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    Track your Philippines Post package with ease using TrackingMore. Get real-time updates of your shipment, and receive automated delivery notifications.


    • Philpost Tracking
    • How Can I Track My Philpost ’s Package?
    • Philpost Tracking Number
    • What Does My Philpost Status Mean?
    • About Philpost 
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    Philpost Tracking

    The Philpost tracking service offered by the Philippine Postal Corporation enables you to effortlessly monitor the status and location of your packages. To access the Philpost tracking service, you'll need a tracking number which is typically located on the shipping label.

    The Philpost tracking system provides updates on the status of your package, such as when it was shipped, when it arrived at a sorting center, and when it was delivered. You can also view the estimated delivery date. 

    The tracking service is generally reliable, but there may be times when there is no update on the status of your package. This is usually due to delays in the shipping process. The tracking service is also available for both domestic and international shipments. 

    How Can I Track My Philpost ’s Package?

    Tracking your Philpost package is a seamless process that puts you in control of your shipment's journey. With a variety of convenient options at your fingertips, you can easily monitor the status and location of your package every step of the way. 

    1. Via the Official Philpost Tracking website

    Philpost website tracking

    • Visit the official Philpost website.
    • Locate the "Postal Track and Trace" option on the website.
    • Enter your Philpost tracking number.
    • Click "Track" to see your package's status and location.

    2. Via Official Mobile App

    Philpost mobile App tracking

    • Download and install the Philpost official mobile app.
    • Open the app and enter your tracking number.
    • You could also scan the barcode tracking number 
    • Tap "Track" to access the latest status and location of your package.

    3. Via Sending an SMS Message

    Philpost SMS tracking

    • Send an SMS message to 2882 with the following format: TRACK <tracking number>
    • For example, to track a package with the tracking number 1234567890, you would send the following SMS message: * TRACK 1234567890
    • You will receive an SMS message with the last tracking status for your package.

    4. Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Philpost tracking page

    • Go to TrackingMore's website.
    • Click the "Carriers" tab.
    • Search or select "Philpost" from the provided carrier list.
    • Enter your Philpost tracking number and click "Track."
    • View detailed tracking information and real-time updates.

    TrackingMore is a robust API that not only supports Philpost but also provides tracking services for over 1100 Logistic Service Providers (LSPs). Its extensive network ensures comprehensive global tracking capabilities.

    Philpost Tracking Number

    A Philpost tracking number typically consists of 13 characters, including letters and numbers. The format is usually a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. For instance:

    • EX123456789PH
    • CX456321678PH
    • RX321356754PH

    The first two letters indicate the type of service or weight, followed by nine digits representing the item number, and ending with "PH" denoting the Philippines as the country of origin. PhilPost tracking numbers are unique to each parcel, but they can be generally categorized by weight and shipping speed. For packages that weigh two kg or less, you can generally expect PhilPost tracking numbers to start with RX, while over the two kg limit will likely begin with CX. If you are using PhilPost Express shipments, your tracking code will start with EX. 

    What Does My Philpost Status Mean?

    Philpost tracking statuses are the different stages that your package goes through as it travels through the Philpost system. The status of your package will be updated as it moves from one stage to the next telling you where your package is and what is happening to it. Here are some of the most common Philpost tracking statuses.

    Shipment Status 


    Received item at delivery office

    The package has arrived at the local delivery office, and it is being prepared for the final stages of delivery to the recipient.

    Item sent to provincial

    The package has been dispatched to a provincial destination within the country for further processing and delivery.

    Enroute to delivery office

    The package is in transit and on its way to the designated delivery office for final delivery to the recipient.

    Receive at country of destination

    The package has been received in the country where it is intended for delivery.

    Receive item at origin country gateway

    The package has been received at the gateway of the origin country, indicating that it's in the initial stages of the international journey.

    Dispatch item to destination country

    The package has been dispatched from the origin country and is on its way to the destination country for delivery

    Posting of item

    The package has been officially entered into the postal system for processing and delivery.

    Item for customs examination

    The package has been selected for customs inspection, which is a routine process to ensure compliance with regulations.

    Returned from customs

    The package after undergoing customs examination and processing, has been returned or released from customs back into the postal or courier system for further delivery or transit. 

    Turnover item in next office

    The package has been transferred to the next processing or delivery office in the chain, moving it closer to its final destination.

    Item sent to office of exchange

    The package has been dispatched to an "office of exchange," which is a facility responsible for sorting and forwarding international mail to different countries or regions.

    Item arrived at provincial office

    The package has reached a provincial or regional office, which is a local distribution center responsible for sorting and managing shipments within a specific area. 

    Item delivered

    The package has reached its intended destination and is in the hands of the person or entity it was addressed to.

    About Philpost 

    Philpost, short for the Philippine Postal Corporation, is the biggest company in the postal and logistics services industry within the Philippines. From its establishment in 1767 as the "Correo Español" during Spanish colonization to its modern incarnation as the Philippine Postal Corporation, Philpost has weathered historical shifts and technological advancements, consistently playing a critical role in facilitating connections and enabling trade.

    The Philippine Postal Corporation's business scope extends far beyond conventional mail delivery. In addition to the standard postal services, Philpost offers a diverse range of solutions, including express parcel services, remittance services, as well as, retail and financial services. Its extensive network of over 1,300 post offices, processing centers, and 8,000 employees solidifies Philpost's position as a vital component of the nation's communication infrastructure, establishing connections and contributing to the nation's socioeconomic growth.

    How to Contact Philpost Customer Support

    When questions arise or assistance is needed, Philpost's customer support stands ready to provide reliable solutions. The company offers customers several avenues to connect with their dedicated support team, see the following.

    Contact Method 



    02 - 8288 - POST

    02 - 8288 - 7678


    [email protected]


    Manila CPO

    Magallanes Drive, Liwasang Bonifacio

    Brgy. 659-A, Ermita 1000 Manila

    Quezon City CPO

    NIA Road, East Avenue, Quezon City

    Makati CPO

    Ayala Avenue Extension Corner Buendia

    Avenue Makati City

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