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    Monitor your shipment’s movement with the most advanced Hua Han Logistics tracking tool. Enter the Hua Han Logistics tracking number and click Track to get started!


    • Hua Han Logistics Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Hua Han Logistics Package?
    • Hua Han Logistics Tracking Number
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    Hua Han Logistics Tracking

    Hua Han Logistics provides exemplary third-party fulfillment, freight handling, and custom clearance services with tracking capabilities. This means you can follow the package movements across continents using the package tracking tool available on their website. With just the tracking number at hand, you can effortlessly track the progress of your shipment.

    The package tracking method Hua Han Logistics provides is not the only option available for monitoring the movement of your parcel. You can also use powerful third-party platforms such as TrackingMore to get up-to-date information on packages not only from Warham Cargo but also from 1209 other carriers. Read on to learn how to track Hua Han Logistics packages using the native website and TrackingMore.

    How Can I Track My Hua Han Logistics Package?

    Tracking a Hua Han Logistics package is a swift process with access to the right tracking platform. Below are two ways you can learn more about the status of your shipments as they go through the delivery cycle.

    • Via the Hua Han Logistics Official Website

    Hua Han Tracking website

    When you visit the Hua Han Logistics main website, you will find detailed information on the company’s services and history. You will also find a tracking tool embedded in the website that you can use to track your package with the following procedure.

    1. Visit the Hua Han Logistics website.
    2. Select Airbill Inquiry from the options available at the top of the homepage.
    3. Enter up to 20 package tracking IDs in the query box on the new page that loads.
    4. Click Inquire and wait for the tracking results to come up. Click on Track Details to open a detailed view of the tracking report with the entire history.

    Hua Han tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-Party Platform)

    TrackingMore tracking page

    TrackingMore is the brainchild of expert software developers and logistics experts who came up with a technologically advanced tracking platform. You can use TrackingMore to check the status of your Hua Han Logistics package by adhering to these simple instructions.

    1. Open the TrackingMore website.
    2. Click on the Carriers option and search Hua Han Logistics in the carrier search box.
    3. Select the carrier and enter your Hua Han Logistics tracking number in the tracking tool.
    4. Click Track and wait for the complete tracking report with the current status to appear on the next page.

    TrackingMore tracking status

    Hua Han Logistics tracking is better with TrackingMore than the company’s official website because, on TrackingMore, you can also track packages from 1209 other couriers, including China Post, YunExpress, and Yanwen

    To access TrackingMore’s seamless tracking service, businesses only need to integrate TrackingMore API into their systems to embark on tracking events. Furthermore, TrackingMore offers a suite of customized services for e-commerce businesses to improve their post-purchase service, including the function of automated shipment notifications and branded tracking page.

    Hua Han Logistics Tracking Number

    Hua Han Logistics tracking number is a unique code that identifies each package the courier company ships to different destinations in China and globally. 

    The Hua Han Logistics tracking numbers format includes two letters at the beginning and two more at the end, with several numbers locked in between, with a common length of 13-17.

    Below are some real Hua Han Logistics tracking IDs for illustration purposes.




    For shippers sending packages via Hua Han Logistics, the tracking number can be found on the postage receipt while recipients will get a shipment confirmation email containing the tracking number from shippers.

    Hua Han Logistics Tracking Status

    Tracking Hua Han Logistics packages is only effective with the correct interpretation of the statuses returned in the tracking report. The table below provides a basic understanding of what each tracking status means to help improve your package tracking experience.

    Hua Han Logistics Tracking Status


    Shipment information received

    Huahan has received shipment information from the shipper and created a shipping label.

    Arrived at origin facility

    The package has been scanned at a Hua Han Logistics processing facility in Shenzhen.

    Shipment information submitted

    The package’s information has been sent to the customs officials in the country of origin.

    Departed from origin facility

    The shipment has left the Hua Han Logistics processing hub. 

    Transfer to origin airport

    The package is being transported to the airport for shipping to the destination country.

    Export customs clearance completed

    The Huahan package has satisfied all export requirements and has been cleared to leave China.

    Received by airport of origin

    The package has been handed to the airline that will transport it to the destination country.

    Electronic notification of item received

    The logistics partner in the destination country has been informed of an incoming package.

    Departed from airport of origin

    The airplane carrying the Huahan package has left China.

    Arrived at destination airport

    The package has been successfully delivered to the destination country.

    Entry into the postal network

    The item has been received by the national courier in the destination country.

    Physical scan of item after arrival

    The national courier in the destination country successfully scanned the package.

    Customs cleared

    All custom requirements have been met in the destination country, and the package successfully cleared to enter.

    Departure from outward office of exchange

    Export officials in the destination country have certified the package paid all duties when leaving the country of origin.

    Arrival at inward office of exchange

    The package will undergo further processing by import officials in the destination country for full declaration.

    Item out for delivery

    Item has been handed to a delivery driver for the last-mile delivery.

    Item delivered

    The package has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

    About Hua Han Logistics

    Hua Han Logistics is a third-party logistics company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company is a significant player in the e-commerce fulfillment industry in China, with a vast partner network that enables it to provide reliable logistics services to retailers domestically and internationally.

    Huahan has experienced steady growth since its launch thanks to its vast service offerings, including freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. The company processes over 300,000 parcels daily and works with numerous international courier and fulfillment partners that enable it to deliver packages to customers in 150+ countries.

    How to Contact Hua Han Logistics Customer Support

    You can contact Hua Han Logistics customer support through several ways to get help on any shipping or package tracking service issue you are facing. The contact channels availed by Hua Han Logistics include the following.

    Contact Method



    Building B, No. 55, Pingxin North Road, Shangmugu Community, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

    Official Hotline

    400 - 015 - 6080

    Business Consultation

    134 2436 5138

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