9 numbers in the middle, and then 2 numbers at the end.

    You can add multiple tracking IDs in the search box and separate them with commas.

    Here are Examples of New Zealand Post Tracking Numbers.

    - Courier parcels: 00894210334007532302

    - International: AA123456789NZ

    • How to Find NZ Post Tracking Number?

    Finding the New Zealand Post tracking number for your parcel is simple.

    Either check the confirmation email sent when you’ve placed the order; it’ll have all the information related to the shipment, including the tracking number and tracking tool link. Moreover, the tracking number can also be found on barcode shipment labels.

    • Can I Track My Parcel Without a Tracking Number?

    It is impossible to track your parcel without a tracking number. Whether you state any of the crucial details from the receiver’s name to address or phone number, without tracking ID, the current position of your parcel can’t be monitored.

    If you lose your confirmation email and misplace the tracking number, you can ask the sender directly to resend the tracking number.

    NZ Post Tracking Statuses

    Tracking status represents the current location or transit point of your parcel, whether sent/received through NZ Post domestic or international services. Some of these statuses include.



    Arrived at overseas mail depot

    Your parcel has reached the overseas mail depot of the origin country to be sent to New Zealand.

    Arrived at the destination country

    Your parcel has successfully landed in the destination country 

    Arrived in New Zealand 

    Your parcel has been boarded at Auckland International Mail Center and is being processed by border authorities 

    Attempted delivery

    The New Zealand Post logistics team tried to deliver the parcel but failed due to an incorrect address, receiver details, etc.

    Awaiting delivery consolidation

    Your parcel is held to be consolidated with different items in your order which need to be shipped together.

    Destination sort

    Your parcel has been sorted by the international mail center to be transported to the New Zealand Post depot

    Held for clearance 

    A specific item in your parcel is held by local customs authorities for clearance. You need to go to the airport if held for payment, and if not, then it’ll be released after 2 working days

    Left country of origin 

    Your parcel is cleared and boarded to flight reaching New Zealand 

    Ready for courier

    Your parcel is held at the local New Zealand Post depot and waiting for the courier service driver to arrive 

    Ready to Send

    New Zealand Post has created a tracking number for the parcel but is waiting for the parcel to be submitted to update in the system

    Further information is required from the sender

    Some information is needed from the sender to clear the parcel through the borders 


    Your parcel is delivered and signed by the receiver

    Delivery complete

    Successful delivery

    Unable to deliver

    We couldn’t deliver your parcel. Contact the sender for further assistance.

    NZ Post Tracking API

    New Zealand Post API enables eCommerce stores to monitor their parcels from start to finish, regardless of the route chosen for delivery. It is meant for businesses to stay up-to-date on any information that may affect the service. 

    TrackingMore offers a shipment tracking API that can be integrated with over 1100 carriers worldwide, such as

    Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

    Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

    TrackingMore API even offers multi-language support for the convenience of international users, thus being trusted by world-famous brands like Shein, DJI, Printify, etc. It also assists bulk international shipments by offering a single-screen order management system displaying every detail. It is also compatible with eBay, Magento, Shopify, and AliExpress, so you can connect your account to keep all your data in one place.

    FAQs on NZ Post Parcel Delivery and Tracking

    • How long does the NZ Post take to deliver?

    New Zealand Post operates a thrice-weekly delivery schedule for standard shipments in urban areas and a five-day-a-week service for rural addresses, with varying delivery times for international shipments.

    Type of Service


    Delivery Time

    Urban Delivery

    3 days a week

    Usually 2 days

    Rural Delivery

    5 days a week

    Usually within the week

    International Delivery (Outgoing)

    As per flight availability

    3 to 5 days

    International Delivery (Incoming)

    As per flight availability

    7 to 14 days

    • What courier does NZ Post use for delivery?

    In case of international delays and emergencies, NZ Post partners with their last-mile delivery carriers to send the parcels on time.

    These carriers are some of the best parcel companies in specific regions. New Zealand Post has collaborated with logistics services, including FedEx, DHL, and UPS, serving as the final link in the delivery chain, known as the 'last-mile' carrier.

    • Why is my Parcel tracking status not updated?

    There can be dozens of reasons why your parcel’s tracking status isn’t updated. Some of the primary reasons include.

         - Tracking tool lagging

         - System not updated

         - The service you’ve acquired doesn’t allow tracking

    • Why has NZ Post international tracking failed to show results?

    If New Zealand Post International tracking didn’t work for your package, then it may primarily mean that the item wasn’t sent through trackable services.

    You can’t track the parcels when the package is sent through economy services with tracking numbers starting from CC, LI, or CV. This tracking number is only for New Zealand Post personnel for seamless shipment.

    However, if the item was sent using New Zealand Post Express or Courier services, you should wait at least one business day before checking the tracking tool. This extends the time to update the parcel in the system inventory.

    If after this period you are still unable to track your item, it is advised that you contact the sender.

    • Why can’t I be able to track the international parcel sent via NZ Post?

    The primary reason why you aren’t able to track the international parcel sent through NZ Post is that the item hasn’t yet been scanned into the system.

    Moreover, another reason can be not choosing the right type of service. Some New Zealand Post services treat international parcel delivery as common mail delivery because of the shipment plan. Choose either Express or International Courier service for tracking your parcel easily.

    • Why doesn’t NZ Post allow tracking for my incoming international item?

    The tracking system depends on the type of service the sender uses for parcel shipment internationally. Some services only offer tracking till departure from the original country.

    Such services don’t allow the parcels to be scanned after arrival at the destination country, so you won’t get any information about the package once it reaches New Zealand.

    How to Contact NZ Post

    You can contact New Zealand Post customer service in different ways at your convenience. Below is the customer service contact information for NZ Post.

    Contact Method Details

    In NZ: 0800 501 501

    Overseas: +64 9 977 0102

    Mail NZ Post, Customer Care Centre, Private Bag 208038, Highbrook, Auckland 2161
    Online enquiry
    Service hour 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays


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