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    Team Global Express Tracking

    Team Global Express provides an easy tracking solution with MyTeamGE, a global digital platform that allows customers to track multiple shipments in real-time on any device. This service keeps customers informed about their delivery's progress, reducing anxiety. However, if you are looking for a one-stop solution to track your shipments, TrackingMore is a good choice for you.

    About Team Global Express

    Previously named as Toll Global Express, the logistics and transportation division within Toll Group was rebranded as Team Global Express in 2022 after being sold to Allegro Funds. Team Global Express provides an unrivaled and seamless network across road, rail, air, and sea, as well as transport, logistics, and business solutions to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

    A key part of this network is the Team Global Express Interstate Parcel Express Company (IPEC), a domestic carrier subordinated to Team Global Express. It is famous for its exceptionally fast delivery and affordable short-range metro delivery of larger items within Australia.

    Team Global Express Shipping Service

    Team Global Express offers a comprehensive solution for all your shipment needs. It provides comprehensive freight services covering air, road, sea, rail, and intermodal & multimodal freight, with coverage extending from Australia to worldwide destinations. Additionally, it provides functionality for tracking and tracing shipments, allowing you to monitor shipping transactions, track multiple shipments in real-time, and view proof of delivery. 

    Team Global Express in Australia

    Toll IPEC, formerly responsible for express services within Australia and supporting Toll IPEC tracking, was renamed Team Global Express IPEC after the acquisition, and it continues to provide tracking services.

    • Courier Service

    Team Global Express provides courier service with tailored solutions to ensure that shipments are transported to their destination fastly and safely. 

    Within Australia, they provide a Same Day Metropolitan Courier Service, which includes three tailored options to meet varying urgency levels:

    Absolutely urgent: Priority 1 courier service 

    Urgent: 2-3 hour express courier service

    Economical: 3-4 hour standard same day courier service

    Additional service options:

    • Permanent regular scheduled runs based on your specific requirements
    • A dedicated fleet that operates from your premises to support more complex business needs
    • Air Freight Service

    For urgent freight needs, Team Global Express air freight service offers fast and adaptable solutions. Leveraging its broad network, this solution swiftly transports your goods by air to various locations across Australia, New Zealand, and globally, ensuring adherence to your strictest timelines.

    Same Day Interstate and Regional

    Same Day Interstate and Regional service is designed to fulfill your most urgent delivery needs, providing rapid, easy access to secure, round-the-clock door-to-door pick-up and delivery, operating every day of the year across Australia. Featured with a broad and swift network, this service caters to your urgent delivery needs in all major cities, interstate, and regional areas across Australia. 


    The priority service is designed for urgent deliveries to Australian cities and regional centers, offering flexible options like after-hours, weekend, and public holiday deliveries. It's suitable for a variety of needs including time-specific delivery, high-risk and closely monitored freight, direct delivery, dangerous goods, biological substances, and temperature-controlled items.

    Airport to Airport

    Supported by an unparalleled network of air freight, Airport-to-Airport urgent freight service is designed to ensure the quickest possible flight availability to numerous destinations across Australia and key business areas in New Zealand. Additionally, Team Global Express offers a comprehensive aircraft charter service covering all domestic airports in Australia.

    Team Global Express’ versatile fleet and expertise in aviation logistics allow for the transportation of various sizes and types of freight. It offers air freight services for a wide range of specialized cargo, including perishables, dangerous goods, livestock, medical supplies, and industrial items.

    ☆Boasting an extensive air freight network, Team Global Express ensures time-sensitive deliveries are handled by a dedicated and skilled team, guaranteeing the prompt and secure arrival of your shipments. 

    • Road Freight Service

    Utilizing a diverse fleet that encompasses bicycle couriers, small trucks, and prime movers, the company ensures safe and efficient transport of various freight types.


    Team Global Express’ courier service is Australia's top-notch and most flexible local transportation company. It provides a variety of services, ranging from point-to-point bicycle couriers in the CBD to project-based multi-vehicle specialized heavy haulage vehicles. Team Global Express’ geographic reach and service capability allow it to deliver a pushbike delivery in 20 minutes or a taxi truck across town.

    Palletized Express

    Team Global Express' standard pallet service offers an end-to-end pallet delivery option that is both high-quality and cost-effective. Pallets provide a smart, economical approach to moving many boxes within one unit of freight, reducing expenses and manual labor, and ensuring products arrive intact. Team Global Express has the ability to tap into hundreds of linehaul movements with the backing of its acquired Australia’s most extensive logistics network, delivering to a greater number of locations than any other supplier, including locations that no other transportation company can reach.

    Road Parcels

    Team Global Express’ Standard Parcels service is the right choice for the pursuit of a high-quality, cost-effective domestic freight service. Team Global Express’ extensive network allows it to transport both large and small parcels throughout Australia, it also offers services to a diverse customer base, from retail stores to remote mining sites, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries to a wider range of locations.

    Dedicated Road movements

    Road service at Team Global Express provides multiple transportation solutions, including daily runs for regular volumes of freight and dedicated project teams to manage all aspects of freight requirements. Support can be provided by Team Global Express through our Metro, intrastate, interstate, regional, and remote options.

    ☆Team Global Express manages the entire process by offering flexible pickup and delivery options supported by advanced technology. Its extensive domestic network allows faster and more widespread freight movement while maintaining a commitment to safety and compliance standards.

    • Sea Freight Service

    Team Global Express is committed to providing safe, on-time, and budgeted sea freight transportation, regardless of whether you need to transport smaller consignments or larger shipments across the Bass Strait. Served as the bridge between mainland Australia and Tasmania, the Tasmania Shipping service plays an essential role in servicing the diverse population and economy of Tasmania. 

    By choosing this sea freight service, you can expect market-fresh and on-time produce delivery and reduced transport costs. It provides greater flexibility in transporting various materials and simplified freight tracking.

    • Rail Freight Service

    Team Global Express offers a secure, dependable, eco-friendly and cost-effective transport solution across Australia through its rail network. 

    Types of Freight

    In addition to general cargo, the rail service is equipped to transport a variety of specialized freight, including perishable and temperature-sensitive items, dangerous goods, liquids and gasses, bulk commodities, vehicles and parts, as well as machinery and equipment.

    Sizes of Freight

    The fleet provided offers a variety of options and configurations to accommodate different types of freight in various sizes, including bulk freight (both solids and liquids), full container loads (FCL), less than full container loads (LCL), non-containerized, and palletized freight.


    Opting for Team Global Express for rail freight in Australia means access to the most rail slot bookings, over 300 weekly departures, scalable solutions for all sizes of customers, eco-friendlier transport with significantly lower emissions, and advanced technology for comprehensive online tracking and booking.

    • Intermodal & Multimodal Service

    Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, Team Global Express combines transport modes across the freight network to carry cargo by air, road, rail, and sea to offer flexible and cost-effective freight transport solutions that are finely tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

    Besides, Team Global Express's online booking tools provide you with extensive visibility and item-level freight tracking. As a result, you can efficiently manage your shipments, monitor their progress in real-time, and access detailed performance reports, ensuring a smoother and more cost-effective shipping experience.

    • Team Global Express International

    Team Global Express offers global shipping solutions, delivering packages and freight to worldwide destinations.

    • eCommerce Parcel Delivery to Australia and Global Locations

    Team Global Express eCommerce solutions offer dependable cross-border parcel delivery services that will help your business serve all its customers in every corner of the world. Streamlined processes and strategically located distribution centers ensure fast transit times and maximum tracking visibility.



    Delivery Time



    Most affordable

    Major global cities:

    8-10 days

    Regular SMS notification


    Reliable & Cost-effective


    2-5 days 

    Major global cities:

    3-6 days




    Daily flights


    Next Flight Out 

    For urgent needs

    Daily flights


    eCommerce Parcel Delivery to Australia and New Zealand

    Team Global Express is ready to enhance your global eCommerce operations by providing outstanding customer experiences. Its extensive parcel network offers smoother, cost-efficient, and seamless deliveries to Australia and New Zealand.

    Team Global Express offers two valuable services to manage your e-commerce parcel deliveries to Australia and New Zealand: the Economy Solution and the Express Solution. These services are designed to streamline the shipping process with real-time tracking and regular SMS notifications, ensuring that you have complete visibility into your orders. 

    • New Zealand

    Team Global Express in New Zealand provides a full suite of transport and logistics solutions, encompassing intermodal freight options for parcels and packages, both domestically and internationally by leveraging a multimodal network of rail, road, and sea, along with Australian resources and 28 branches in New Zealand. Moreover, they also offer comprehensive logistics services, including supply chain management, warehousing, and advanced 3PL and 4PL support.

    How to Track Team Global Express’s Package

    Ways to track your Team Global Express package include the official Team Global Express website and a reliable third-party shipment tracking platform like TrackingMore. Here is a detailed introduction of how to track your package using each method.

    1. Via the Official Website

    The Team Global Express tracking page allows you to track all your Team Global Express parcels by typing in the tracking number and retrieving up-to-date information on their statuses. 

    Team Global Express Tracking Page

    To track your parcel via Team Global Express’ official website, follow these steps.

    1. Visit the Team Global Express website.
    2. Locate the tracking tool at the lower right corner of the computer screen.
    3. Enter the tracking number in the provided field, and click the  “Search” button.
    4. Then you will be shown information on the whereabouts of your parcel.

    In addition, you can also track your packages by visiting the MyTeamGE website designed by Team Global Express for tracking and many other powerful functions. Just enter the tracking number in the provided field, click the red “Track” button, and then you will get the information you need.

    Team Global Express tracking status

     2. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore is a powerful shipment-tracking solution that allows people worldwide to track their Team Global Express packages conveniently for free without signing up or downloading any app.

    TrackingMore Tracking Page

    To gain insights on your DHL parcel's whereabouts, follow these prompts.

    1. Log onto the TrackingMore website and click the “Carriers” button at the top of the homepage.
    2. Type in your Team Global Express parcel tracking ID in the designated space. You can enter up to 50 tracking numbers separated by a line. 
    3. Click on the orange “Track” button. TrackingMore will provide the latest information on your package’s journey.

    TrackingMore Tracking Status

    Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over the Team Global Express?

    TrackingMore is the most trustworthy third-party parcel tracking platform for Team Global Express packages. It is the preferred choice for tracking your Team Global Express packages thanks to its exceptional carrier integration capabilities.

    Unlike Team Global Express, where you can only track their shipments, TrackingMore supports 1255 couriers worldwide, enabling you to track a wide array of shipments. Additionally, TrackingMore includes a carrier auto-detection feature that automatically identifies the courier, enhancing the tracking process.

    TrackingMore improves shipment visibility for the whole journey of your shipments, ensuring thorough tracking and timely responses to all events related to a shipment. With a robust tracking API boasting a 99.9% uptime, TrackingMore offers an efficient method for tracking Team Global Express packages, especially during peak periods like the holiday season when the official site might experience downtimes due to high traffic.

    Team Global Express Tracking Number

    A Team Global Express tracking number is a unique identification code Team Global Express assigns to each parcel just before it is shipped. It allows the sender and the recipient to locate and track their package from the origin to the final destination.

    • Team Global ExpressTracking Number Format and Examples

    Team Global Express uses various formats for their tracking numbers. These formats include numerical sequences of varying lengths ranging between 10 and 22 digits, as well as alphanumeric combinations, presenting as four letters accompanied by six numbers. 

    Here are some examples of common Team Global Express tracking numbers.

    - MYTV614654

    - BCBL101815

    - 247800178265 

    - 6408223386700488881001 

    Team Global ExpressTracking Status

    Each Team Global Express tracking status indicates a specific event related to the package being tracked. For a smoother tracking experience, it's crucial to understand these tracking statuses and their meanings.

    Some common Team Global Express tracking statuses and their explanations are summarized in the table below.

    Tracking Status


    Shipment Created

    Team Global Express has the sender's billing and shipment details.

    Picked up

    The package has been picked up from the merchant.

    In Transit

    Team Global Express handles the shipment and sends it through its network on its way to the local Team Global Express facility.

    Out for delivery

    The local Team Global Express facility received the shipment and dispatched it for final delivery. 


    Team Global Express has delivered the package to its destination.

    Team Global Express Tracking API

    Team Global Express offers an API that allows for real-time shipment tracking. Providing a one-stop solution for all your shipment needs, MyTeamGE’s API helps a customer's system to automatically interact, send freight, get rate inquiries, and most importantly, track shipments. It tracks and traces while using an extensive range of search criteria. However, its exclusive focus on Team Global Express packages limits its last-mile visibility, especially when it operates as a third-party LSP. The TrackingMore API, on the other hand, provides a more comprehensive solution that can cater to shipments from different countries and carriers, making it the perfect choice for businesses seeking an all-around tracking solution.

    Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

    Countless cases show that TrackingMore presents a leading tracking solution for businesses. With a robust tracking API that seamlessly integrates with 1255 global logistics providers, it provides real-time updates and automatic notifications. Whether you are a professional in the logistics industry monitoring shipments, a merchant looking to streamline communication with customers, or a Saas developer in search of a way to streamline tracking on your website, TrackingMore API is the best solution.

    Meanwhile, TrackingMore API offers the following exclusive features.

    • API uptime of 99.9%: TrackingMore maintains and delivers 99.9% API uptime for every customer.
    • Unified data format: TrackingMore unifies the data of different carriers in a standardized format for the convenience of customers.
    • Military-grade security level: TrackingMore is compliant with ISO 27001 and other top standards for data security.
    • Multi-programming languages: TrackingMore is compatible with various advanced programming languages such as PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby, allowing developers to swiftly integrate TrackingMore API. 
    • 24/7 technical support: TrackingMore has an industry-leading global support team that responds within seconds and helps you seamlessly integrate with its platform. 

    TrackingMore provides customized solutions for businesses of all sizes, committed to meeting each client's unique needs. Sign up for a 7-day free trial today!

     FAQs on Team Global Express Tracking

    • What If my package is late or lost?

    If your package is late or lost, you can click the following link: and enter your shipping/consignment/item number in the “Track your Shipment” field. If you have not received anything within 2 days after the expected delivery date, contact Team Global Express for more information.

    • Can I know exactly what time the driver will deliver my items?

    Currently, this service is not available. However, except for certain variations during peak periods, most deliveries of Team Global Express occur between 8 am and 5 pm.

    • What if there are no tracking updates on MyTeamGE?

    As the process of tracking updates is related to the stage of the delivery and the service booked, it is normal that the frequency of updates is not the same at every stage. If you’ve not received an update by the expected delivery date, then you can contact Team Global Express by using the right contact information listed in the “How to Contact Team Global Express Customer Service” field.

    How to Contact Team Global Express Customer Service

    Team Global Express provides dedicated customer service to aid customers with issues like tracking packages, complaints, billing, and more.

    Here is a list of Team Global Express customer service contacts for specific countries and services.


    Phone Number 

    Service Hour


    Australia: 13 15 31

    8 am to 8:30 pm Mon - Fri (AEST)

    8 am to 5 pm Sat (AEST)

    Closed Sundays & public holidays

    New Zealand: 0800 231 531 

    8 am to 5 pm Mon - Fri (NZST) Closed weekends & public holidays


    Australia: 13 33 66

    8 am to 8:30 pm Mon - Fri (AEST)

    8 am to 5 pm Sat (AEST)

    Closed Sundays & public holidays

    Intermodal & Specialized

    Road: 13 18 21 (Option 1)


    8 am to 5 pm Mon - Fri (AEST)

    Closed weekends & public holidays


    Rail & FCL: 13 18 21 (Option 2)


    8 am to 5 pm Mon - Fri (AEST)

    Closed Sundays & public holidays



    Australia: 13 32 78


    24 hours / 7 days a week

    Tasmania Ambient & Refrigerated

    FCL & LCL

    Australia: 1800 950 344


    8:30 am to 5 pm Mon - Fri (AEST)

    Closed weekends & public holidays​


    Note: You can also contact Team Global Express’ national support office at 0800 865 569, which is located at 179 Savill Drive, Otahuhu, Auckland.

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