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Track your Speed Post shipments on TrackingMore and gain real-time updates throughout the shipping journey.


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Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post Tracking is an online track and trace service offered by India Post for monitoring the movement of Speed Post packages. The tracking function is available on India Post’s website on its homepage and under the dedicated Speed Post service page.

Of all India Post shipping and delivery services, Speed Post is one of the most widely used because of its reliability and time-bound delivery. This express service also has the widest delivery network in India which appeals to the wider population and business community for sending letters and parcels domestically and internationally.

As such, Speed Post tracking is necessary to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. These package movements can be tracked on the India Post website using its tracking feature or using a reliable third-party platform like TrackingMore. Read on to find out how you can track your Speed Post packages in a few steps using these two platforms.

How Can I Track My Speed Post Package?

Tracking your Speed Post package is simple if you have access to a tracking platform and have the item’s tracking ID. The section below details how you can track any Speed Post package using the three most recommended methods.

  • Via India Post’s Official Website

India Post Tracking Page

The India Post website is an all-in-one hub for booking, sending and tracking your Speed Post package. To track a package that you are sending or expecting via this service on the courier’s website, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the India Post official website.
  2. On the homepage, scroll below to locate the Track and Trace section.
  3. Type in or paste the package’s tracking number in the query box.
  4. Pass the security test by entering the keys displayed.
  5. Click the ‘Track Now’ button and wait.
  6. India Post will populate the package’s tracking details on a new page if available.

India Post Tracking status page

  • Via India Post Mobile App

India Post also has an Android app that can be used to track Speed Post packages conveniently on a mobile device. To track your item using the app, follow the procedure below.

  1. Download and install the India Post mobile app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and on the home screen, select the ‘Article Tracking’ option.
  3. Enter the item’s tracking number and pass the security according to instructions.
  4. Click ‘Search’ and wait for the tracking report to retrieve.
  •  Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

TrackingMore Speed Post tracking page

TrackingMore is the go-to alternative platform for Speed Post tracking that delivers quick and reliable results. This robust website can help you track the status of your package with the following procedure.

  1. Load the TrackingMore website on your preferred browser.
  2. Click on ‘Carriers’ on the homepage.
  3. Scroll down to the query box on the carriers page and search for Speed Post.
  4. Select the corresponding option from the results.
  5. Enter your package’s tracking number and click ‘Track’ to start the tracking process.
  6. TrackingMore will show you the full tracking report including current status on a new page.

TrackingMore tracking status page

TrackingMore stands out as the best third-party tracking website for monitoring Speed Post packages because of its easy-to-use interface and a tracking API solution for businesses. This API allows merchants, logistics service providers, tracking platforms and eCommerce websites to integrate Speed Post package tracking information into their business systems. 

The API also supports tracking for 1248 international couriers. With the TrackingMore API, you can consolidate all shipment information from your business’s carrier partners into a unified dashboard.

Speed Post Tracking Number

A Speed Post tracking number is a unique code that helps individuals and businesses to track their parcels and mails. India Post customers need to input this tracking number in the official tracking tools on the courier’s website and mobile app or use a third-party website like TrackingMore. It is important to note that losing your tracking number could complicate the tracking process.

Speed Post packages have simple tracking numbers with 13 characters. The format of the tracking IDs is a two-letter prefix, followed by nine digits then an IN suffix at the end, i.e JN000000000IN. The following are Speed Post tracking number examples for illustrative purposes only.





Senders can locate the Speed Post package tracking ID on the postage receipt issued by the courier when they mail the items. Recipients can check the shipping confirmation email sent by the courier to locate the tracking number or ask the sender to forward it to them.

Speed Post Tracking Status

To make the package tracking experience more fulfilling and convenient, it is important to understand what each Speed Post tracking status means. The table below lists some of the most popular tracking statuses India Post returns when you track a Speed Post package and explains what they mean.

Speed Post Tracking Status


Item booked

Your package has been successfully scanned and entered into the India Post system.

Item bagged

The item has been put into a dispatch bag that helps to identify its destination and contents.

Item dispatched

The Speed Post package is on the way to the delivery destination.

Item received

The package has been safely received at a post office.

Custom receive

Customs officials in India have received the package and will check it to see if it meets all customs requirements.

Send receptacle abroad (otb)

The package has been cleared and will be sent abroad (otb-over the border) to its international destination.

Received receptacle from abroad

Your Speed Post package has successfully arrived in the destination country and has been received by an India Post partner.

Out for delivery

The package has been handed over to a driver for the final mile delivery.

Item delivered

The item has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient.

About Speed Post

Speed Post is a swift delivery service like EMS offered by India Post. This service is only for sending mails and parcels weighing less than 35 kg locally and internationally. Compared to other India Post delivery services, Speed Post has the most robust network. This expansive network means people can send their items across India in 1-3 business days.

India Post is the national postal service of India and one of the most reliable courier services for business and personal use. Aside from shipping and delivery services, India Post also offers insurance and other financial services. The organization has been operational since 1854 and is headquartered in New Delhi. It employs more than 400,000 employees who work around the clock to ensure packages are sent and delivered reliably in India and abroad. The administration of India Post is by the government of India under the Ministry of Communication. Top employees are answerable to the minister of communication in India.

How to Contact Speed Post Customer Support

India Post has well-elaborated FAQs on its website which answer the most commonly asked questions about Speed Post, package tracking and many other issues plaguing users. However, in case you need to contact India Post in person, you can use the following channel.

Communication Channel



Customer care toll-free number

1800 266 6868

09:00 am to 06:00 pm (except on Sundays and gazetted holidays)

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