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India Post provides real-time tracking of the parcels. Both domestic and international India Post tracking are available on TrackingMore.

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    India Post provides real-time tracking of the parcels. Both domestic and international India Post tracking are available on TrackingMore.


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    India Post Tracking

    India Post tracking is a dependable tool for monitoring parcels, providing easy-to-use services for both domestic and international shipments. It enables customers to know the parcel’s location, delivery time, and other details. 

    Tracking India Post can be achieved in many ways. Users can track the parcel through the official website, or a more powerful alternative - TrackingMore, which supports tracking shipments from 1209 carriers including India Post. This article gives insights into India Post online tracking and introduces why TrackingMore is always your first choice to track parcels. the key features of TrackingMore. 

    About India Post

    India Post, also called the Department of Posts (DoP), is an Indian government-operated postal system under the Ministry of Communications founded by Warren Hastings. With business expansion from urban to rural areas, the number of post offices has increased to 154, 965 in 2017. The rapid development demonstrates a thriving trend.

    India Post covers a variety of businesses, including mail delivery, shipment and tracking, deposit, insurance, and retail services. With the vision that India Post’s products and services will be the customer’s first choice, India Post has endeavored to maintain its status as the world’s largest postal network. 

    India Post Shipping Service

    India Post offers customers a range of shipping services. The following is a brief overview of the services, relevant details, and tracking information.

    India Post Speed Post 

    Speed Post offers express and time-critical services with maximum accuracy. This service enables customers to send parcels, letters, documents, etc., both domestically and internationally. During the package shipping process, India Speed Post tracking is available. 

    • Domestic Speed Post

    India Post provides timely delivery service within the country. Here’s a detailed explanation of domestic tracking for different destinations.


    Package weight

    Delivery time




    Up to 35kg

    1-2 Days

    INR Rs.15.00 for consignments up to 50 grams

    India Post domestic tracking is available.


    1-3 Days

    INR 35.00 for consignments up to 50 grams

    State Capital to State Capital

    1-4 Days

    Same State

    1-4 Days

    Rest of the country

    4-5 Days

    • International Speed Post

    International Speed Post, also called India Post EMS, provides customers with superb affordable international postal service. In general, the weight of International Speed Post is up to 35kg. However, the maximum weight of some countries is relatively lower. 

    Here are the service details for major destination countries.


    Package Size

    Package weight

    Delivery time


    Max Weight (Document)

    Max Weight (Merchandise)


    Single Dimension: 

    ≤ 1.5 meters;

    Length + Greatest Circumference: ≤ 3 meters



    5-9 Days

    India Post international tracking is available.

    The U.S.



    4-7 Days




    4-8 Days

    The U.K.



    2-6 Days

    India Post Registered Post

    Registered Post allows registration of letters, postcards, book and pattern packets, parcels, etc. This type of service focuses on the security of the parcels, especially by ensuring a signature for the successful delivery of parcels. 

    The following are the specifications of the Registered Post.

    Weight: The weight of a registered parcel should be no more than 10 kilograms if parcels are posted at or addressed to a branch post office, and should be less than 20 kilograms in other cases​.

    Size: Length: ≤ 1 meter; Length + Girth: ≤ 1.80 meters.

    India Post International

    India Post provides a range of services targeted to international mailing demands. India Post EMS, which has been mentioned before, is one of the most popular cross-border services. Its biggest feature is its fast transportation and its advantages in timeliness. The following is a brief overview of another two international services.

    • International Air Parcel

    International Air Parcels are designed for businesses that are aiming to find highly efficient and economical merchandise services. The post-network stretches nationwide with 219 destinations. India Post tracking online is available for Air Parcel. 

    The following are the specifications of Air Parcel.

    Weight: In general, the limit of weight is 20 kg. The specific requirement varies by the prescribed limit set by the destination country. 

    Size: Length: ≤ 1,05 meters; Length + Greatest Circumference: ≤ 2 meters; The surface: 90 mm x 140mm; The specific requirement varies by the prescribed limit set by the destination country.

    • International Tracked Packets

    International Tracked Packets is a service designed for cross-border transactions in the e-commerce sector, spanning 38 countries worldwide. This service is not just limited to businesses; individual customers can also take advantage of its offerings. Along with a fast and economical shipping experience, this service will also guarantee transparency and dependability through its online tracking function.

    Note: The maximum limit for packets is 2 kg.

    How to Track India Post Parcel

    You can stay informed about your India Post tracking status in several ways. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the tracking tools.

    1. Via the Official Website

    India Post tracking page

    The official website is a convenient way for India Post courier tracking through the following steps.

    • Go to the official website of India Post
    • Choose “Consignment” and enter the tracking number in the “Track N Trace” section.
    • Click the “Track Now” button to get the updated details of the parcel.

    India Post tracking status page

    2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore can track not only your India Post packages but packages from 1100+ logistics providers.  Through this platform, you can get accurate and real-time notifications of your packages. 

    TrackingMore India Post tracking page

    To track an India Post package with TrackingMore:

    • Visit the TrackingMore website and click the “Carriers” tab.
    • Search the “India Post” in the “Carrier list” section.
    • Enter the India Post tracking number and click on “Track”.
    • Wait for the tracking status to load and view the parcel information.

    TrackingMore India Post tracking status page


    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over the India Post?

    When you buy lots of favorite things online and are waiting to collect the packages, have you ever felt annoyed because you need to switch between different logistics service providers to track the parcels? In this case, although India Post has provided you with convenient tracking services, TrackingMore might be a better choice for the following reasons. 


    1. High shipment visibility: In contrast to the India Post which only supports tracking shipments from this postal system, TrackingMore is more user-friendly, boasting a network of 1209 logistic providers worldwide with India Post included. This is to say, you do not need to switch back and forth between different logistics providers to track your packages. TrackingMore can always offer a clear and transparent view of your shipment's journey. 
    2. Auto-detect function: TrackingMore has a distinctive feature in that it can accurately detect the carriers automatically without manual verification based on its AI-powered data analytics capability, which guarantees your one-stop tracking experience.
    3. Smooth tracking experience: When there are holiday promotions, the traffic on the India Post official website will increase, which might lead to Internet lag and affect your tracking process. However, using TrackingMore reduces the possibility of query slowdowns. 


    You can learn more about TrackingMore features to make a better choice.

    India Post Tracking Number

    • What Is the Tracking Number in India Post?

    The tracking number (ID) is a unique code assigned to the package to allow both the sender and the recipient to track the location and status of the parcels.  This number is essential for a smooth and transparent tracking process."

    • What does the India Post Tracking Number Look Like?

    India Post tracking number format is clear and easy to recognize. The number usually consists of 13 characters. It will feature 2 capital letters, 9 numbers in the middle, and 2 capital letters in the end. The first letter stands for the type of shipment. The last two letters stand for the original country of the package. 

    The following are some examples of India Post tracking numbers.

    Speed post tracking number format: EU430410927IN

    Registered Post tracking number format: RM286760959IN

    Air Waybill tracking number format: AW595537795IN

    • Where Is the Tracking Number on India Post?

    The India Post tracking number is often printed on the shipping label and can be found on the receipts or the body of the package. Notifications from emails or other platforms will also indicate the tracking number. 

    India Post Tracking Status

    Having a clear understanding of India Post tracking status is essential for your carrier tracking process. The following is a detailed explanation of the major statuses.

    India Post tracking status


    Item booked

    The sender has booked the parcel successfully at the India Post office.

    Item Received

    The post office has received the parcel.

    Item Bagged

    The parcel has been bagged in a dispatch bag for shipment.

    Item dispatched

    The parcel has been dispatched for delivery.

    Out for Delivery

    The parcel is sent out for delivery.

    Item Delivered

    The parcel has been delivered to the recipient.

    India Post Tracking API

    For businesses from the e-commerce and logistics industries, tracking API serves as an indispensable instrument in processing logistics information and enhancing post-purchase services. As a powerful tracking solution provider, TrackingMore offers India Post tracking API, fulfilling your need for detailed and real-time tracking data on India Post parcels. 

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API?

    TrackingMore tracking API has various advantages. The most meaningful feature is its integration with 1209 logistics service providers, allowing you to track parcels from more carriers than just India Post. Furthermore, all tracking data from different carriers is centralized on one dashboard, which will facilitate your identification of delivery issues and timely provision of after-sales services.

    TrackingMore API boasts a 99.9% uptime, indicating highly reliable maintenance and ensuring a stable tracking system. Supplementing this, TrackingMore API is backed up by a robust technical support team available 24/7, so that you can access prompt assistance whenever you encounter any issues.

    While equipping you with efficient tracking capabilities via API, TrackingMore also provides a suite of advanced functions geared to your eCommerce business. One notable function is the branded tracking pages, which enable customers to self-track their order statuses directly on your website. This not only retains site traffic but also potentially boosts repeat sales through its customization feature. 

    Ready to experience these features? Start your free trial now!

    FAQs on India Post Tracking

    1. What is the consignment number in India Post?

    The consignment number is the tracking number that has been assigned to the parcel for tracking. This identification number allows the sender and the recipient to receive updates on the parcel.

    2. Where can I register my complaint in India Post?

    • At Post Office: You can register your complaint in all post offices.
    • By hand or by Post at: 

    a) Any of the 11,103 Sevottam Compliant Customer Care Centers in the country

    b) The Post Office where the transaction took place

    c) The Office of Senior Superintendent of Post Offices

    • Online

    a) Visit India Post Site: Home-->>Customer Support-->>Register your Complaint


    3. How can I know the status of my complaint in India Post?

    You can use the Track Complaint service provided on the India Post site to track the status of a complaint. To track the status: Go to Home-->> Customer Support-->> Track Complaint

    How Can I Contact India Post?

    India Post contact is available through the following channels.



    Operating hours

    Mailing address

    Postal Directorate

    Dak Bhavan

    New Delhi



    Toll-Free Number

    1800 266 6868

    9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (except Sunday and gazetted holidays)

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