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Aprenda a rastrear os pacotes Cainiao Global Express online através do TrackingMore.


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Cainiao Tracking

The Cainiao tracking system provides real-time updates on shipments and packages within its network, ensuring customers stay informed every step of the way. A unique combination of tracking numbers is assigned to every shipment registered at Cainiao. The tracking number can be used to know the whereabouts of the shipment from dispatch to delivery, along with the transit locations, date, and time. This ensures the transparency of the service and gives customers the chance to plan their day and maximize convenience.

About Cainiao

Cainiao (菜鸟), also known as Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited, is a logistics company based in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba Group established the company in 2013. The growing popularity and success behind  Cainiao is its collaboration with other top-ranked Chinese logistics companies such as Yunda Express, YTO Express, Shentong Express, & ZTO Express, as well as international companies like FedEx, and UPS. 

Moreover, Cainiao's extensive logistic network has established it as one of the leading logistics and delivery solutions for the popular e-commerce platforms AliExpress and Alibaba. 

Cainiao Tracking Services 

Cainiao provides high-quality logistics solutions to over 200 destinations around the world. International shipping is conducted via various modes such as air, land, and sea to meet every kind of need, be it fast delivery, an affordable rate, or others.

Let’s check out the international services offered by Cainiao in detail. 

Cainiao Global Express

  • Cainiao International Express - Express 

Delivery range: USA, Germany

Delivery time: 5-7 days for core countries & normally within 5-10 days, except in exceptional cases

Size limit

  • One side length ≤ 55cm; Three sides length ≤ 90cm (USA)

  • One side length ≤ 60cm, Three sides length ≤ 90cm (Germany)

Weight limit: 

  • <=5kg (USA)

  • <=30kg (Germany)

Price Band:

USA: <800 USD

Germany: <=169 USD

 Compensation limit: 1200 RMB

This service is designed to provide fast and reliable delivery of high-value commodities to countries with strong market demand within a week. The service includes a tracking feature that allows packages to be tracked from dispatch to delivery using a unique tracking number and tracking tool.

  • Cainiao International Express - Standard 

Delivery range: 129 destinations worldwide

Delivery time: 10-16 days for key countries & normally  within 16-35 days, except in exceptional cases

Compensation limit: 300 RMB

Size Limit: 

  • One side length ≤ 60cm; Three sides length ≤ 90cm (UK, USA, Afghanistan, Croatia, etc.)

  • One side length ≤ 105cm; Three sides length ≤ 200cm (Australia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malaysia, etc.)

Weight limit:

  • <=15kg (UK)

  • <=22kg (Australia)

  • <=4kg (USA)

  • <=2kg (Colombia, Kenya, Madagascar, Vatican, etc. )

Price band:

  • USA: <=800 USD

  • UK: <=179 USD

  • Australia: <=700 USD

  • Japan: <=120 USD

This is a global coverage, fast, and reliable shipping service that can deliver within 7 days to the core countries and 2 weeks to the key countries. Packages shipped using this service can also be tracked using the tracking tool by entering the assigned unique tracking number.

  • Cainiao International Express - Easy 

Delivery range: Russia, Belarus, Chile,  Israel, and Brazil

Delivery time: 

  • Russia: 15-20 days

  • Belarus, Israel: 25-30 days

  • Chile and Brazil: 30-40 days

Size Limit: 

  • One side length ≤ 30cm; Three sides length ≤ 90cm (Russia, Belarus, Chile)

  • One side length ≤ 60cm; Three sides length ≤ 90cm (Israel, Brazil)

Weight limit:

  • 2000g (Russia, Belarus, Brazil)

  • 500g (Chile, Israel)

Price Band: 

  • Russia, Belarus: <=5

  • Chile: <=30

  • Brazil: <=50

  • Israel: <=75

Note: Check out the size, weight, price band limits, and other restrictions in detail on the Cainiao website.

This service is designed for shipping lightweight and small items at an affordable rate within 3 weeks to key countries. Individuals or merchants can use this service to ship products under 8 dollars at a logistics cost of 2 dollars. Moreover, the service has a tracking feature that ensures its reliability. Simply enter the provided tracking number in the tracking tool and know the whereabouts of the package.

Cainiao Super Economy Global

Cainiao Super Economy Global is a cost-effective and reliable international shipping service for individuals and e-commerce merchants with shipment needs weighing less than 2 kg. The shipping duration required is usually between 30 and 50 days. Interestingly, Shipping is free in most cases, however small shipping fee may be required in certain cases.

While Cainiao's tracking system is effective within China, its global Cainiao tracking can face limitations when parcels move internationally. The handoff to local carriers in the destination country can sometimes lead to gaps in tracking updates, as these systems might not always synchronize seamlessly with Cainiao. However, for a more continuous global tracking experience, third-party platforms like TrackingMore can be invaluable. Integrated with over 1100 carriers worldwide, TrackingMore ensures that customers remain informed with comprehensive, up-to-date shipment details, irrespective of the local delivery service.

How Can I Track My Cainiao’s Package?

The tracking number assigned to the packages is the key tracking component. Cainiao has its own official tracking site to help customers monitor their packages. You can also track your package through third-party tracking services such as TrackingMore. 

The following is a detailed guide on how to track a Cainiao package.

  • Via the Official website

Cainiao global tracking page

To track your Cainiao package using the Cainiao official website, follow the steps provided below. 

1. Go to the Cainiao Global Express Tracking website.

2. Enter your tracking number in the tracking tool and click the ‘Track’ button.

3. Then a page with your package shipment details will appear on your screen. 

  • Via Cainiao Mobile APP

The Cainiao App is another alternative package tracking platform. The app has an integrated tracking tool that customers can use to track their packages. Enter the tracking number into the tool, and the tracking page will appear on the screen.

  • Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

TrackingMore Cainiao tracking page

TrackingMore is a reliable and powerful third-party shipment tracking platform. It is connected to 1251 logistics service providers worldwide. The integration of such a wide network of tracking APIs allows customers a seamless tracking experience. 

However, access to Cainiao Global Tracking through this robust tool is reserved for registered users only. After becoming a member of TrackingMore, you will have access to a wide range of features and benefits that streamline the tracking process and enhance your overall shipping experience.

As a registered user, you'll enjoy peace of mind brought by real-time tracking updates. Whether your package is in transit, out for delivery, or delivered to its final destination, CainiaoTracking keeps you informed at every step. In addition to tracking information, registered users also have access to advanced shipment management tools, enabling you to easily manage multiple shipments from a single, centralized platform.

Ready to take control of your shipments and experience the benefits of CainiaoTracking? Sign up for a free trial today and discover why millions of users around the world trust TrackingMore to ensure their packages' safety and security.

Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over Cainiao?

Cainiao Express and TrackingMore both offer real-time package tracking facilities. However, TrackingMore has some advanced features that make it far more powerful and versatile than Cainiao.

TrackingMore has a global network of over 1100 carriers. The integration with a wide range of tracking APIs makes tracking seamless for customers who use third-party Logistics Service Providers (LSP) like Cainiao. Since third-party LSPs usually switch between different courier services during the shipment's journey, the provided tracking information often lacks specifics. 

The carriers TrackingMore integrated with are

Express: UPS trackingDHL trackingFedEx trackingTNT tracking

Post: USPS trackingChina Post TrackingHong Kong Post Tracking, etc.

On the other hand, when tracking with TrackingMore, you will have complete shipment visibility. One of the best features of TrackingMore is that it has a carrier auto-detect function. That is, the integrated tracking APIs with the TrackingMore system can automatically identify the carriers through the tracking number. Moreover, the friendly user interface and fast website performance give customers a smooth tracking experience.

Cainiao Tracking Number

Packages registered at Cainiao for shipment are assigned a unique identifier. This identifying number serves as the tracking number that allows both the sender and receiver to track the shipment’s progress. The tracking number can be found on the shipping label, confirmation email, or order details page.

The Cainiao tracking number consists of 10 to 20 alphanumeric characters, beginning with a pair of letters ‘LP’, followed by a unique combination of random numbers. The variation in length depends on the logistics provider. For example, LP894106589032648021. 

In the case of the Cainiao Super Economy service, the tracking number can end with a pair of letters. For example, LP9460364935673925CN.  

Cainiao Tracking Status

Tracking Status


Received by logistics company

Cainiao has received the shipment or package.

Processing at sorting center

The shipment or package is currently being processed (sorted, organized, categorized, etc.) at the Cainiao sorting facility to be sent on to the next stage.

Departed from sorting center

The shipment or package has been sent off from the sorting facility to the next transit point.

Arrived at warehouse

The shipment or package has reached the warehouse.

Received by warehouse

The warehouse has received the shipment or package and registered it into its inventory management system.

Processing at warehouse

The shipment or package is undergoing further processing (sorting, quality check, labeling, etc.) for the next stage of its journey.

Departed from warehouse

After completing the processing, the shipment or package has left the warehouse.

Arrived at departure transport hub

The package or shipment has arrived at the transportation hub from which it will depart for the next transit point.

Export customs clearance started

The package or shipment is going through a customs clearance procedure at the airport of the departure country.

Export customs clearance complete

The package or shipment got customs clearance from the airport of the departure country.

Leaving from departure country/region

The package or shipment is being prepared for shipping from the departure country.

Departed from departure country/region

The package or shipment has left the departure country and is on its way to the transit country or destination based on the shipment route.

Import customs clearance complete

The package or shipment has successfully received customs clearance from the destination country.

Arrived at linehaul office

The shipment or package has arrived at the linehaul facility, which serves as a long-distance transportation link connecting major hubs or distribution centers.

Received by local delivery company

The shipment or package has been handed over to a local courier service in the destination country.

Arrived at destination country/region sorting center

The shipment or package has reached a sorting center in the destination country for final delivery processing.

Arrived at local delivery center

The shipment or package has arrived at a local delivery center and is being prepared for final delivery.

Package delivered

The receiver has successfully received the shipment or package.

Cainiao Tracking API

Cainiao's Tracking API is able to monitor business shipments within its network. Integrating it into eCommerce merchants' systems, it provides real-time tracking details for all Raijiao parcels, helping them and their customers to stay on top of their orders. However, its primary focus is on Cainiao's own shipping processes, primarily within China and its immediate network.

Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

TrackingMore's API provides a more comprehensive and globally inclusive solution for businesses that need extensive shipment tracking capabilities. The biggest highlight is that the TrackingMore API integrates with more than 1,100 logistics providers, enabling a seamless parcel-tracking experience for both sellers and buyers.

Unlike Cainiao's, TrackingMore API provides a consistent data format for all shipments, ensuring easy interpretation. It boasts a 99.9% uptime, promising reliability. Furthermore, its adaptability across various programming languages and round-the-clock technical support makes it a top choice for businesses.

Sign up for a free trial today to experience the incredible tracking features TrackingMore has to offer.

FAQs on Cainiao Tracking

  • Is Cainiao Super Economy Global reliable?

Yes, Cainiao Super Economy Global is a reliable and cost-effective shipping service. Although the shipping duration is longer than that of other services, it successfully delivers packages to their destinations. 

When international packages arrive at their destination country, they are handed over to local couriers for final delivery. For this reason, tracking information after leaving the origin country may be unavailable in the Cainiao tracking system. 

As the final delivery is the responsibility of the local carriers, not Cainiao, the tracking facility's limitations do not necessarily indicate that the service is unreliable.

  • How does Cainiao work?

Cainiao's process begins when the sender registers a package. It's then processed in a warehouse and sent to the nearest Cainiao hub. After traveling through various shipping stages, the package is sent abroad, cleared through customs in the destination country, and finally handed over to a local courier for delivery.

How to Contact Cainiao Customer Service



Mailing address

Cainiao Park, No.501 Fengxin Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China.

Post code:311100




[email protected] 


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