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    Track your Sagawa packages faster and effectively with TrackingMore. Enter your tracking number and stay updated on your shipments throughout their delivery!


    • Sagawa Tracking (佐川追跡)
    • About Sagawa 
    • Sagawa Tracking Service
    • How to Track Sagawa’s Package 
    • Sagawa Tracking Number
    • Sagawa Tracking Status
    • Sagawa Tracking API
    • FAQs on Sagawa Tracking
    • How to Contact Sagawa

    Sagawa Tracking (佐川追跡)

    Sagawa Express tracking lets you conveniently monitor your package progress from when it is sent until it arrives at the destination address. This tracking feature enables you to get real-time updates on all stages of parcel delivery. As a result, you can make informed decisions about your package and know the estimated delivery time. 

    With the Sagawa delivery tracking feature, package tracking is made easier. It allows you to track up to 10 packages simultaneously using their tracking numbers. Whether through the official website or mobile application, Sagawa Express addresses all your package tracking needs throughout the delivery schedule. 

    About Sagawa 

    Sagawa is a leading logistics service provider that creates physical distribution solutions. The company leverages HIKYAKU LABO to power its innovative solutions that aim to take logistics to a whole new level. Since its establishment in 1957, Sagawa Express has focused on providing the best logistics and delivery services. 

    Sagawa Express collaborates with start-ups to deliver futuristic logistics solutions. The company also believes in continuous improvement, which is one of its key strengths. As a result, it holds thorough customer interviews and performs unique analysis. This enables it to uncover underlying problems and derive optimal business measures through logistics and delivery solutions. 

    Sagawa Tracking Service

    Sagawa Express provides a wide range of shipping services, including domestic and international services. Also, it lets you send multiple packages to a specific destination, simplifying the shipping process. The company allows you to track all your packages, regardless of where you're sending them. This helps reassure the sender and recipient that their package is on the way.

    Here are the key shipping services offered by Sagawa Express.

    • Sagawa Express Tracking

    Sagawa offers several reliable express shipping services. Here's a table showing the key express shipping services provided by Sagawa. 

    Shipping service


    Delivery time

    Hikyaku Air Express

    • Uses air transport to enable next-day delivery to anywhere in Japan.
    • Ideal for urgent package delivery.
    • Available for packages that measure up to 160 cm (the total dimension of the 3 sides).
    • Limited to packages weighing up to 30 kg.
    • Corporations and individuals can send and receive packages.
    • Next-day morning
    • Next-day afternoon

    Hikyaku Just Time Express

    • Customers can specify their delivery time (after 9 a.m.) the following day. 
    • Available for packages weighing up to 30 kgs.
    • Limited to packages with a total dimension of 260 cm (3 sides).
    • Both corporations and individuals can send, but only corporations can receive. 
    • Next-day delivery
    • Next-day morning 
    • Next-day delivery at a specified time

    Hikyaku Large Size Air Express

    • Supports heavier packages (up to 50 kgs).
    • Available for packages more than 260 cm long (total dimension).
    • Supports multi-item dispatches.
    • Corporations and individuals can send and receive packages.
    • Next-day morning
    • Next-day afternoon
    • TMS (Charter Service)

    Sagawa provides shipping services that send several packages to a single destination. Here’s a table showing these services. 

    Shipping service



    TMS (Charter Service)

    • Ships multiple packages at once using a chartered vehicle or by co-loading with several carriers. 
    • Versatile shipping services based on the customer’s needs. 
    • Supports heavy equipment and machinery. 
    • Individuals and corporations are eligible to send and receive packages. 
    • Same-day expedited delivery is available.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    Hikyaku JR Container Express

    • Environmentally friendly shipping service.
    • Maximum load: 5,000 kgs
    • Supports shipping of chilled and frozen goods.
    • Uses rail transportation.
    • Has over 120 freight stations countrywide. 

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    • Sagawa Tracking Japan

    Here are other shipping services offered under Sagawa Japan tracking.

    Shipping service



    Hikyaku Express

    • Scheduled delivery.
    • Round-trip services for items like skis.
    • Suitable for packages up to 30 kg, 160 cm total dimension.
    • Extra fee for specific remote island deliveries.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    Hikyaku Large Size Express

    • Scheduled delivery.
    • Supports larger packages (over 260 cm, up to 50 kg).
    • Multiple dispatch capability.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    Hikyaku Cool Express

    • Cost-effective, high-quality service.
    • Package dimension limit: 140 cm (LxWxD).
    • Weight limit: 30 kg.
    • Delivers frozen and chilled items.
    • Strict temperature-regulated refrigerated transport.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.


    • Pay-on-delivery service for package buying price.
    • Package limits: 50 kg weight, 260 cm total dimension.
    • Accepts cash, debit card, and credit card payments.
    • Easy membership registration.
    • Competitive card processing rates.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    Delivery Time Selection Service

    • Parcel limit: 50 kg weight, 260 cm total dimension.
    • Preferred delivery time slot selection.
    • Offers 7 time slots.


    Both individuals and corporations.

    Recipients: Individuals only.

    • Sagawa Global Tracking 

    Sagawa international tracking allows you to track your packages as they are shipped from and to different countries globally. The company offers reliable shipping and tracking services for overseas shipments. Here are some of those services. 

    Shipping service



    Hikyaku Global Express

    • Worldwide shipping to 220+ regions/countries.
    • Supports small parcel and document couriers.
    • Package dimension limit: 260 cm; weight limit: 50 kg.
    • Multiple dispatches: Total weight limit 500 kg.
    • Sagawa Express customer code is required for personal use.

    Open to both individuals and corporations.

    Hikyaku Global Post Express

    • Delivery to 120+ country post offices.
    • Package limit: 30 kg weight, 150 cm longest side.
    • Uses Express Mail Service (EMS) delivery network.

    Senders: Corporations only.


    Both individuals and corporations. 

    How to Track Sagawa’s Package 

    You can quickly track your Sagawa package and know its current delivery status in two ways: via the official website or through a powerful third-party tracking platform like TrackingMore. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your package using the two options. 

    • Via the Official Website

    Sagawa tracking page

    1. Open the official Sagawa Express website. The website is available in both Japanese and English.
    2. Click the tab labeled “Click here for multiple searches”.
    3. Enter your package tracking number and click Track it. Note that you can enter up to 10 tracking numbers for multiple tracking.

    You will get the current delivery status of your package, including its shipping date. 

    Sagawa tracking status

    The company also offers Sagawa tracking redelivery services (Smart Club) for individuals and corporations. Sagawa's Smart Club addresses the hassles related to the redelivery of packages. With this option, you can easily request redelivery of your shipment on the website. Also, you can change the delivery time and date at your convenience. However, you must register for the Smart Club service as an individual or using your corporation’s login credentials. 

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore Sagawa tracking page

    1. Open the TrackingMore website and click Carriers. 
    2. Head over to the Carriers List section and search Sagawa.
    3. Click the carrier to open the TrackingMore’s Sagawa tracking page. 
    4. Enter your package tracking number(s) and click Track.

    The page will load and give you the tracking status of your package, as shown below.

    TrackingMore Sagawa tracking status

    TrackingMore is a robust and reliable all-in-one shipment tracking platform for tracking packages. From the moment a package is collected from the sender until it reaches its final destination, TrackingMore ensures you stay informed every step of the way.

    What’s more, the platform offers several powerful features for business including delivery notifications. The delivery notifications feature sends automatic SMS and email shipping notifications at every checkpoint. As a result, customers can enjoy a sense of assurance. 

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Sagawa?

    Tracking offers more advanced shipment tracking capabilities over Sagawa, making it a better choice for your package tracking needs. For instance, TrackingMore allows you to track not only Sagawa packages but also those from over 1,100 carriers globally, including USPS and FedEx. This is particularly useful when Sagawa uses a third-party shipping service and needs to change courier multiple times during the shipment journey. 

    TrackingMore supports carrier auto-detection and offers clearer shipment visibility. With the auto-detect feature, you can enter a tracking number and get your package delivery status even if you don’t know the carrier used to ship your parcel. Also, TrackingMore provides the delivery progress of your package, unlike Sagawa, which only shows the current status. 

    Sagawa Tracking Number

    The Sagawa tracking number (佐川 追跡番号) is a unique code assigned to every package shipped via this service. This number is used to track the package’s progress throughout its delivery journey. 

    • Sagawa Tracking Number Format and Examples

    Sagawa's standard tracking number is 10 to 12 digits long and separated by hyphens. For example, 4901-0055-0321. However, when tracking your package using the official Sagawa website, you’re required to omit the hyphens. 

    The Sagawa tracking number is below the delivery address, as shown below.


    Sagawa Tracking Status

    As initially stated, Sagawa only shows the current status of your package (one at a time). Here are some statuses you may come across when you track your package via the official website and what they mean.




    The package has been picked up from the sender.

    In transit

    Your package is being shipped to the next destination.

    Under delivery

    The package is out for delivery to the final destination address.


    This status means that your package has been delivered to the destination address. It’s ready for pickup.

    Sagawa Tracking API

    Sagawa provides a smart system that streamlines shipping operations and order receipts. Businesses can integrate this system with their internal operations to facilitate effortless tracking of packages. This integration ensures customers are consistently updated on the status of their deliveries.

    However, if you’re looking for a worldwide package tracking solution, TrackingMore’s API would be a better fit. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    Sagawa specializes in logistics within Japan. It provides integrated shipping, warehousing, and distribution services in collaboration with the Sagawa Express group. In contrast, TrackingMore API delivers global package tracking for numerous international couriers. Also, it integrates seamlessly with e-commerce platforms.

    Here are some key reasons why businesses should choose the TrackingMore API. 

    • Multi-carrier tracking solution. The TrackingMore API supports over 1,100 global carriers, providing a one-stop tracking service. 
    • Excellent uptime. This API  boasts an API uptime of 99.90%, ensuring customers can track packages with minimal interruption. 
    • Multiple programming languages. The API supports several programming languages such as Java, Python, and Ruby. This enables developers with expertise in different coding languages to patch the API quickly. 
    • Advanced security. APIs are often vulnerable to cyber threats. However, the TrackingMore API boasts military-grade security. This facilitates seamless compliance with various regulations like ISO 27001. 
    • Data unification. The TrackingMore API unifies data from different carriers into a standardized format, enhancing customer convenience. 
    • 24/7 technical support. Integrating the TrackingMore APIs can be challenging, especially for starters. Luckily, you don’t have anything to worry about since you can get technical support at any time. As a result, you can enjoy seamless integration. 

    Businesses can also enjoy a branded tracking page with TrackingMore API. With this feature, your business can customize the logo, heading, footer, and delivery messages, among other features of the tracking page. Also, you can integrate shipment notifications to notify customers about their package progress at every delivery checkpoint. 

    Sign up today for a free trial of the TrackingMore API to enjoy next-level tracking capabilities. 

    FAQs on Sagawa Tracking

    • How to find the Sagawa tracking number from the parcel?

    The Sagawa tracking number is located under the parcel’s address. If the tracking number is not visible, it's advised to reach out to the sender or contact Sagawa customer service for assistance.

    • What is Sagawa 追跡?

    "Sagawa" is a well-known logistics and courier company in Japan. "追跡" in Japanese means "tracking." So, "Sagawa 追跡" refers to the tracking service provided by Sagawa to monitor the progress and location of a shipment or package.

    How to Contact Sagawa

    Sagawa has a supportive customer service team to help you with any concerns you may have regarding your package or other relevant solutions. Here’s how to contact Sagawa’s customer support.



    Service hours 

    Within Japan

    050-3032-9151 (In English)

    9:00 to 18:00

    Monday - Friday (Excluding Holidays)


    From Japan: 0120-189595 

    From Abroad: +81-3-5753-2401


    [email protected] 

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